Friday, March 26, 2010

Out, out damn'd spot!

Or should that be: A pox be on you! ?

Well ... something Shakespearean anyway. Or maybe I should just call it Macbethean.

Because good old William Shakespeare sure had a way with words, and could sum up some pretty nasty-ass stuff in just a few words.
Isn't that right?

And "out, damn'd spot" and "a pox be on you" are pretty damn'd apt right about now.
Because I have them.

Spots and the pox that is.

Better known as chicken pox.

And here I thought I was just getting a case of the sniffles.
Something I never do.
Because see, I don't get colds.
It has something to do with working with kids day in and day out, and dealing with their crummy little germs all the time... so I'm immune to just about everything now.

And I sure as heck don't get pimples, either.

But last night when I was brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror, I thought "holy sh**, Batman!!!" look at those 5 pimples on my forehead!

And I was shocked, because I just. Do.Not.GET. pimples.

I never ever did as a teenager, and I only got the occasional single, solitary "spot" every few years when I was in my 20's.
And my "20's" came and went decades ago.
More decades than I care to count... to tell you the truth.

So... my poor little mind went into overtime, thinking that maybe I had forgotten to wash my face after the business meeting last Monday ( I tend to go 'all out' and slap on some make-up and lippy when I go to those things, so that I look half-way attractive)
But no... I distinctly remember having a shower before bed that night, and doing the usual face-cleansing routine.

Maybe it was something I had eaten?
Hmmm... nooo... nothing out of the ordinary there either.

So when I got ready to get in the shower this morning, (because I had had a pretty sleepless, tossing-and-turning, sweaty night last night and I felt pretty icky and sticky) I checked my face...
And yep... the pimples were still there.
Bigger and badder than the day before.

And then I got undressed.
And got the shock of my life.

I have pimples on my chest.
I have them on my belly.
I have them on my arms.

And then I remembered.

This is all thanks to some dear, sweet, little un-nameable kid who had had chicken pox the week that he was off on holidays.

Mom had called and told me that he had just had them, but the spots were all gone by the end of the week...and she just wanted to know what the exclusion protocol for Family Day Care was.
So just to be on the safe side and protect the babies, we had decided to keep him out of care for a further 2 days.
And by Monday, there were no more visible spots, the scabs were all gone, he had no cough or runny nose, and he was back to acting 100%...
So he came back into care on Wednesday.

But... I suppose from the look of things, keeping him home for those 2 days was a complete and utter waste.of.time.

Because I had obviously been exposed to them, before he left... and the little booger had undoubtedly been incubating them the week before he went on holidays!

I actually don't feel too bad right now.
I feel pretty normal, other than the sniffles and sneezing and looking like a geek with prom-night pimples.

But I have Chicken Pox.

If this affects my going away, in just 2 weeks time - in ANY way - I'm gonna be so damn'd pissed off frustrated!

Out, out damn'd spot!
A pox be on you!!

Good news!
I called the chemist (pharmacist) first thing this morning, and he told me to pop right on in for some meds, but he would only give me the initial dose... since I had to see the quack for a proper diagnosis, and a complete script.

So I did that... then managed to see the quack within about 15 minutes.
I most definitely DO have chickenpox... but the meds should knock it on it's proverial ass butt, within just a day or so.
Because... I got the drugs, JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!
I might not even have to miss any work.
Bummer that part though.

Ya know... I think I really have to start calling that dear, lovely, oh so sweet, doctor of mine "doctor"... instead of "quack".

Chicken Pox Treatment - AcyclovirAcyclovir (Zovirax) is an anti-viral drug that may be used to treat chicken pox. In uncomplicated cases acyclovir taken 5 times a day has been shown to cause shorter periods of new lesion formation, fewer lesions, and more rapid healing but only if started within 24 to 48 hours of the onset of the rash.


Nancy M. said...

Sorry! I know how you feel! My son gave me chicken pox about 4 years ago. He had the shot for it, so he didn't get it too bad. But, I am too old to have had the shot, so mine was much worse. At least I got off work for a few weeks!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe this. Probably had something to do with your not sleeping. But who knew! Calamine or Caladryl is helpful and mitts on your hands! Hope you get over this quickly!

Kurichan said...

sheesh----you didn't say ANYTHING about this when I was chatting with ya earlier! I am hoping for a speedy recovery, if that is the right word! Golly!

The Old Dairy said...

Well at least you don't have pimples or a cold....sorry had to say it..Hope the good ole drugs kick in soon and make you all better. I'm sure if you tell all the Mums you have the pox they won't be dropping off there little ones so then you won't have to work!!!!Get better soon...

Tatersmama said...

Nancy, pity we didn't know about the drug then. eh? It could have lessened the spots - and the down-time - dramatically!
Becky, Yeah, it might well be stress-related, since I've had dozens of kids thru here over the years and never got anything. But I'm a tough ol' broad, so no worries mate!
Kurichan, of COURSE I didn't say anything! What was I supoosed to do... interrupt what we were talking about, and tell you "oh..let's talk about ME now"?, when we were busy discussing YOUR plans?? Nah...I was more interested in seeing if we could mesh plans!! ;-)
The Old Dairy, Thanks for the good news...LOL! I told the mums last week about the little infect-ee and they all figured it was better to catch it when the kids are young, so they didn't worry. I think this is a very light dose anyway, and with the meds? Piece of cake!!!

Roslyn said...

Oh no! I had them at around age 11 I think, caught them from my scaly old cousin! I still have a couple of scars because I SCRATCHED, don't do it, those nasty lesions leave scars!
PTL for Acyclovir, you will be right as rain for your trip!

Marjie said...

One of my kids brought chicken pox home when I was expecting my 7th, The baby in the crib had 3 spots and everyone else had a lovely case. Oddly, the baby in utero never caught chicken pox. I got her the vaccination. I was very thankful that month that I'd had chicken pox when I was a child!

joolzmac said...

Oh, that sucks! I hope you don't come out with too many spots. If they get itchy, Pinetarsol in a warm bath is very soothing and helps stop the itching. for info.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Cheers - Joolz


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