Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bits and Pieces... from Drizzleville

Sorry about the length between posts, but hey, I've been as frazzled as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs lately.
Oh, nothing major..... I've just been dealing with kids on school holidays, the normal day to day stuff around here, like bills and never-ending laundry, plus I'm still dealing with the whole infected eye/ear thing.

Which makes me look like a cross between Popeye, and a staggering drunk. I'm doing the whole antibiotic thing, trying to avoid the doctors recommendation of prednisone, but it's not working too well and I'll probably have to cave in and go the steroids route, even if it's only for a week or two.
Have I ever told you that I hate that stuff???


Anyway, I'm still doing the 30Day Throw Down, and I'm feeling fantastic with it all... I really am! It's becoming second nature to me, and even though I've had a few semi-slip-ups, I actually feel fine about it all.

Because I'm not a "beating up on myself "type of person in the first place, and in the second place, this is not a DIEt, it's the beginning of a new way of life... ya know?
If I eat right, and I eat healthily for 99% of the time, a dinner of fish and chips with a big ol' side-salad, is going to do me little harm.


School holidays are almost done here (we're in week two - the final week. YAY!!!) and although I don't mind them at all, with all the rain and drizzle that we've been having lately, it's made in next to impossible to get outside and run these kids energy off.
So although most days start out fine, by early afternoon, tempers are starting to flare, boredom sets in, fights erupt over the stupidest things, and even the older kids are cranky enough to want to curl up with a book and ignore the little ones.

Or they beg to play on Farm Town or Fish World, which does keep the older ones occupied, but my scores are sure as heck suffering.
Lexxie wants to go for the pretty or flash... and then she cracks it when she can't harvest anything for 3 days, or when her crops fail, because she planted raspberries because they were pretty to look at ...and then she forgot to harvest them in time. Then Mira throws a tizzy because her scores are screwed up because of it.
You did.
No I didn't.
You did too.
No I didn't too, you butt-face.

Look, I just want my games back, and for them to keep their dirty rotten little lunch hooks off my stuff... how childish is that?

We had planned on going to the Ballarat Wildlife Park today, but with the constant drizzle and threats of thunderstorms, there's no way I'm taking any of them out in this weather. And it's cold enough to freeze 'em half to death anyway, even if it wasn't raining.

Which is a pity, because I think I need the outing even more than the kids do.
Mainly to just see other grown-ups out there having a life, and to have the chance for an intelligent conversation.
Because, that sure as tootin' hasn't been happening around here for the last week.
Intelligent conversations, I mean.
Oh the kids have been great actually, but there's just so much a person can take and still maintain some sort of sanity... you know what I mean?

So say a prayer for me... that I can survive the next 5 days - and survive with my sanity intact.

Yeah, right.

It's too late, I think.


Marjie said...

You know I understand the special kind of nuts kids make you! I'm glad you're doing well with the throw-down, because if you can make it second nature, you'll be better off long term. Says the girl who's been nibbling on graham crackers today because that's all she wants.

Katidids said...

I have a few words for you......bungee cords & velcro!!!!!!

Nancy M. said...

You'll make it, I know you will! Good luck with the rest of the time! I hope it dries up some, so you don't lose your mind!

Robynn's Ravings said...

I just told Joolzmac, I bet you guys need that rain. Maybe as a country....and, uh....not so much PERSONally! :)

I'm so sorry that stupid infection is not letting go of you. And yeah, steroids are SO nasty but sometimes necessary. I had to take them once for pneumonia. They did a number on me, too. I will be praying this clears up. I'm telling you, look into colloidal silver. Some people use it as a nasal spray to clear infection. I just killed another would-be ear infection last weekend in 24 hours. Search this: The Ultimate Colloidal Silver. Should take you to a good site and I bought the silver I use, Sovreign Silver, at the health food store. It's 10ppm. Kills infection and fungus. Not so good for viral things.

Caroline said...

Sending you wishes of insanity (its a lot more fun than sanity!) and hope you make it through the week and yucky weather in one piece!

Andrea said...

Sending you good thoughts...I know you will make it through the week. No one has spirit like you do!! :) word verification was "suphie"! Off by one letter. :)

Pam said...

OH, you poor thing. You'll get it through it. You always do, and you can this time too!

The Wife said...

Here's to gettin' thru the next 5 days. I know you can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and feel better soon!!!!


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