Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Clothes Line Diet...

It's a book written by Karen Gatt - who managed to lose 67 kilos, ( 147.7 lbs) and she started out losing the weight by simply eating sensibly and by making healthier choices...
As well as walking around the clothes line in her backyard...

Because walking around the clothes line was all she was capable of doing.
And she admits that some days, even that was hard to do.
She eventually shed the weight and ended up writing a book about her struggles - and it's a very interesting and inspiring read, with some great tips and recipes.
The Clothes Line Diet ( <-- go here to check it out)

Anyway, I was thinking last week, that sometimes it's nigh on impossible for me to get out of the house and do any regular consistent exercise, because I often end up working 12-18-or even 24 hour days.
And when I have the little ones or special needs kids in care, there's no chance in hell of getting out there and working up a sweat.
I mean we can play and we can dance and we jump rope, skip around the yard, play tag etc... but when you're going at 3-4 year old speed, it makes it hard to get the ol' heart rate up... you know what I mean?

So... I've been walking around the backyard every chance I get - and it's a lot further than just around the clothesline...

See, I've got a huge backyard and from the patio, straight down to the back fence and garden shed it's about 75 steps.
So if I make a round trip, it comes in at 150-152 steps, all up.
And for every 2 steps, I'm basically covering a yard.

Not a huge amount, I'll grant you that... but for the last week, I've been making the round-trip at least 10-20 times a day - or more if I can.
And hey... it all adds up in the end, doesn't it?
Which is far better than adding up on my end.

Hey, we do get out for a walk around the neighborhood whenever we can, but if I've got kids in care, I just can't do it...
So the Old Guy and I only manage to get out for a "real" walk once or twice a week - and that isn't good enough, as far as I'm concerned.

So your assignment boys and girls, should you choose to accept it...
Is to do the math and tell me how far I've travelled if I do the "circuit" even 10 times a day.

I tried... I honestly did... but I'm sad to say, I'm one of those people who have to take off their shoes to count past 10.
And if I need to count past 20, I have to invite someone over.
I really do.

So can you help?

I'll even send you my unwanted Almond Roca's...


Caroline said...

if I did my maths right, 152 steps would equal 76 yards, multiply by 10 would give 760 yards, which is equal to 2,280 feet, which is 0.43 miles.

So, if you walk 10 times around per day, you're walking 0.43 miles (0.69km)

I think thats right, but in my dazy state this morning, I may be off...

joolzmac said...

Here's my calculations (very roughly)

I figure 1 yard is about equal to 1 metre

150 steps divided by 2 = 75 metres

75m x 10times a day = 750 metres


75m x 20times a day = 1500 metres which is 1.5 kilometres

Keep it up! You could perhaps have the kids follow you doing a conga line, dancing and singing silly songs as you go. "When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio", Peter Allen style, shaking home made maraccas. And time yourself to see how long 1 circuit takes then if you have 5 spare minutes you may be 5 circuits done.

Okay, I've lost it, please continue on without me...

Cheers - Joolz

Caroline said...

Great ideas from Joolz!

1 yard is .9 meters, so Joolz is spot on for 20 times, give or take a 100 meters or so.

Considering I used to hate maths and not understand it, I'm impressed with how well I can do it lately. lol

Kurichan said...

I hate math----but what's this about unwanted Almond Roca????

Marjie said...

I walk a route around the inside of my house, covering upstairs and downstairs. 25 complete rounds makes one mile. Of course, I rarely do that in ONE day...maybe a week?

You, my dear, are approaching the half mile mark. Bump it up by a couple of rounds and you'll get there. Maybe it's not as scenic as touring the neighborhood, but I guess you could carry a bat so would=be burglars know a crazy lady's on the job!

Nancy M. said...

Can't do the math! Sorry! But, I think that's a great way to get in some exercise!

Neas Nuttiness said...

OMGosh - you expect me to eat sensibly, exercise, AND do math.
You are out of your pea pick'n mind.

Just give me some Crisco & maybe I can slide around my back yard!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

The Math Wizard is out 'shooting golfs' and I "don't do math" but I know there are 1760 yards in a mile. I figure if you make the rounds 10 times and you average 76 yards in one round ... you have 760 yards ... you only need 1000 more to make it a mile. But every 'journey' begins with a step ... hey, you are out there moving ... Good for you!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hey, I used to have a friend who walked around her driveway. And it was only a two car driveway. She was afraid to set out into the neighborhood. She lost 30 lbs. So you gotta be well on your way to physical fitness, gf!

Exercise is our focus next month at 30 Day. Boy, we'll find out then what a weenie I am! But I'll do it. I HAVE to. Hey, you wanna be a guest poster on your inspirational abilities here?

Jan Mader said...

Wow. Way too much math for me! Great way to exercise though!

Anonymous said...

No help with the math here, but the almond roca? Glad your to far away for me to get!

Homestay Mama said...

Almond Roca? That's my favorite candy! (I wish I could take it off your hands, but with my chronic candida problems, I can't eat anything with sugar!) :-(

But, back to the Almond Roca. That candy is made here in Tacoma, Washington. I knew the owner of the Brown & Haley candy company that makes it. His name was Fred Haley--he passed away 4 years ago at age 92. He was one of the board members of a local private foundation where I used to work. When we'd have committee meetings, he'd always bring Almond Roca in his pockets and pass them out to all of us. Here's an interesting tidbit--when they first introduced Almond Roca to Japan, it didn't sell well. Then they got the idea of wrapping the pieces individually in gold foil paper and sales soared!

I've been walking a half hour every morning now for 2.5 weeks. I'm feeling much better for doing it!
Noticed this morning that I didn't have any trouble zipping up my jeans. Woo-hoo! :-)

Out Back said...

Interesting concept for losing weight, sorry but I failed maths at school so I cant help with the sums.

While outside when I had kids in care I would get my skipping rope out and get to work. Dancing to The Wiggles is a great way to lose weight, trust me you will be puffed in no time, and the kids love it when one make a fool of oneself.

I have a well worn path in the pavers where I would push a baby in a pram around and around and around while the other kids played.

Mini trampolines are good if you can get the kids off so you can have a turn, and get them to stay off while you are on there. Maybe you put a playpen around the trampoline.

Another suggestion is to put weights near your armchair and every time you sit, pick them up and do some lifts. I have weights that go on my legs so I can exercise them as well while sitting.

Since giving up childcare I am losing weight a lot easier as I have the time to put in.

Keep up the good work Tatersmama, every little bit helps. Persist and you will get there.


Robynn's Ravings said...

YOU?! A gibbering mess? PUL-lease. I am so disappointed when I don't see you post for awhile because you are not only a loved friend, you MAKE ME LAUGH!! And I love how you're sharing what you eat and even giving MORE insightful tidbits and direction along the way. We are finally getting our salad, or something!


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