Monday, September 7, 2009

Coffee anyone? - and day 7 & 8

Day 7 of the 30 Day Throw Down:

Malto Meal, yogurt with blueberries and raspberries, and several cups of coffee with organic milk.

Morning tea:
fruit and crackers and a little Jarlsberg cheese

English muffin toasted, topped with chicken salad and grapes

Afternoon tea:
A couple of small pieces of beef jerky and a glass of iced tea - mainly because I was working in the garden and couldn't be stuffed preparing anything.

Dinner: A Caesar salad wrap from McDonald's
Mainly because I was too worn out from working in the garden, and my back was literally killing me.

Day 8:

Oops. I forgot to eat it. I did have half a pot of coffee though, while I feebly attempted to clean the house. With organic milk.
Not clean the house with organic milk... because that would be stupid.
I had it in my coffee.

Morning tea:

Lunch: We were at Costco, so I just had me some samples of Asian chicken soup, bread with olive dip, and some seared salmon. Oh, and some meatball thingies.
And then I made the rounds again.
And then the Old Guy and I shared a slice of pizza from the food court.
Because we were at Costco, baby!

Dinner: I was too stuffed from the Costco samples to eat much of anything, other than a small handful of Blue Diamond Smoked Almonds.


Now... to bring you up to speed.
I had the day off yesterday, due to my back... and I was hoping that I could get in to see the chiropractor.
He did have a spot available at 10:30, but that totally conflicted with my hair appointment -
so I'm going in to see him at 10:15 this morning.
Because my hair is more important than my back pain.

See, I've got this great gal who comes to the house to do my hair, and there ain't nobody who can do it like Sue can.
She's just fantastic.
She never yells at me for chopping at it, or for waiting 7 months to re-color it or have it cut, or anything.

She knows what I like (even when I don't know it myself) she knows the tricks to coloring my hair that makes the gray just disappear... and even when it starts growing in again, it's hardly noticeable and it just blends right in.
( unless I leave it 5 or 6 months, and then I've got to admit - I'm not fooling anybody and I look more like a skunk, than I do anything else.)

And I have to say, I always look great when she's finished.
So yesterday, even though I may have looked great, I still felt pretty damn awful, from the back pain.

My dear Old Guy has been very solicitous and caring with the whole back thing, so when he said, "Hey, since you have the day off, why don't you come along to Costco with me - while I buy that DeLonghi Magnifica coffee maker I told you about? I checked it out The Good Guys, and Costco is almost $500 cheaper ! It will be fun, and it'll get you out of the house!"

Well... I said yes.
I didn't really want to go, but to just say "no" seemed kind of unfair and mean, with me having the rest of the day free and all...
And in light of everything he's done for me, since I did my back in on Sunday.

So off to Costco we went... and I have to tell you, the drive was terrible.
I was writhing and moaning and couldn't sit comfortably, so we weren't 10 minutes down the road before the Old Guy had to have started seriously regretting his invitation.

Not that he ever said anything. And knowing the Old Guy, he probably didn't even regret it at all.
Because my guy is fantastic that way.

He kept patting my leg during the drive, and saying stuff like
"gosh, I really love your hair"
"Do you know how much I love you?"
"How does your back feel? Are you comfortable?"
This is great, you being able to come along like this."
"Isn't it great, you having the day off and us going to Costco together?"
"I love spending the day with you, babe."

So I did m level best to smile and chat and say nice things back, but I have to admit I just wanted to grump and groan and I wanted to be back home in my own little bed.
Where I could grump and groan and thrash around to my hearts content.
But how can you ignore or yell at a cute little puppy, when they look at you with those sweet, soulful, loving eyes?

So anyway, we got to Costco, and the Old Guy ended up buying his super duper, "it does everything but mop the floor and make the toast" DeLonghi Magnifica coffee machine.
Which looks a leettle bit complicated to me, with it's self-cleaning nozzles and de-scaling fozzles and stuff - but I'm sure he'll figure it out.

We had debated stopping off at Miz K and Mister R's place on the way home, (they're in the Costco neighborhood, the lucky ducks!) but I figured that Miz K was still at work since it was only a little after 3 o'clock and that Mister R was probably busy running around visiting friends, and doing important manly stuff (he's on shore leave)... So we didn't.

We should have though, since Mister R spotted us driving down the road and got his feelings hurt that we hadn't even called. He called Miz K - who then attempted to call me on my mobile, but phone-phobe that I am, I either didn't have it turned on, or the battery was flat. Or something.
I think it's just on vibrate, but try as I might, I just can't get the stinkin' thing to ring.
I keep it in my purse, but maybe I need to start carrying it in my pocket or something, so I at least feel it vibrate, and so I don't miss important calls from folks that I think the world of.

So anyway, if I can't figure my bloody mobile phone out - you gotta know that figuring out a super-duper coffee machine ... Well, it's way down on my list of things that I'm capable of learning.

But as soon as we got home... Omigosh!!! The Old Guy was like a kid on Christmas morning, getting into that "Delonghi Magnifica" coffee maker box, and reading the (about 40 pages long) coffee making instructions !!

Ooohing and ahhhing, and rattling off names like " long white and short white. Latte's and Lotto's and short blacks. Long blacks and cappuchinos and thingamajiggers.

Frankly, I didn't give a rats arse. Because I hurt. But I did my level best to seem interested.
I really did.
And I think I pulled it off pretty well, considering the back pain and all.

If they gave out Academy Awards for "acting like you give a sh** when you really don't give a sh**" ability, I swear I would have won yesterday.
Hands down.
No doubt about it.
Because "I just want the coffee, sweetheart... and please don't bother telling me how you made it.

But yesterday? When it came to the Old Guys happy, smiling face, and his practically palatable excitement over his new coffee machine?
Well, I have to admit that he almost always makes a bad day seem just that little bit better.
Or even a lot better.
There's just no resisting him - Or his excitement.
Because when my Old Guy smiles, the whole world smiles with him.

See, I know that I've got it good, and I know too, that God well and truly blessed me... when it comes to the Old Guy.
He really did.
I'm blessed... and love my guy to bits.

But it's now 6am.... and I have no danged coffee !!!
1,200 bucks and I'm still coffee-less!


News Flash!

I showed this post to the Old Guy this morning, and that pic above, isn't his machine at all.
Like it matters.
But I guess it does to him, so here's the actual coffee machine he bought yesterday.
Notice the difference?
Neither did I. ;-)


joolzmac said...

Phew! That was an epic post! Hope all goes well with your back today.


Marjie said...

No Dang Coffee! Well, that's a real spoiler for the beginning of the day. But, hey, you got to go to Costco, which must have dulled the back pain some, right?

Hope the chiroquack gives you some relief.

Nancy M. said...

Wow! What a coffee maker! It's really interesting looking. That's so sweet of you to go with your honey to get it even though you were still hurting!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Good golly Ms. Molly ... I'm worn out just reading your tome. And I'm sitting here on my ice for my own back. Well ... my ass is actually sitting on my ice! I highly recommend it for the back pain. Hope the doc helps you out and fast!

Anonymous said...

When you get it figured out, I'm coming over for coffee! Not so sure about the vegimite, but coffee oh yes! Hope you back is A-OK!

Kathy said...

That was an epic story. I think it probably makes the best darn coffee in town. Lets us know how it turns out. Also I hope you get some relief at the chiropractor. Nothing worse than being in agony because your back is out.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Hey I was expecting photo's of your new hair do not the coffee machine!!

(hope your back is a little better today?)

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Hey Darl, I've been away ... you can have your padded cell back now, I think I've finished with it.

I had one of those fangled coffee machines - well, not that one exactly. By the time I cleaned it, I needed a cuppa.

Hope your back is soon back to normal. Or better!

Luv ya girl.

Kurichan said...

When I saw the first pic, I thought to myself, hmmmm--I wonder how much more the one with the handy milk pitcher costs---cuz that is the one R's sister bought about a year ago and raves about! So I was glad to see that is the one Col ended up getting! I hope he enjoys it!

Robynn's Ravings said...

You don't have time for a backache! I'm sorry you're hurting so much. Glad you're getting in to the chiro. I completely believe in the good ones. Have four in the family. Brother, step-father, and 2 cousins. I go to my cousin who is in town. Miracle worker. Oh! And ice. You know me and ICE! And have some of the Lord's chips - I believe his are actually of the cucumber variety rather than corn or potato. :)

Can you imagine the Old Guy and Grizzly together talking about their coffee/espresso machines? You and I could hang out for days and they'd never miss us! All I EVER wanted to know was, "Where does the coffee come out?!"

Marjie said...

Only one cup instead of 2 on his machine. Is he planning to not share?

Bz said...

HOLY MOLY ...I looked up that coffee maker your old guy got ...geeeeez-louise! OVER $1K?!?!?! My lordy, he must be enamored, taken, obsessive(?), addicted and IN LOVE with his coffee. Wowsy! I didn't even know 'they' MADE coffee machines that expensive. Gees, I didn't know I was THAT 'out of touch' with the cost of high end things.

Jan Mader said...

What a coffee maker! When it comes to any kind of machine, I need the basics!

Hope your back feels better soon...I UNDERSTAND!

Pam said...

I can't believe you went to Costco with your back hurting!!! I don't even like breathing when my back is hurting.

Homestay Mama said...

Your coffee sounds great! Made me wish I could have me a cuppa!

Hope the chiropractor helped you today!

You are so lucky to have a man who says such sweet things to you! He's a keeper for sure!


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