Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 3 - a tip, and an admission

I'm hanging in there with the 30-Day Throw Down. It's not as easy as I thought it would be, because I'm constantly having to stop and think... but I know that it'll become easier with time and I know that we can do this thing.

So, for your viewing pleasure... here's what I ate yesterday.
(Lord have mercy, but you're gonna get sick of this by day 30, aren't you?)

A bowl of oatmeal (steel-cut with a couple of teaspoons of black strap molasses)
A mandarin, and 2 cups of unsweetened coffee, with raw milk.

Morning tea:
capsicum strips with a few water crackers, grapes and yogurt (homemade)

Tuna salad on a toasted English muffin, 2 kiwi fruits and some carrot strips.

Afternoon tea:
fruit salad (mandarin, banana, apple and kiwi - with a spoonful of yogurt and a teensy amount of brown sugar sprinkled over)

A big green salad, with about a half cup of pasta tossed with fresh tomatoes, bell pepper and olive oil.
Oh, and about half a cup of applesauce, for dessert.

I'm drinking lots of water, ( I always have) but I found that I was losing track of how much I was drinking.
So I put 2 small dishes in the kitchen window, and in one dish, I put 8 marbles.
Every time I have a glass of water, I move a marble from one dish to the other -
So that way, I can keep track of just how many glasses I've actually had throughout the day.
There ya go... your tip for the day.


Okay... I'm seriously, seriously thinking of taking a "before" photo of myself in my bra and knickers, but I don't know if I'm game enough to post it on here. On my blog.
I want to.
But I don't want to, at the same time - you know what I mean?

I might alienate some people - or make them gag... I don't know which.
And because I've become attached to you gals, I don't want you to run screaming from the room, never to speak to me again.
I would hate that.
Big time.

I might have to con Robynn into posting it on her brand-new 30 Day Throw Down blog - with a paper bag over my head... and a secret witness-protection program name, or somthin'.
What do you think?
Is anyone else game enough to do it with Joolz and I?

For me to do it, it will involve first running the whipper-snipper (weed-eater) over my legs, getting some of that extreme cover-up make up, to hide the "road map of greater Cleveland" varicose veins, and maybe some laser surgery to obliterate any potentially identifiable by ex-husbands or boyfriends, scars... but I'm willing to do it in the ol' bra and knickers - IF, Joolz or anyone else does it with me as well.
With a paper bag over my head, of course.

See, I know that I'm not fooling anyone, by wearing baggy pants and loose tops - and I'm sure as hell not fooling myself either.

I'm fat.

There... I've said it. Largely, and boldly.
I know that I'm fat, and the friends who know me, know that I'm fat.
We just don't talk about it.

I need to make some drastic changes... and Robynn's "30 day Throw Down", ( have you seen her brand new "30 Day Throw Down" blog, devoted exclusively to the "throw down"?) is the ideal way to do it.
(did you notice that I threw in *throw down* 3 times in that one little sentence? Is that overkill, or what?)
Because, see... I like me some moral support, and it's empowering as heck to know that I'm not alone, fighting this damn battle of the bulge(s).
I need to admit to all and sundry that "this is me" - in all my (coughcough) glory .

So c'mon.... who wants to join Joolz and I ?
Paper bags optional.


joolzmac said...

Ha ha, LMAO!

Isn't it amazing when you write down all that you eat, when you are on a diet and eating healthy things, that there is so MUCH food. If we were eating the normal shite that we put in our mouths, it wouldn't be nearly as much. You ate a lot of food yesterday but it was GOOD FOOD!

Keep it up and I reckon we should take those bras and knickers photos (from the neck down) on Sunday night and publish Monday morning.

I have to dine out tonight so that will challenge me.

Cheers - Joolz

Tatersmama said...

Joolz...YES! I'm game!
I even have the perfect paper bag to put over my head..LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Really Katey in our skiveys? OMG if anyone at work knew....

Tatersmama said...

Marilyn, Yup... I'm going to do it.
And I swear, I'm not telling anyone either!
(oops... I just did, didn't I?)

Neas Nuttiness said...

Me ... I'd forget which bowl was which. Are these the marble for the water I've already consumed, or the water that I need to consume.

And my darling Tater Tot, Fat to one person, is a totally different thing to another.

Kinda like Crisco versus LARD!

And no way Jose, would I even venture the thought of a photo of myself...even with a paper bag over my head and a trench coat firmly wrapped around my body.

You and Joolz can entertain us all, but I for one, will spare all of your poor eyeballs, and keep myself under raps and away from the camera!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Yes, Ya-Ya Princess of OZ ... I meant 'anglophile' (guess the old nurse in me took over ... angio ... ha! We ate out this evening ... not 'fast' food, more like, I can see them back in the kitchen watching the telly, it took about 10 minutes for our Thai meal to reach us. BUTT <--- not a typo the meal was stocked with fresh veggies ... and white rice, uh oh ... BTW, The Duck offered to take a pix of me in my BFDs as a 'Before' vs. 'After.' Let's just say it ain't happening ... the water is key for me ... I fill 20 oz. bottles with filtered water, put a 'sports' cap on it and can chalk up the amount at the end of the day by how many bottles are on the counter ... if The Duck doesn't 'borrow' one. The second most important thing for me is EXERCISE ... I'm kicking and screaming all the way to the rec. center, but I feel great afterwords and that's partially due to be around other 'plump' older souls who are gasping for air and complaining louder than me. Seriously, exercising is so much more fun if you are doing 'it' with someone else. Okay, Katie, get yer head out of the gutter ... YOU know what I mean. Hang in there ... You do know that 'round' is a shape!!!

Katidids said...

Oh My! Kate just be sure you dont loose your marbles with process...the mind oops! the marbles are a terrible thing to waste!

Robynn's Ravings said...

What's that you say, uh, THROW DOWN? I'm hiring you as my press agent. You can have a cut of that $22 I've made. We'll go to Costco. THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT POST, MS. KATIE!!

If you and Joolz post the pictures - they have a home at 30 Day Throw Down! I'll use those little black strips over your eyes!lol

Your menu made me HUNGRY! I'm a very bad example today because I have eaten NOTHING and it's 12:30 p.m. I haven't had time!!! But I'm SO behind on visiting my dear friends it's unconscionable. Or maybe I'm unconscious. I will be if I don't eat soon so, here's to a break. Headed to make a smoothie NOW!!

Jan Mader said...

If I don't do anything else for the next week, I'm going to make sure to write down what I eat.

I don't eat a lot of junk...I just plain overeat. You'd think writing things down would be easy for me, but I usually fall off the wagon in a few days.


Caroline said...

Great tip Katielou! I usually make tallies on my daily record sheet, but marbles is so much more fun lol.

I'm heading out for a postcard this afternoon! It'll be in the mail by monday... if I still have stamps and dont forget anything else. lol.

Faithful said...

Wel..I just hafta say...YOU GO GIRL! Bear it all ..if that is what it takes! I lost 50 lbs and I know it takes alot of guts..maybe even showing a little! *snort snort*
I've been really slackin' lately..and now after seeing what you're willing to throw down..I'M IN. I'm starting today! OINK! oink! ps I wish I would have taken a before pic of me! Looking at it would remind me of all the hard work and motivate me now cause it it all so worth it!!!!

Marjie said...

Your picture idea is so funny! I don't know how many people would have the nerve to post a picture in their undies!

Love your menus. I just pick, although I know it's prettymuch all healthy because I'm too damn cheap to go buy those delectable pop-tarts!


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