Thursday, September 17, 2009

Watch out! It'll get ya! (for my Grandsons!)

I had a lovely visit with my 3 grandson's via Yahoo IM yesterday!!!

Mainly, because they had watched some TV program about "Australia's Deadliest Animals", and they needed to talk to their Grummie right now... so that they could tell me to be careful and to watch out for dangerous animals and snakes and spiders and stuff.

They were actually worried that I was in danger from being eaten, bitten, stung, or just chewed up and killed to death at any minute... what with me living here in Australia and all.
And I needed their latest info and tips, to help keep me safe.
Well, Grumpy too of course... but because I'm a girl, I'm more at risk than Grumpy is - because he's a boy... (hmmmm...maybe that's because boys are less tasty or something?)

Anyway, at one point, when Draven was telling me about all the stuff I had to watch out for and getting quite serious about it, I told him to hang on just a minute, because I had a parent who had just arrived to drop their child off...
And I needed to go run out and wrestle a killer crocodile off the porch, so that the parent and kid could get to the door.
His response?

And then when I told them that about 10 years ago, I had gotten bitten on the foot by a Brown Snake, and ended up being rushed to the hospital, where they used some special anti-venom on me... they asked if the snake had killed me!!!
Ummm... nooooo!
At least I don't think so, anyway.
So Draven, Griff and Brandon... This is for you!

Australia's Top Ten Dangerous Animals

Australia definitely has more than its fair share of some of the world's most painful and poisonous creatures.
We have deadly spiders, very dangerous sharks, killer crocodiles and.
of the top ten most deadliest snakes in the whole world, Australia has six on the list!

1. Box Jellyfish

2. Irukundji jellyfish

(the Irukandji is believed to be the most venomous creature in the world)

3. Salt Water Crocodile

4. Blue Ringed Octopus

5. Stone Fish

6. Red Back Spider

7. Brown Snake

8. Tiger Snake

9. Great White Shark

10. Funnel Web Spider

Even the cute and funny looking little platypus' produces one of the most painful venom's known!

So boys?

I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any of these creatures and I'll stay far, far away from all of them...Okay? I promise.

And I'll see if I can't find some Australian animals books or some DVDs to send to you.

Oh.. and before I forget (not that I ever forget)....

Grummie and Grumpy LOVE you guys!


Fruitcake Sandy said...

Aaaaaaaaaah ... you had me a "a lovely visit with my 3 grandsons"!! Speaking as one 'Grummie' to another, I know you were actually walking on air after than conversation. I especially loved the "wrestle a killer crocodile off the porch" and when the boys asked you if the snake had killed you ... Priceless!!

AND in spite of those scary photos, I hope to come to your adopted beautiful country one day. I love the post, Grummie, Hugs, Gramme

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Geeeez Louise, all the typos ... corrections: you had me AT a lovely visit .." "...walking on air after THAT conversation." Didn't proof-read, still adjusting to this altitude. Gramme/Grandma/Sandy

Homestay Mama said...

Yikes, didn't know it was so dangerous down under! ;-)

Your grandsons sound like the best! I envy you. It looks doubtful that I'll ever be a Grummie. :-(

Linda said...

I'm sorry you got bitten by the snake.

Out Back said...

This is a great post Tatersmama. I
didn't realise how dangerously we live here in Australia! I will have to take more care in future when I venture outside.


Becky said...

Yep, you sure got some bad things down there! That sounded like a mighty fine conversation with your grandkids! At least they care, so many don't these days!

Marjie said...

When my second son was in 6th grade, he made a platypus from a kit in sewing class. Ryan, who was 2, promptly took it, and named it "Brown Duckie". My little guy's Calvert computer lessons include typing lessons with Candy Kangaroo. He had me race the Kangaroo in typing last week, and I won a freshwater crocodile in a wooden box. I'll bet that will be fun...

Robynn's Ravings said...

Why are some of the deadliest things so BEAUTIFUL? And I love that they are so concerned for you but shouldn't they be if you were bit by a brown snake?! I used to want to go to Australia but National Geographic and The Learning Channels seem to work overtime to discourage tourism. But I'd come to see your grandson's Grummie anyway!

Nancy M. said...

Wow! It does sound quite dangerous over there! That octopus is kinda pretty! Glad you had a good time talking with them!

Bz said...

Fabulous pics you chose there! And I didn't know that about the Platypus- you learn something everyday!
So neat getting to "talk" to your grandsons via IM... ain't technology grand!?!
Although I know it's not the same as in person... can you imagine if we didn't have such wonderful technology... I wouldn't have "met" YOU or your sweet ole cradle-robbing guy.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Did not see anything there I would like to meet face to face. Stay safe Grummie.
Do not see Crisco on that list any where.

Katydid said...

Those are some spookie looking varmits!! We don't have things like that here in Oklahoma. Just deranged human beings running loose half the time.
Thanks for visiting my blogspot. I have alot of fun with it. Yours is great and I will visit often!


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