Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Odds and Bods

Bits and pieces... odds and bods... this and that... that and the other thing...

I'm sorry about the "theme" going lately, but to tell you the truth, it's what my life has been like for the last couple of weeks.
No constancy, no consistency, no routine and never the same thing two days in a row - and to tell you the truth, it's gotten a little wearing.

Well okay, some of it has been good. In fact, quite a lot of it has been good... but it just seems that my days have just been a jumble of "happenings" lately, rather than everything flowing smoothly and in an orderly fashion.

Not that much in my life every goes in an orderly or smooth fashion...
But I'm just sayin'.

I wish it did.

Things are starting to come together with the room addition/s and renovating, and I've got a draftsman coming back tomorrow to give me some more of his ideas.
Which will be thrown in the hat with the builders good ideas... and then tossed around until I can make up my mind.

So if you've got any ideas, pass 'em along and I can throw them in the hat as well. Which will give me more to think about.
Because the more I think, the less I actually do. And to tell you the truth, I'm kind of dragging my feet here.

See, I want to add on to the back of the house.
I want a combination living room/ kitchen added on, and the new kitchen will actually be big enough to work in, with proper appliances and stuff, and the additional living room will be for the Old Guy and I - and us alone.

No kids mess.
No kids detritus.
No toys or smears or upchuck stains on the carpet.

And the area that is currently the kitchen, will be turned into another bedroom for my part-time/permanent care boy.

Because having his bed in the current kids playroom, is a pain in the proverbial.
I've got to get him up in the mornings, strip his bed, wash down and disinfect everything, remake the bed, get his stuff put away, so I can bring out the day care kids things - because it's actually their room... and it's just too much hassle.
I'm worn out before the day even begins.

So the care facility that I work for, is giving me partial funding for a big portion of the costs... which will take a big chunk out of the eventual and final costs, leaving me to just come up with the difference.

Which is no problem.

The problem lies in the fact that I've had to source the draftsman to get the plans drawn up, I've had to find a reliable builder, and I have to figure out the time to do it all, since I can't have any building work done while still caring for the daycare children.
So that means a month or so without any income whatsoever, and that's a scary thought. Especially since it's all going to involve such a financial commitment in the first place.

We've figured that buying the kitchen appliances at Costco will save about 50% over the costs of the local appliance dealer, and that's a good thing.

So that extra $3,500 I would have spent, can go a long ways towards adding an en suite (master bath), but then I have the headache of figuring where to exactly put the extra bathroom on to.

Do I add it to the new bedroom, and then use that room as my bedroom - which would be rather small for me - or do I add it to my existing bedroom and just leave the old kitchen as the boys room?
'Cause to tell you the truth, if anyone deserves a bathroom of their own, it's me.
Or... do I add it separately, just off the new laundry area?

See? I don't know what in the hell I'm doing anymore!

I do know that it's a beautiful day out there today, so I'm heading off to drag out the buckets and paintbrushes, and I'm going to let the kids paint the shed with water.
Maybe they can gain enough skills that I won't need to hire a painter, eh?

It would save me sourcing yet another workman anyway!


Nancy M. said...

Wow, I wish I knew what to tell you, but I usually make up my mind, then change it, the make it up again, then change it. Unless it's a split second decision, I'm probably going to change it. Good luck with deciding what to do and I hope you'll be able to get the work done in a timely manner.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm gonna tell you flat out. Add the new bathroom on to your existing master bedroom! There...problem solved. I have spoken. Criso, Peace, Love, I'm outta here:-)

PS - come stay with me while the construction is going on.

Kurichan said...

ok---so let's go to Costco to start making final plans on the appliances... ;-)
when ya coming next, huh huh huh????

Katidids said...

I'm with Nea, Add to the existing Master bedroom, your time & trouble = your benefit!

Marjie said...

Add the new bathroom to your existing bedroom. If there's room to take it out of the old kitchen, fine; otherwise, add it to the laundry area. The plumbing's already in the walls there, so adding it isn't that big a deal. (Says the person with the talented son and contractor husband who gets whatever she wants drawn up out of their heads and just done. Hell, we all know additions are the biggest pain in the ass ever!)

Pam said...

Oh my goodness you have a lot going on! I can't begin to sort it out, but it sounds like Marjie has some good ideas!


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