Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good to the last drop! / Day 9

Day 9, of the 30 Day Throw Down:

Breakfast: 3 Weetbix, with blueberries and organic milk, 2 cups of coffee, black.

Morning tea: A piece of whole grain toast, with homemade lemon butter (lemon curd), and an apple.

Lunch: Crab Salad on a turkish roll, with red and green bell pepper strips and a couple of small kiwi fruits.

Afternoon tea: fruit salad with a bit of yogurt and chopped walnuts.

Dinner: 2 Canneloni, filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, green salad, and a small piece of garlic bread.

We ended up going for a walk after dinner last night, but I'm not sure how far we actually walked.
We walked fairly briskly - and we were gone for about 45-50 minutes or so, with a quick stop off at the playground, so that I could swing on the swings for a few minutes!
(Something I never get to do, when I have the kids around)


My day started off right this morning, because the Old Guy brought around his coffee machine thingie last night, (after he figured out how to work the dang thing and how to make a normal cuppa, as well as fancy schmancy cappuchino's) and he left it here.
At MY house!

I joked with him last night, telling him that he needed to come around first thing in the morning - so that he could surprise me with my first cup of the day, because I didn't know how to work it .... So he DID!
At 4:45am!

I had just gotten out of bed, 'cause I smelled something good wafting down the hallway... and when I came out, this was waiting for me!
Wooo Doggies... I love this man!

Oh c'mon.. hurry up!

The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the way to this girl's heart, is through her coffee cup - and he knows it!

Squinky-eyed, bad bed hair, and still half asleep, but Oh my stars!... What a lovely way to start the day!!

Crab meat from the 2 gorgeous crab legs I bought at Costco.

Our lunch, yesterday.

Doesn't it just look mmmm, mmmmm GOOD???

The back is feeling absolutely GREAT today, 'cause my magician-slash-chiropractor worked absolute wonders yesterday morning, even going as far as using the industrial strength massager on me! (tho I was a bit worried as how my arse must have looked, jiggling like a frog in a blender!) And I think the additional walking has helped, as well... so I plan on keeping it up!

I'm off work all day today, (2 kids off on holiday, and the other 2 are sick) so I think I might just settle down with a book... after I get some more laundry done.

Oh, and maybe after I have another cuppa....

Because my mama didn't raise no fools!!


Arlene said...

Keep up the good work!!! Hey where is my coffee? LOL!!

Katidids said...

COFFEE!! Lifes blood!

joolzmac said...

Oh, Kate you are a crack-up! Frog in a blender jiggly ass - the mind boggles! The food certainly looks good at your house and I'm glad your back is on the mend. Keep up the gentle walking as much as you can, it will do you no end of good.

Cheers - Joolz

Nancy M. said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Your guy was so sweet to fix you some coffee too! I guess he got that new fangled coffee maker figured out, lol!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

I'm drooling ... I DO NOT do mornings without my Java ... it's 5PM here and I'm drinking a cuppa right now.

Went to "Whole Foods" today ... had artichoke fritter, pasta salad and 100 % Black Tea ... and topped it off with a FAT-FREE Ginger cookie. Yummmmmmy!

So happy to hear that your back is better, although I will never be able to look at my blender again without thinking about YOUR 'arse'

Homestay Mama said...

Mmmm, your coffee machine looks wonderful.

And, dear Katie, you look more wonderful in your wake-up picture than I do when I wake up! You should see my bad bed hair! It's like having two grey rooster tails sticking out on either side of my head! LOL

I say, show us more pictures of yourself, Katie!



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