Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 10... I am not DIEting!

Day 10

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins and pure maple syrup

Afternoon tea: Raw veggies, a handful of crackers and some Jarlsberg cheese.

Lunch: Vegemite and cheese sandwich, with whole grain bread, a mandarin and some grapes

Afternoon tea: Whole grain bread, with a "portion controlled" pat of real butter, and an apple

Dinner: Leftover Cannelloni, and a small greek salad,

and then some crackers and some cheese at about 8 o'clock.


Now.... for the person who has sent me some pretty strange and dare I say... 'judgmental' emails, telling me that I'm not eating right, and that all the ill's of the world fall fairly and squarely on my shoulders.... all I have to say is that it's my business what I put in my mouth.

I know that I'm eating 'righter" than I was before I started this.

So this is for you... and you know who your are.

I'm making healthier choices whenever possible, but I sure as tootin' am not going "the whole hog" as it were.
Not that I'm really eating hog. I would if I wanted to, but I'm savin' the bacon until the weekend.

Because I'm not on a 'diet', per se.

And no, I'm not counting calories or beating myself up over deciding to eat some chocolate covered licorice or a Big Mac.
I will eat whatever I want to eat - because quite frankly, I know what I was eating before, and I know what I'm eating now. These are my choices, and this is my life.

I'm making the choice to eat healthier alternatives whenever I can - and I am certainly NOT looking at this as a diet. Or as a way to save the world.

I'm simply and purely making an effort to eat more healthily.
If I fail.... well, I fail.
And I have to live with that - not you.

Raw bell peppers or carrots or whole grain bread and butter, instead of a cookie at 2 o'clock, or grilled fish instead of fried.
Healthy, nourishing fuel going into my body at 8am, instead of skipping breakfast like I usually do.

Ill say it again, just in case you missed it before :

I am not DIEting.

I'm just thinking more.

I certainly don't feel deprived, or weak... and my breath smells just fine, (because I am not starving myself, regardless of what you may think) but I thank you for your concern.

So although I appreciate you going to the time and effort to point out to me that I'm going about this all wrong, I think I'm going to have to agree to disagree on this.
And we'll just leave it at that, eh?

But I have to wonder why you went to all the trouble to email me personally, rather than post a comment like everyone else?

Why didn't you simply comment on my blog itself... so that the other readers or commenter's could benefit by your 'wisdom'?

I talked this eating plan over with my doctor.
He had no problem with it and in fact encouraged me to keep going.
This is my choice, and my choice alone.
If the Old Guy feels like following along... great.
If he doesn't, that's fine with me too.

Because this is about me.

Not you, not the woman next door or anyone else.

My choice, my life and my arse.


Homestay Mama said...

You go girl! Tell em like it is! LOL

Anonymous said...

Kate, applause, applause, we are all too mature/old to be told what to do or how to do it. bravo!

Out Back said...

Some people are just so jealous of what other people are doing that they have to try and spoil it!

Good response Kate...

We, your friends are behind you all the way.

Keep up the good work.


Neas Nuttiness said...

Kick some booty girl! I'm so darn proud of you right now... if I 10 pounds of Crsico, I'd give you half!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

You Rock, Girlfriend!!! No ones business BUTT our own. The loud THUD you heard was me 'falling off the wagon' (major stressed - which everyone knows is DESSERTS spelled backwards!) But have crawled back up there, bruised & bloodied, but I, too,am NOT DIEting ... awareness and moderation both keys for me, this is a life long eating 'plan'... although the damn chocolate covered licorice was sooooo very good sounding!!! Cheers to you!!!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Good girl! I would imagine making the sort of changes you are making are more realistic than doing a complete 180 in your way of eating that isn't likely to last beyond the typical dieting cycle. If its working for you, have at it!!

Kurichan said...

You go, Katie!

Katidids said...

Standing and applauding! Very tactfully said. I hope it was sent to you in a spirit of true concern...I'me sure it was, lets hope it was, well.....maybe not Sounds as if your really doing great with this life style change, how are you feeling..better I bet!

Andrea said...

You go girl!! You are so right! :)

Julieann said...

I sure wish you were the woman next door, I would love a neighbor like you:) I like your menu!

Have an awesome day, my friend.


Marjie said...

Amen, Sister! Live as you see fit. I don't know what vegemite is, but I like the rest of your choices.

The Wife said...


And research has shown that people that DON'T restrict themselves do much better than those that do. I think you're doing it just right.

joolzmac said...

I can't believe someone has the audacity to attack what you are doing. Where in your blog have you tried to ram it down anyone's throat, declaring it to be the only way to go? Nowhere!

Keep it up, 2 weeks down, 2 to go! Then the exercise gets added in. I wish my back yard was bigger so I could walk around my clothesline too!

Cheers - Joolz

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Goodness - there are some strange people out there ... and sometimes we call them friends. I'd be shedding the kilos this 'friend' weighs. It's hard enough making 'most-of-the-time' good choices without being judged for it. And let's face it - who wants 'all-of-the-time' good choices.

Pass the chocolate please ... and the Macca's iced coffee.

Paula said...

ok then...I wont tell you that stuff again..just kidding..

Dont listen to that kind of crap...some people speak..or write to just see it on the screen...keep doing your good work.

Staci said...

im happy for you!! u go girl, dont let anyone tell you what they think is right for you, only YOU know that, ive missed you....sorry ive been mia!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

WHa.....WHAT??!! Someone attacked our TATER?! Where have I been?! Over WHAT exactly? Eating well, taking care of yourself, caring about the origins of your food? Well, when I put it like that, no WONDER! Katie, how could you?!

And I'm with you, post it and let us all read. You're making changes that will last a lifetime. You know how to Throw Down!


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