Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm still doing The 30 Day Throw Down

But I'm not necessarily keeping track... ya know what I mean?

I've been eating the same basic foods that I've been eating for the last few weeks, but making sure to add in a little more protein several times a day.
And cutting the carbs a bit.

See, I don't do well with just plain carbs at breakfast... at all.
It's got to be mixed with protein, or I'm a complete goner.
Give me a couple of pieces of toast, or even a regular sandwich, and within a few hours, I just want to lay me down to sleep.
I have to force myself to stay awake... and when you've got a house full of kids, that ain't necessarily a good thing to do.

White bread, wholemeal bread, whole grain, sourdough, rye... you name it... on it's own, it makes me drowsy.
Which really sucks wienies when you want some garlic bread with the beef ravioli's you know?
But with eggs or tuna or crab meat... I'm fine.

I got me some of those cute little peppers at Costco earlier in the week, and man-o-man, are they yummy!

But I found out the hard way ( I'll spare ya the details, okay? You'll thank me.) that eating a handful of sliced regular capsicums (bell peppers) is a leeetle different than eating 3 or 4 of the *cute* ones with crackers and cheese.

Same taste and all, but a slightly different outcome...

Well, more of a major outcome, to tell you the truth.
All I can - or will say - is that I'm so glad that I bought a couple of those 48 roll packs of toilet paper.

Aren't they just the cutest little things?

Pity about the results though, because I still have about 20 of 'em left... Lol!


Fruitcake Sandy said...

TOO FUNNY ... NOT!!!! Keep up the good work with the Throw Down. I'm doing just Okey-Dokey, partly because the altitude is bothering me and I don't have enough oxygen to breathe, let alone exercise!!!

Sorry about your "outcome" with the cute little peppers. You know, you just have to "keep on keeping on" and don't forget the Charmin. Hoping that you will get to the 'bottom' of it!!!

Neas Nuttiness said...

LOL - I've needed all those extra rolls myself that last few days. Nothing staying down or in. I got so dehydrated, that I lost 10lbs. in just over 24 hours. My lips are split in several places. HEY - do you think I should rum come Crisco on them?

Sadly *sigh* the weight will come back on before you can say BOO:-(

Those little peppers are so darn cute. I'll have to keep my eye out for them here in the states.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Rub Crisco - on my lips. I must learn to proof read before I hit submit!!!!

Out Back said...

I found out the other day that capsicums (peppers) are good for wrinkles! So there you go Taters, eat 'em til your hearts content.

These are easy to grow by the way if you are so inclined.

Glad to hear you are still plodding along with the challenge.


Katidids said...

You Go GIRL!!! Sorry, I just couldn't pass it up! ROTFLMAO!!!!

Sooziebelle said...

Those little peppers are adorable!! Cute photo. I just want to draw little faces on them. Maybe they should have evil little faces for making you have to run to the toilet!

I do hope you do get a chance to eat all of them, either raw or cooked. I love peppers too, especially raw. The only problem I get is burping! But I do find that cheese helps neutralize them somehow. How about slicing them thin and then just putting them on crackers or bread with just a thin shmear of cream cheese?? You can also chuck 'em in the food processor with some cream cheese, olive oil, freshly minced garlic and a few basil leaves for a really nice capsicum dip. Whoops, roast them first. Just slice them and remove the seeds and put under the griller for ten minutes until their skins turn black. Then cover them with plastic and peel ten minutes later, and voila, roasted peppers!!

While their little skins are blackening and bubbling and otherwise suffering horrible burns, you can watch and smile at the sweetness of revenge!!

Kurichan said...

Hmmmmmmm...maybe it was just coincidence? I was eating those mini capsicums several at a time and I don't recall any issues....
They are tasty and sweet, aren't they? Oh, well, I am sure you will enjoy them anyway! :-)

Marjie said...

I can't eat peppers, so I wouldn't have even been tempted. I'm glad you're keeping on with Robynn's challenge, even if you're not keeping track.

I swear that you must have protein and carbs or it doesn't work. My second son (who's back after college) got infuriated with me when I forbade him to eat 10 to 12 eggs with no toast - maximum 6 per morning - and so is refusing to eat breakfast. I told him I'm not buying cases of eggs (15 dozen) so he can polish them off in under 2 weeks. Anyway, I liked your menus, but I did have to "google" vegemite to find out what it is. Don't think I'd like it, since it's described as very salty!

Hope the pepper attack is over!


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