Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter... The time for roast chickens??

I got busy this morning, setting out the things for our craft project today... and I had everything all arranged to perfection.

Yellow construction paper, orange construction paper, feathers, googlie eyes and doodads... all laid out, with a larger sheet of paper to glue cute little Easter chickies on... and I had printed
"Spring Is Coming!" on the big sheets of paper.
Like, used the printer and the very last of my black ink, to do the printing.

Very organized, me.

And then the light bulb went off.
(Yes, I have a light bulb in my head, but unfortunately, I think the little filaments are reaching the end of their lives. )

Easter. Spring. Right?
NO! I keep forgetting that I'm in Oz, and in Oz, Easter time is more Autumn-ish.
Easter, the time of re-birth and new growth, a fresh start, eggs hatching, new bulbs and Easter Bunnies leaping through the tall grass ....is actually the time of year in Australia, where everything is slowing down.

Things dying.
Shrivelling up.

Cute little fuzzy spring chicks are now half-grown chickens, just ready for the roasting...

Maybe we'll just cook, instead.

Just don't tell the kids.


Staci said...

hee hee your funny!!

Treehouse Chef said...

I love your whole spring and Easter story followed by a beautiful cooked chicken. For some reason this made me laugh out loud. Where is the chocolate?

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh you made me feel like I was standing on my head! How bizarre! We just don't think about this in the northern hemisphere!

Well, leave it to you to take cracked eggs and turn them into cooked chicken. Nobody can pull something out of the fire the way YOU can! And just in case you're trying to think of what to serve on the side, remember these famous, and deep, words:

"Can't we ever have like, a salad, or something?"

Tatersmama said...

No I'm not. I'm lame. ;-)

Treehouse Chef,
Chocolate? Are you kidding? Like I would waste my chocolate on the kids??? They get jelly beans and that's IT.

Words to live by indeed!
"There is no flavor. There are no spices. Where are the chips?"

Bren said...

OH MY WORD.... we have so much in common. I have a LIGHT BULB in my head too!!!!
LOVE IT!!! ((HUGS)) and Happy Tuesday from my very wet garden.

Cathy said...

Hello TM
Great post
Even after being here 36yes I still get it wrong :))
Isn't this cooler weather great
Take care

SassyDog said...

I thought Easter was the same everywhere, thanks for bringing me up to speed. How about one of those new light bulbs,CFLs, that last like forever!

Tatersmama said...

Is YOURS 60 watts too??? ;-)

So you still get mixed up after so many years? I thought I was just losing the plot! *whew*
I'm loving the rain though...:-)

Everything here in Oz is just turned around. Easter in Autumn, Christmas in the heat of summer...
I just can't get my head wrapped around it!

JCWillow99@gmail.com..( Cassie) said...

It is hard to image how one has diffent seasons in your part of the world.
I never thought about it that way..lol~ Chicken sounds very tasty.

Bz said...

YES YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! ...and I know funny, it's such a stranger to me, when it comes and thumps me on the head, I know it by the laughing out loud.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

That would be wierd...
roasting chickens in stockings and carving Easter Pumpkins...
And at Christmas, you'd be having Bunny Santa's and stuffing baskets...
How long have you been in OZ?? Will it ever feel 'normal' having seasons reversed from what you've known your whole life?

rubiesrnotpurple said...

... and don't forget our birds are flying north for winter - a lot of people (even Australians) think all birds fly south but that would put them at the south pole where they'd be needing penguin fur. LOL!

Tatersmama said...

It's hard enough imagining it, and "living it" is even harder. I try... I honestly do, but then suddenly I'll think " I need to go out and see if the crocus's are up yet!"

Well I guess it's better that your laughing at me than.... oh wait... are you LAUGHING at me?
(btw - Kate, Katie, Tater, Tatie... it's all good. You would have to know my family. *wink*)

Barb, It's been ummm...14 years this coming November. I don't think I'll ever get used to things being different, but I've tried. Honestly I have. :-(

Rubies, I KNOW! I know that they fly North, but "the birds will be flying south soon" just comes out of my mouth without thinking!
But then again, I do a LOT of things without thinking. ;-)

Paula said...

Oh my gosh, you know how to make me laugh! You really are a good sport about things! :-) I don't know why, but this makes me think of this funny chocolate Easter bunny joke where two chocolate bunnies in an Easter Basket are having a conversation. The first bunny has had it's chocolate backside bitten off, and the second one has had a bite taken out of it's tall ears. The first bunny says, "My butt hurts." The second bunny says, "What?" I don't know why I thought of that and I REALLY don't know why it makes me laugh, but anyway ... perhaps you'll enjoy it!

Irene said...

Yeah I did wonder when I saw that.
It's still too early for Autumn leaves.
Have you really been that unlucky to have known me 13 yrs almost?
I've been in my place 14yrs April 1st.

Irene said...

ok I can't read almost 14years

Neas Nuttiness said...

Everybody else stole my witty comments, so I'll just say
"that roast chicken looked soooooo
good"! Did you rub it down with Crisco before you put it in the oven?

Nancy M. said...

That would be hard to get used to! Having different holidays in different seasons. I think my light bulbs dying out too!

Julieann said...

I never even thought about this---it must be strange--kind of backwards---Easter Challanged...LOL. Hey, your chicken cooked beautifully:)

Great post!


Homestay Mama said...

Easter in the Autumn would confuse me about as much as Christmas did when I lived in Hawaii. There Santa came rowing in from the ocean in an outrigger canoe!

Neabear said...

Reading this and all the comments has got me all turned around now.


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