Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey Boo Boo... It's a pic-a-nic basket!

Ya gotta love my friend Anita ! She just has a knack for always getting it right and knowing exactly when to send a care package! And believe me, I needed this little moral booster yesterday !

So now, dear readers, without further ado....
THIS is what I recieved yesterday !!

An Americana picnic basket (oooh, it's goin' to look so darn good on my pantry!)
and a lovely, lovely little pillow for my bed!

And HERE are the goodies that were packed inside!

Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake mix
2 pkt's of Buffalo Wings mix
a can of Collard greens
2 boxes of Velveeta (regular and Pepper Jack)
2 boxes of Ranch Dressing mix ( be still my heart!!)
Rice a Roni (The San Francisco treat!)
A box of Tapioca (this is on the menu for after the dentist visit !!)
Hush Puppy Mix
Comstock Cherry Pie filling
and a gorgeous little chicken figurine !!

And Libby? Libby, are you paying attention? Libby.... LOOK at this !



The Wife said...

Oh my! Tater Man better watch out tonight. CRISCO IN THE HOUSE!

Kathy said...

Oh you lucky woman!! Hope that tooth is better now.......

Out Back said...

WOW!!! lucky you Taters,

Those goodies have made you forget your toothache yeah?

Good luck at the dentist today.


Tatersmama said...

Kit, I was thinkin' more along the lines of making a pie crust, but you've given me an idea!! ;-)

Kathy, It's like Christmas!
The tooth stuff is working (sort of) but hopefully the pain will be totally gone be the time I leave the dentists!

Tania, Thank you! I've never actually looked forward to going to the dentist before! ;-)
Seeing all the food has made me hungry and I haven't eaten anything but broth since yesterday! I want to sink my teeth into something solid this afternoon!

Paula said...

I didn't realize you couldn't get these things there...I would really miss home if I couldnt get my normal staples.

Robynn's Ravings said...

OMGOSSHHHHH!!!! What a WOMAN!! You are loved and somebody knew exACTly what you needed. You have to tell us where she's from and did those items have to get through customs? If so, that gives me HOPE!!

What a LOVELY friend. I'm so happy I might have corn on a stick!!

Sherri said...

That's great! Always nice getting goodies from home huh? Hope your tooth is better by the time I've posted this love ya

Nancy M. said...

Yay! What a cool surprise! Does this mean you don't have to go to the, what was it? Porn shop or wherever they sell that over there? Sorry, can't remember, exactly!

I hope your tooth and you are better!

Bz said...

Wowy-wow.. MMMM-Mmmmm... Red Velvet cake! What a beat assortement of things - a little something for so many different food moods!
You've got to be someone special to have friends do that for you.
Hope you can use your chompers soon.

Irene said...

Hmmmm only thing missing is the onion cakes I wont ring you today but will contact you over the weekend hope you're not in too much pain.

Tatersmama said...

Paula, There's a LOT that I miss that I just can't get here. Thank goodness for friends and care packages, or I would have gone nuts a long time ago !!

Robynn, Anita's in Sacto CA, and even the wicker basket made it through... which kind of surprised me!
You can have your corn on a stick, but now that I'm done with the dentist, I think I just want to wear some stretchy pants. ;-)

Sherri, Too bad my sister and daughter in law don't send their poor beloved grummie something...

Nancy, NO! No more trips to the sex shop for Crisco! Isn't that good news?? Not that I WOULD go into there to buy any... LOL!

Bz, The chompers are still out of commision until next Wednesday, but I'm having tapioca pudding for dinner tonight!!!

Irene, I can make onion cakes just fine... remember? It's just that I always forget to make them. ;-)
I'm in agony after being poked and prodded, but I have some super duper drugs that he promises will knock me on my arse...
So call fist, okay?

Sherri said...

Katie if I had your address I'd send you some goodies, might be awhile though I still have a Game Cube to send to the boys that Cousin Sam wants to give them. Oh ya, and if I could ever come and visit I'd go into the sex shop and get you all the crisco you wanted...regular or butter flavored? hahahaha

Kurichan said...

just one question...WHERE'S MINE?!?!? ;-) Enjoy, Kate!

Tatersmama said...

Sherri.... AHA ! I see where Josh and Bec get it from then ! I'm STILL waiting on my Christmas present! LOL!

Kurichan... I have plenty of Tapioca pudding left, so come on down! I would trade you a pudding for some poppers. Are you interested? lol! We need to get down your way again soon, because I miss you!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Well you already answered my question, as to where your goodies were sent from...
... now, how do you think she got those through your Crisco and Ranch Dressing Mix, sniffer dogs, at the airport?
Did she grease some paws? Maybe with the Crisco? Surely if we bribed someone, we could get some bacon to you!

Pam said...

Lucky you! All the fixins of home.

Kurichan said...

Neas Nuttiness---there is no problem with Crisco with Customs, and the powdered ranch dressing mix is ok given the small amount of dried milk product--they are more concerned with egg products at the moment...although I did see a bottle of ranch dressing get confiscated the last time I went thru customs and the guy was very sad!! you need to add all the milk/mayo to the powder so it typically passes quarantine...believe me, I have studied all the ins and outs of what is allowed, and I am taking a trip back to the US next month--gotta get back to scratch and will double check my haul before getting on the plane! :D

Linda said...

I have bought some things from usafoods. I think last time some Halloween candy.


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