Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm gonna do some weeding

Or is that "weading"? Or Reading to weed?

See, I've got a list of blogs that I follow, that's as long as my arm... and although I do enjoy reading each and every one of them, it's got to be reciprocal, you know what I mean?
I mean, it's GOT to be!

It just gets a little irksome when I comment on other peoples blogs and never, EVER get anything in return.

Oh, I know that we all get busy and that sometimes we read but don't always have time for a comment, but I'm talking about blog people who don't even seem to realize that I exist.

I follow them, I comment on their blogs when I have something to say, even if it's just to say hello... yet I never get a darn thing in return.

Not that I expect to get something in return (know what I mean?) but it's kind of like sending Christmas cards every year and then suddenly you realize that Mary hasn't sent you so much as a raspberry in 5 years. So you strike Mary off the Christmas card list...

I can leave a comment on a blog based out of Hoboken Mississippi, and when I check my little feedjit on the sidebar, there has been NO reciprocal checking my blog from Hoboken Mississippi, or there can be a reciprocal checking, but they snuck in and out like shadows in the moonlight and never left so much as a comment.
And they don't come back for months.
And they never say a word, which is kind of creepy.

Believe me, I see each and every comment that you leave for me and I do my darnedest to follow up on them, but sometimes all I have time for is checking your blogs . But if you've got feedjit, you can see that I checked in for a few moments of peaceful reading. And you know that I'll be back when I can "set a spell".

Because to me, friendships are worth nurturing. It isn't about the numbers with me or the amount of followers following me...
It's about the relationships and friendships that can ensue, from this wonderful world of blogging.
I like reading other people comments, checking them out, then checking their favorites out and then their favorites out... and it just keeps rolling along. I love the idea that a "friend of a friend of a friend..." can become a friend of mine, too.

I sometimes comment on PW or Cake Wrecks, knowing that nothing will eventuate from it, but sometimes other commenter's on those blogs pop in for a look-see, and stop and say hello. That I can deal with. I can be a Curious George myself.

So, sad to say... but I'm going to be weeding through the blogs I'm reading on a daily basis, down to a more manageable number. 51 just isn't too do-able on a daily or weekly basis, and believe me, the housework is suffering around here because I'm reading minutia about people who don't even know I'm alive.

I'm not going to stop following them, I just won't be wasting my time on people who don't seem to care that I exist. If they haven't commented or at least said "boo" since I added them to my reading list, it's gonna be "bye-bye birdie" time

If you've ever commented or sent me an email, you're still on my list... have no worries! At least you know I exist.

Gosh, I sound so needy, don't I?


Neas Nuttiness said...

I understand your feelings. But girl, you better not drop me!!!
I too need to cut back, but I just can't do it. Course, I don't follow 51 least I don't think I do. Maybe I need to count.

I certainly have a lot of "Looky Lou's"! When I look at my live feed, it amazes me the number of people who drop by. AND I have to admit that I leave comments at PW's. I've also visited other peoples sites, when they leave interesting comments there.

What in heavens am I gonna do, when I'm back on my feet, and expected to cook and clean and do laundry, etc. etc.? Maybe I'll just have to keep this brace on for a lot longer.

I've become a blog addict! Is that sad? I don't know? I sure had made some wonderful friends, and learned about all kinds of things.

Any hoo - I love you Katie Tatie, and I'll always leave comments here! (Oh I heard you groan, but I don't care. You're stuck with me.)

Jientje said...

Thanks for visiting me, and yes, I agree, sometimes the reading list can grow out of proportion, but great friendships can come out of it as well! Take Libby for instance. She used to be a lurker at my blog, until one day she commented, and I visited her back! She's one of my favourite daily visitors now!

Tatersmama said...

Libby, What do you take me for? Of COURSE I'm not dropping you! I love you too much!
Don't you just love seeing those counter hits and the feedjit thingie clicking over? THAT'S what I find!
And NO, you didn't hear me groaning at all.

Jientje, I know! I've made some GREAT friends through blogging and I cherish each and every one of them! I don't mind the lurkers at all, but it's the posts that I read and comment on faithfully in spite of never hearing a word in return, that have got to go!
( I managed to weed 3 out, so I haven't accomplished much, have I? LOL!)

Staci said...

OMG i sooo know what you mean...i comment on this girls site all the time and my bee fri (although i love her) doesnt comment on her site hardly at all, and she follows her and comments on her site!! darn her!! :( lol Cassie) said...

I still read, but sometimes don't comment.. I admit I am a bit behind this week on my blog reading.
Hang in there gf..

Pam said...

I know what you're saying. I try to comment as often as I can on the blogs that I read regularly. But when I get behind, I just have to read quickly and save comments for later!

SassyDog said...

I love reading your blog so even tho I'm not real good at this blogging stuff pppllleeeeeeeeeeease don't toss me to the curb!! What do you do with that Crisco anyway? My Uncle Harry used to call my Mama Crisco. I asked why and he said she was fat in the can!! By no means did she have a big butt.

Sooziebelle said...

Well I am probably the odd one out as I do not follow ANY blogs besides THIS one as I just don't have the time. I do check this one every few days but do not always have time to leave a comment (I have to go and sign in and then Blogger always forgets me, probably because I do not have a blog!). I usually read two or three days worth of posts and if I leave a comment it is on the current one.

If I did follow blogs, I guess I would just be following and appreciating for the entertainment factor, but I have never really thought of it as a feedback sort of thing. I still have not warmed up to the idea of blogs as I do not like the fact that anybody in the world could read what I say. Plus I would worry that I would start being too conscious of my audience and start writing to them and worry about keeping them entertained!!!

Anyway, the way I see it ... some people probably just like to blog, just want to write, and do not really care about what people have to say about them? Or maybe it is just like those people who NEVER send out Christmas cards no matter what ... or when you send a Christmas or birthday present to someone and do not get something back? I usually just figure they are busy or forgetful and do not take it personally, as it should come from the heart anyway and not be a "social obligation".

Out Back said...

Good on you for speaking up Tatersmama,

I feel the same way sometimes, and I don't like to remove anybody as I think that they will notice, even though I have had a couple drop of my followers list and I wonder why? I need to do some more interesting posts me thinks.

I don't always leave comment but rest assured I visit you nearly everyday cos I love reading what you have to say, most times I know I will get a giggle or two while I am here.

Thank you for starting your blog, I have enjoyed every word you have written.


Paula said...

I know what you mean...I need to do some weeding myself...mostly because I have too many. I will announce when I do that too so anyone who uses them has some time to get the ones they like but I hate adding and not deleting.

Tatersmama said...

Hey you guys, I am NOT going to delete ANY of you ! If you've commented even one time in the last 5 months since I started blogging, you're staying ON my reading list!
I'm not even removing myself as a follower on the blogs that I delete, but who knows what I'll do at a later date?

It's not a matter of them - or anyone - commenting at all... it's more that I find myself investing time in people who don't give a rats ass if I read their blog or not. I'm just choosing to stop reading the more "personal type" blogs that seem to be a one-way relationship.
I don't have a problem with folks who just blog for their own reasons and who don't expect or need feedback,
I'm just trying to control my OWN level of involvement, by cutting back on the blogs that "I" read.

Homestay Mama said...

Hmmm, am I the odd one here? I don't care who reads my blog, and I don't care whether or not they follow or comment, or whatever. Don't get me wrong. I really do appreciate those who leave comments on my blogs! Indeed, several have become very special friends and I'd miss them sorely if they went away!

But I also follow blogs (and sometimes leave comments) that I never expect to hear back from. For example, I follow Smiles & Trials ( and leave comments because her blog really touches my heart. She and her husband have 11 kids--most of them adopted from around the world--many of them special needs kids. But I really don't expect Christine to follow my blog in return because she is such a BUSY MOM and I'm not writing stuff she's interested in. Which is OK with me.

And, if you don't agree with me, that's OK, too! But, Tatersmama, don't you drop me from your list! I'd grieve if you did! *Hugs*

Irene said...

Hi Katie
I agree it's sad but then apart from you I don't have any friends here.
Hope the dreaded dentist goes well tomorrow for you.
Sorry I didn't catch up during the weekend but ran out of petrol money (Ides of March stuff).

Gramma 2 Many said...

Just stopping by to say Boo.
And thanks for linking up to me, I will enjoy getting to know you in the future.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I s'pose you're droppin' me cause I am not wearing my stinky robes.

Well, ya KNOW, THIS is what I'm thinkin'.

When I sign up to follow people, unless they're like PW and have 1.5billion followers, I DO expect them to at least drop by and say thanks for following. Because following is a gift and you should say thank you for gifts. However, I do the same thing you do. If I have followed and commented for 10 or 15 times without any acknowledgement, then I do stop following because it's obviously not that important to them that I'm there and there are other people it might matter to. And my time is finite.

Now, like Homestay Mama, there are a few I follow because I REALLY enjoy them, or the need is great, or they are completely inspirational, but I can tell by their life I'll probably never hear back. In that case, I'm following just purely because I love it. And that's MY choice.

But I figure if your blog really isn't all that compelling or entertaining, and you never respond, I need to move on because that means I'm wasting time and could be finding something REALLY terrific by someone who needs encouraging. If my encouragement isn't encouraging you, then what am I doing there? Shake off the dust and MOVE on sister!!

Bz said...

I know where you're coming from. I do... EXCEPT for the fact that I only follow 7 blogs [NOTHING would get done around here if I followed 51!?!].
Funny enough, I thought about scratching a couple of those, but then thought, nahhh... I'll give it more time.

Cathy said...

Hello TM
I do drop in now and again, have left comments and been happy to see you at my place however there have been times when I've clicked to comment it hasn't always worked - its that that dreaded word verification thing which can be a b..... and if it rejects more than once I give up :(
Was going to tell you the other day that Crisco is available at some s.....shops but wasn't sure you wanted to hear that lol
Take care

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

I only have a hand full of blogs that I read regularly and only about 5 on the 'blog role' on the side of my blog for the very reasons you're mentioning - I just don't have the time to invest in too many.

I often surf when I have time and come across some I'd love to read more of......

I'm actually pretty guilty of not leaving many comments when I visit. Sometimes I just don't know what to say and sometimes others have said it all - in a much better way than I would!!

Keep sharing what's on your mind. I like listening!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

First, I think that my arms are longer than yours. I looked it up, and I am reading 88 blogs, actually 89 since I clicked on yours as a follower, not just Google Reader.

I love it when people comment, and like Robynn I too give up if they never comment back after quite a few times.

There is a feeling of connection when someone new makes a comment on my blog. I usually then read their blog, and that is how I ended up with 89 blogs to read. Sometimes, with that many I just don't have the time to comment. I try to make sure that I do comment at least once per week.

Oh and I to feel guilty if I drop someone. Whew, glad to get that off of my chest.

BTW, I hate the word verification!


rubiesrnotpurple said...

I hear you Katie. LOL!
I don't blog so don't know how the whole thing works (I read 2 religiously and others when I'm bored) but when I log onto my journal, it says "You only have two friends" which is really just "LOSER' prettied up. That's hard, that's cruel!
... and now I've lost my train of thought which is exactly why I don't blog. ROFLMAO

Andrea said...

I hear ya, lady!! I've done the same as you...cleaned house a little bit as it was getting too much to manage.

I love when people helps make my blogs better as I can see what content is resonating with readers and then improve what I write, what I photograph.

You were one of my very first commenters, Tatersmama...I will follow you forever!!! :)

The Old Dairy said...

Bet your feeling good now that every one has commented LOL...
What the heck though is feedjit!!!!

Thinking of you at the dentist tomrrow as I will be there also with youngest, wonder if they will mund if I take he camera in and say
" The photos are for my blog"
Hey a blogger can only try!!!!!


The Old Dairy said...

Ha Ha Ha I just relized that feedjit is that map thingy I have on my blog...sorry blonde moment or mre like a seniors moment.......

Paula said...

I always enjoy when you stop by to visit! I like comments from my visitors, especially ones where I can tell that they've actually read my post! I can't read all of them everyday, though, so sometimes my comments come in spurts. So many blogs ... so little time! :-)

Kathy said...

Wow! you've got 24 comments now. I hope I haven't let you down by not commenting lately. I have been a little lax lately. And I hope your tooth is feeling better.

Neabear said...

I understand where you are coming from. I follow too many blogs I think and that is why I get behind. I kind of go alphabetically to catch up so I don't miss anyone. But look at interesting posts in between. Then trying to look at all the people who participate in themes. I can't get to them all even though I participate in them. Oh well, I just do the best I can. Today is the day I am catching up on yours. The one person I would really love to have comment on mine more often is my own daughter in law. I comment on hers, but she rarely comments on mine. Don't even know if she reads them. Sigh......oh well. I just keep loving her anyway.


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