Monday, March 16, 2009

Ooopsie's, Giveaway's and Toofie's

Oopsie, me bad!!
I woke up at 4am this morning and had one of those "light bulb" moments.... which of course meant that I couldn't go back to sleep. *sigh*

I realized (at 4 am!! - why couldn't my conscience kick in at 5:30?) that when I posted about Grandma 2 Many yesterday, I may have sort of inferred that she was a friend of mine. That wasn't the case at all. I came across Grandma 2 Many's blog through my dear friend
Homestay Mama.... liked what I saw there... and became a follower just yesterday. The giveaway is a bonus - I'll admit that I love a giveaway - but I just plain like Grandma 2 Many's attitude and I would follow her anyway!
I've found that if Homestay Mama recommends a fellow blogger, I would be wise to check out what she has to say - and so should you!

And now... on to other stuff.

My dear friend Libby, over at Neas Nuttiness is planning on having a giveaway in honor of her 1st blogiversary, which was back on Feb 26th... but poor Libby has been laid low for awhile.
She's been sort of out of commission due to knee surgery ( and out of her head too, at times, but we won't go there) so it's just taken her a few extra weeks to catch up on things. But when it comes to stuff like a Giveaway... better late than never, I always say.
Now Libby seems to have a bit of a Crisco fixation, but she's a pretty cool woman in spite of that, so just check her out, okay? And while you're there, why not become a follower?
Just tell her I sent you. ;-) She'll send me a check.

Toofie update:
I've been getting by with the pain pills the dentist gave me, but they're just taking the edge off. I was hoping once we got the abscess sort of under control, the pain would sort of begin to ease off... and it has a bit, but not enough to suit this little brown duck!
It's wrecking havoc on my speaking abilities (which if you knew me in person, you would know that I never shut up) because every time I open my mouth, the air causes me agonies... but if I look on the bright side, I haven't eaten much of anything other than mush since last Friday... and that's a good thing.
And my old guy seems to be a much calmer person since the toothache has caused me to keep my mouth shut.
Funny that... I take copious amounts of pain pills and antibiotics, and he is the one who gets all mellow?
I wonder why that is?


jennypilgrim said...

I think you sweet young man is just worried about you. I am sure he doesn't like to see his sweet thang in pain! Hope you get better real soon!


Neas Nuttiness said...

Are you going back to the cute dentist soon? I can't stand the idea of you being in pain! Do you think it would help to rub some Crisco on it?

Thanks for the plug...I can't decide which day to announce my giveaway, but it will be soon. I'm putting together, a very odd selection of goodies. It may be that nobody would want any of it, but what the heck?

Talk to ya later Tatie.

Homestay Mama said...

Tatersmama, you had me ROFL with this post! That's why I love your blog. I know I'm going to get my daily dose of laughter/the best medicine everytime I click into a new post of yours!

Also, a special thanks for recommending Gramma2Many, and my blog on your blog. My blog has been getting bogged down lately. I just don't seem to have time to take pictures and write all the thoughts that are swimming in my head. In fact, right now I've got to rush upstairs and cook dinner for my homestay students--or they might go looking for a new mama!

Gramma 2 Many said...

So.........if I am not your friend, can I become??

Bz said...

(chuckle, chuckle)... You have got to be a HOOT to be around... I can just tell. ... your "ole guy gets mellow" when YOU'RE on pain pills. So if you got pregnant, would he have sympathy pains?? ...I know, probably NOT EVEN a thought you'd want to think. :-)

Robynn's Ravings said...

I'm so sorry that tooth is giving you fits. Why is it never as straightforward as they tell you it will be? And when it's not, they make you feel like you're the only person this has happened to when, in fact, YOU know that they rest of us go through the same thing! They must get a big kick out of wonderin' how long that line will keep working! Hope it all settles down dearie!!!

Tatersmama said...

Jennypilgrim, I think that he's just enjoying the peace and quiet around here. LOL! ;-)

Libby, Yep, the cute Billy Connolly-type dentist is on the cards for 11:15 tommorrow morning. I think I may just KISS the guy when I walk in !
Have you gotten a house cleaner yet? Hmmmm?

Homestay Mama, I'm glad I make you laugh... just as long as you aren't laughing AT me, we're fine!
I spend far too much time on here, let me tell you! The housework is suffering, but hey, if it's the other room, who cares? ;-)

Gramma 2 Many, Of COURSE! I didn't mean that the way it sounded, honest! It's just that I posted about you, before I even introduced myself!

Bz, Honey if I got pregnant, he would be asking me where I'd been... and I would be calling the National Enquirer, telling them I had been impregnated by aliens!
I honestly think he's just releived to have me quiet for a change!

Robynn, I KNOW! There's nothing worse than laying in bed at 2 am praying for a robber to come in and knock me on the head, just to put me out of my misery!
Dentists... sheesh ! What kind of normal person would have a life-long dream of sticking his fingers in someone's mouth and smelling their stinky breath??
I tell ya, It's just SICK!

Kathy said...

Oh you are a funny gal. I hope that cute dentist can make you feel better tomorrow. No more drugs for you missy. Your Old man will just have to suffer. We love you just the way you are.


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