Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mrs Tweetle. Up close and personal.

I know you saw this photo of Mrs. Tweetle in the last post, but I wanted to share her in a "clickable" version.
She's simply gorgeous when you can see her large.
Can you see why I consider myself so very blessed to have dozens of these little beauties in my yard???

Thanks to Bz, over at The Mosquitos Buzz for always selflessly sharing her tips and ideas...
I never knew that if I moved a photo, it lost it's clickable-ness - and thanks to her I've learned something new!
It goes to show, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks !!


Indra said...

Hello.. I am Indra... I from Palembang, Indonesian Countries..I happy to have you read the blog ..
you have a good blog . I happy with you. one-time visit my blog

Kei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kei said...

She's charming :) You have a realy beautifull yard!

It's never too late to learn :)

Andrea said...

What a beautiful bird!! Great photo!! :)

Out Back said...

What a pretty parrot.

We get Port Linclon (ringneck) parrots around here although not in my back yard as I don't have enough trees. They are similar to look at as yours but ours are green and yellow.

I would love for our trees to become tall enough to attract more bird life. I could hear some zebra finches beeping this morning while having breakfast. That was the first time I had heard them.


Indra said...

its a good blog, I am very interested in the nature of the particular animal.

Kaleena said...

Hello. I just wanted to drop by and finally say thank you for praying for my girls. I'll try to stop back over and read up on your blog life. Bless you!
Kaleena at McNabb Land

Tatersmama said...

Indra, Thank you! I checked your blog and left a comment. :-) What types of birds are there in your area?

Kei, Thank you! She landed on my shoulder this morning because the bird feeder was empty!

Andrea, I think I'm a bit obsessed with the! I love the ring-necked doves too, but they're pretty bashful so I seldom get a photo of them.

Tania, We seem to be getting more and more birds since the drought, (and now the bushfires) but I always have seeds out for them and the bird bath attracts the non-seed eaters as well. Have you tried putting seed out and seeing what it attracts?
I looked yours up, and they're gorgeous!!!

Kaleena, You're always in my prayers. Kiss those beautiful girls for me.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! I can't imagine looking out and seeing such gorgeous creatures every day!

Bz said...

Wowy-wow! What distinct color! I mean... I saw the color before, but seeing her LARGE shows the clarity between her awesome colors. So glad you go the pic thing worked out. It took me a bit (found a blogger site that the guy devotes to answering all these little nuances). ANYway, gorgeous bird ...and she landed on your shoulder?!? (another) Wow! I'm kind of ?? scared may be too heavy of a word, but birds up close and personal* make me a little nervous. I take one look at that beak that can clip a finger and ...yeah, I'll tick to my big dogs and horses... I can read their body language, but I can't a bird's. Ha... go figure.

Sherri said...

I'm jealous now! I want wild birds like that in my backyard! I'd have bird feeders and bird baths all over the place

Homestay Mama said...

Mrs. Tweetie makes the robins in my backyard look faded to boring! And she even lit on your shoulder! Next thing you'll be telling us is that she talks! LOL. Must be fun to have wild parrots. I've only known the caged kind.

And isn't it funny that my word verification this time is 'wings!'

Pam said...

I think of all the time I spend staring out the window at my boring birds, imagine if I had really truly gorgeous ones like this to look at! I'd never get anything done.

Kurichan said...

Hey, Kate--yeah, since we are no longer spending any time up in Mt Macedon , I miss all the rosellas and galahs, as well as the kookaburras! I have to say I don't miss the destructive cockatoos anymore!!!

Bz said...

Hi Katie .. err... gotta tell you prefer "Katie", "Kate", "Tatersmama"... or "hey you"??? ..:-) ...Just would want to address how you'd like.
So... I FINALLY found the guy's website that I have visited for ALL sorts of tips. But,the best info I got was when I direct emailed him with my burning questions ( I have emailed twice now since I've started blogging and got a response both times). To email him, you just click on his name, "Vin" and you will get directed to his email. ANYway, his site address is: . Hope this helps!

Robynn's Ravings said...

She is SUCH a beautiful bird. I know I've said it before but I can't imagine having all that color flying around my yard. I get excited when I get a sparrow with a little red hue on his chest! I'll have to learn how to do that enlarging thing. That's great. Did I tell you that I Nacho Libre again a few days ago? Good laugh!

Paula said...

Oh my gosh, she's gorgeous! How wonderful that she's right there in your yard! So different from anything here in Oregon. The tiny, little finches are back just this week, and I so enjoy watching them. I must be part cat or something!

Treehouse Chef said...

Mrs. Tweetle is gorgeous! I love watching birds. That is one of my greatest joys here at the Treehouse!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I have a friend who lived in OZ for a number of years. She talks about having wild cocatoos (did I spell that right) in back yard. Incredible!

The Wife said...

Beautiful birdy!

Nancy M. said...

Tweetie is gorgeous! You are very lucky to have such beautiful birds over there.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Lucky Lady TatieKatie! Wish we had such gorgeous birds too!
And Hey...I learned something new too! I didn't realize that either about the pictures..
I usually delete them after I get them uploaded, ya know, to save space on my computer!
Hmmmm, wondered about that.
Guess you can teach an ol' dog new

Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow! What a cool bird! Here in the midwest we have Cardnials, Robins, sparrows, and other ordinary birds. But occasionally we get a Cooper's Hawk and I just sit and stare at him. Or we'll get a goldfinch and every time I see one I think someone's parakeet has escaped. You are so lucky to have such cool wildlife and a fridge full of yummy stuff. I like the idea of walking 100 steps and then taking a photo or writing baout where you are. Tht's a cool one I'll have to try.
Thanks for the luaghs and cool photos!

Neabear said...

That is so cool that you such pretty birds in your backyard. Lovely. I was going to tell you how to make pictures clickable. But since I am behind on blog reading I see that someone else has already done that and that you learned how. Yay!! I am going to get caught up yet here.


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