Sunday, March 29, 2009

I need a stress free life !

I need a life. I really do.

This has been my "off" weekend and to tell you the truth, except for a lovely long drive yesterday and a treat of some nacho's, this weekend has just been a major pain the the hiney.

People dropping in... the phone ringing off the hook... dusting vacuuming... washing window sills and scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees... And of course I can't forget scrubbing the toilet. Who can ever forget scrubbing the toilet?

I tell ya, if I knew how to go about it, I would join the witness protection program, just so I could disappear off the face of this earth ! I mean that.

See, I have a safety inspection for work coming up some time during the next week and I've got my fingers, legs and boobies crossed ( I can do that, ya know) that I won the Lottery on Saturday night !
I would soooo love to tell the fieldworker when she shows up, that she can " Take this job and shove it!"

It's getting late, I'm exhausted and I'm heading to bed for some much needed beauty sleep.

G'night all !

(Oh... and my boobies? Nah, I can't really cross 'em. I just said that. )


Homestay Mama said...

Tatersmama, I hear you! I was in a stressful job and trying to hang in there until I could retire at full benefits, but it was TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT! I finally retired early and now I'm trying to get my health back!

I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you this week. Hope you win the lottery! :-)

And, you're always in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

Hope you get some well-deserved rest and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers this week.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw - Katie Tatie, I'd come clean for ya if I could. I like scrubbing and sweeping and dusting! I even like ironing - instant gratification. But I sure wouldn't have to do it knowing that some stuffed shirt was gonna grade me on it.

Why don't you just pack up and come live with me? You can have the entire upstairs all to yourself, and I'll even hobble upstairs and scrub your tub and toilet!!!

I'll put a little chair in the pantry, and you can sit in there all day...heck I'll give you your own shelf, and fill it full of CRISCO. Regular, and butter flavored...big cans, little cans, sticks...I'll even get you some canned bacon, maple cured bacon and hickory smoked bacon, and thick cut bacon...I'll even put bacon in the Crisco for ya!

You can read books, and watch stupid sitcoms on TV. We'll make batches and batches of home made sweet rolls (I'll even find a recipe that uses Crisco in them). You won't have to wash dishes, either. Your job will be to entertain me, and help me decide what to fix for dinner each night,

So...when are ya com'n? And shoot. Bring the Old guy with you...we'll need somebody to carry our shopping bags when we go to SAM's to buy cases of Crisco and Bacon!!!

You do know that I'm serious about this! Really I am! Honest!

Paula said...

Can you cross them if you bend over first? lol

Hope all goes well. I am sure that everything is fine with the worker coming.

Plus I don't understand about the stress of scrubbing the toilet? I mean I absolutely love cleaning our toilet!! I mean scrubbing other peoples messes is what I live for....wrong.

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear you are stressed out...we would miss you if you disappeared!! I'm sure the visit will go well...I will be thinking positive thoughts for you! :)

Angelena said...

I hear ya on the toilet scrubbing- I am the only female in a house of 4 guys- need I say more? Ugh! And my 9 year old often forgets to raise the lid and can't aim worth a d@mn! So at 6 am guess who gets to sit on a wet seat because she still hasn't learned in 16 years of mommy hood to look before you sit!

When you find that stress free life - let me know - I am coming with you!!!!

Sherri said...

I feel that way sometimes, (about witness protection)especially when my kids are being demanding and really stressing me out. And then I think what's the point the kids would probably end up coming with me :)

Hang in there baby!

Anonymous said...

Clean the toilet? We have a well, and well... it always has a "dirty" look to it, sweat the small things, work will be back on track next month, after housework will wait for you, how well I know!

Treehouse Chef said...

I was going to leave a nice message, but I am still thinking about crossing the boobies comment. LOL!

Kristie Kay's Blog said...

Being stressful is not good for you if something isn't going to be good enough then that is just the way it is going to be i hear you and i hope you can get some rest and not be so stressed out always think positivly

Pam said...

I remember when you were stressed out over the other inspector person and that went well! Get through this week and things will be better. That's what I tell myself all the time.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Don't even TRY to cross them. Just throw them over your shoulders and keep goin'!

I hate that everything is so highly regulated. We have thought about becoming foster parents but the regulations are unreal. You even have to keep your house "appropriately cooled" in the summer and "appropriately heated" in the winter. Well, franky, we alternately roast and freeze because who can afford the BILL? We can't take care of ourSELVES at that level. How do we offer it to someone else and if we didn't, we be out of compliance. Absolute craziness I tell ya!

Wish you weren't under the gun and I think you should take Libby up on her offer. If you don't then..."Hey Liiiiiiiiiiiby!"

And LOOK at all that Crisco she's offering! Sheesh woman, are you PACKIN' yet?!

Tatersmama said...

Homestay Mama, I KNOW you do! I love my job... I really do, but it's the hassles and headaches that come with it - particularly when I'm OFF, that I hate!
Mildred, Thanks! I was in for a visit earlier and I became a follower!
Libby, I'm ON MY WAY! I have a little roll-up swag for sleepin' on, so I'll be sure to bring it so I can sleep next to your Crisco!
And I swear... I'm entertaining as hell, especially if we go shopping! I'll be squealing with delight and embarrassing the heck out of you!
I like doing housework, but I hate doin' it when I'm under inspection, you know? Plugs in the power points, knives and scissors locked up, locks on all the cupboards, shiny floors and spotless carpets... Even talkin' about it gives me a headache!
Paula, Girl, have you been peeking through my windows? LOL!
I'll be fine with the inspection (I always am) but I still stress, you know? My job DEPENDS on it and that makes my heart flutter!
Andrea, I never even thought of having to give up my blog if I went into the Witness Protection Program! Never mind... ;-)
Angelena, Oh my... I hear ya on the whole seat issue! Some of my little charges are just too short to stand and aim, so they sit down... and then I have to wash the wall! And their underpants and jeans! *sigh* But the Old Guy NEVER puts the seat down, so fishing the kids little bums out of the toilet is always an on-going battle as well!
Sherri, I KNOW what you're saying! I think I need to go back and look at Josh's Christmas videos, to reacquaint myself with the rest of my little family! It's been ages since I watched them!
Marilyn, with my luck, the worker won't show up until the middle of the week, and with 4 little ones, It'll look like I never did a lick of work anyway!
Treehouse Chef, Lord help me, but I tried it this morning... and I just can't do it! YAY! Give me another couple of years though, and I can use them as knee-warmers!
Kristie Kay, I know it isn't good for me, but it's a hard habit to break! Don't YOU go getting into the habit yourself...because you're too young and pretty to worry!
Pam, I WILL survive, but the whole process is just so nerve wracking, you know? DEEP breaths...
My bags ARE packed and I'm ready to go. Only thing is, Libby won't give me her address for some reason. I think maybe the Crisco post scared her off me?? Where do YOU live? ;-)
I went through the process for Fostering as well, but when it came down to it, I just said noooooo! If I had a larger house, I would do it in a heartbeat, but with only 2 bedrooms, it makes it to hard for anyone to have their own space. Luckily, all my heating and cooling costs are tax-deductible, so I never scrimp there, but the rest of it is just too hard! It makes me sad that so many needy kids are missing out, because of the ridiculous rules and regulations. ;-(

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about the stress, I hope you found some time for some rest!

Nancy M. said...

You are so funny! I know what you mean about running away. Wouldn't it be neat to start all over where no one knows you? I'm sure it will all be better soon! Hope your inspection goes well!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

LOL!! I had this image...a big X across your chest!
Hey...we have for some strange reason four (4) bathrooms in this house and there is only two of us! I finally had to post crime scene tapes across three of hubby would leave them alone! Cleaning one is bad enough!
Better yet...we've no neighbors for miles...use the great outdoors is my suggestion!


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