Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on the dirty rotten toothache...

Remember when we were kids, and if we were good at the dentists office, we used to get a small toy, candy, stickers or a toothbrush?

Well guess what they give out, now that we're older!
Free falsies!! You just reach in the goodie jar and grab some!
Here are mine...
(don't pay any attention to the hair. I forgot to comb it)

Just joking...
The dentist visit went okay, but unfortunately, I have to go back next Wednesday, to have a root canal done on one tooth, and have the other one yanked. (way in the back, thank goodness!)
Hopefully, he won't do both procedures on the same day, but we'll see how it goes.
At least he packed the teeth with some lovely pain killing stuff and the pain is about all gone. Plus he gave me sooper-dooper pain killers and a weeks worth of antibiotics.
The bad news is, I can't eat anything solid until tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, and I need to call the bank to re-mortgage the house... so I can pay for all this!


Narelle Nettelbeck said...

I have such a dentist/teeth phobia that my skin is all goose-bumpy just reading your post!

I'm so glad the pain is taken care of! Sorry about the cost though - see there's another reason to fear the dentist!

Indra said...

Oh... that great

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Goodness Katie, where did you get that photo of me?
I'm glad you're feeling better darlin'.
... ooh I love Billy Connelly.

Tatersmama said...

Narelle, When I told the dentist I didn't like dentists, (I have a phobia too) he said, oh I'm sure you like ME just fine, it's what I DO that you don't like. The guy was great though... and good looking to boot!

Indra, I was wondering when you were going to check in. It's always nice to hear from you. :-)

Rubies, Oh, is that YOUR photo? I knew that one of my friends had sent it to me, but I didn't realize it was you.
You're ummmm, aging well, sweetheart!

Nancy M. said...

I'm glad the pain is gone! I hate it when I can't eat anything solid. That seems to be when I am the hungriest, lol!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm feeling your pain - really I am. I broke fillings in three teeth while I was in Florida, so I trip to the dentist is in my very near future.
Ummmmmmm, did you leave the Crisco at home?
I really do hope that you will feel better very very soon!
(( HUGS ))

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh the DENTIST bills! MOST painful part. I have insurance - very crappy - and just pray nothing goes too far south. But having British roots my teeth are well, British. Need I say more?

Hope you're not in too much pain and you can start enjoying your goody basket soon. :) ((hugs))

Sherri said...

You want to know how much I hate going to the dentist and why? My mom used to take me to Dr. Verhalen in San Andreas. Everytime I'd go into the chair they would have to hold me down (each leg, both arms and head) needless to say my appointments were the last of the day and the whole office staff was needed. Dr. Verhalen even gave mt mom pills to make me drowsy, trying to make the process easier for all of us. It didn't work until after the appointment was over. Right before my dad passed I was talking about this with him, he said he had never known about this and if he had he wouldn't of let it happen.

Kathy said...

So glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope the next part isn't too bad for you. Enjoy the weekend.........

Staci said...

yuck...i cant stand the dentist!!

Bz said...

When I was a kid and I was good at the dentist, I remember my mom taking me to the donut shop located next door right after my appointment. It always struck me as "we're going here!?!" ...but I never argued... I mean, Hello??? fresh soft yummy DONUTS.
You know, come to think of it, I think my mom wanted to go there for herself too.
Hope things stay pain free for you.

Homestay Mama said...

Well, it sounds like the major pain is over, but there may be more pain to come--as in paying the bill! But at least you don't need the falsies!

Love that photo! LOL

Irene said...

Knew there was a reason I had plastic teeth, one huge outlay then pain free, all level teeth and no root canels..
Hope you are feeling a tad better sending healing

Frugal Maven said...

Glad you're feeling better except for the mounting dentist bills. I just had two wisdom teeth pulled and it was not fun but my dentist is quite handsome, too, so that definitely helps! My verification word is unglik which is something one would say while in the dentist chair with his hands in your mouth.

Pam said...

OH, I'm so sorry. I hate dental work, more than just about anything!


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