Thursday, April 16, 2009

Counting the hours.... *sigh*

Believe me... I AM counting the hours! Only 11 hours and 12 minutes, until I can say I survived the school holidays!

We've cut and pasted...

we've colored in...

we've beaded flowers and key-chains...

we've eaten

we've made origami animals and flowers until my fingers cramped and I got paper cuts...

we've built block villages and run trains sets through the hallways...

we've painted paper and the walls of the shed with water...

we've eaten

we've pulled weeds and instead of throwing them on the compost pile, we've presented them to various mums...

we've eaten

we've done puzzles and moved the furniture half a dozen times looking for lost puzzle pieces...
we've baked cupcakes and brownies...

we've dressed and fed dollies and thrown the expensive doll diapers in the bin because they were yucky-pooey...

we've eaten

we've played storekeeper and waitress and fed each other plastic egg and pickle sandwiches and pretend cups of Rosy tea

we've talked and sung and danced until we fell down in a heap...

and we've complained innumerable times about being bored, because there's nothing to do here.

Today's lot consists of :

  • my 12 year old with Autism
  • a 10 year old with pre-teenage attitude
  • a 4 year old with the manners of an feral dingo and the face of an angel
  • her gorgeous little sister - 2, with teething issues.
  • A 3 year dream of a child unless someone else exhibits cranky behavior... and then she joins in as a show of support. It confuses her to be grumpy, but she tries... bless her little heart!
  • another 3 year old who doesn't understand the word no ( this one will NOT be coming back..EVER !!)
  • And an adorable 12 month old, who just had his 3rd heart surgery last month, so we have tubes and wires and monitors coming out of everywhere... and the worst case of reflux and pooey pants that I've ever seen. And who smiles and coos through it all.

The last of them leave tonight at 7pm... so could y'all do me a favor?

Could you say another little prayer for me?

And send a maid, a bottle of tequila and something to eat, so that I don't have to cook ever again.

Until tomorrow.... when my weekend kids arrive.
Update Update Update....
I survived.
Now where is that bottle?


Kathy said...

You need to be nominated for sainthood. My goodness. I would hit the bottle too after all that. You are a very special person to do this for a living. Bless you

Paula said...

Poor baby and you love every minute of it.

Just a FYI that picture? I look/feel like that everyday!!

Becky said...

You are one very special woman and I'm sure those kids love you so much thru all of it. Did you want your margarita frozen or on the rocks, salt or no salt??

Homestay Mama said...

Tatersmama, you have my utmost respect! I could never, ever, in a million years do what you are doing! Ever!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Okay my friend.

In order to be nominated for Sainthood, one must have performed at least one verifiable miracle.

The fact that all those children are living and breathing AND being cared for and LOVED, is proof enough for my book. All those in favor? Say "Aye!"

St. Katie has a nice ring to it. I know FEWWWWWWWWWWWW who could do what you do everyday and then bring such humor and grace to the world through your blog.

YOU ARE LOVED!!! Corn, beans, stinky, stretchy pants, flooo-see-ness, and ALL!! XOxooOxO!

Denise said...

Oh how I remember those days of daycare...I ran a licensed one in my home for over 5 years. I loved when vacation was over!! LOL..It will soon get back to normal...or as normal as a day care can get! Hang in there.

Nancy M. said...

Y'all have been busy! I can't imagine how many times you heard "I'm bored there's nothing to do" with that many children. I hear it way too much from my oldest. You are a blessing to those mothers and fathers!

The Old Dairy said...

Thanks for that you make my lttle darlings look good.....

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Someone's been snooping round my place - she left some little drop-ins. In return, I'm sending her my kidlets ... they never get bored. There is always something else to break, fight over or eat. You'll love 'em. I've been teaching them to say Fartie - which is a cross between Farnie and Katie. Enjoy them my sweet! You know you want too.

... and look my verification is a real word. (Does that happen often?) Oh it's 'extra'

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Did you swig straight from the bottle or did you put a teat on it? I'm about to pour the Kahlua over the choc-chip icecream with a dash of milk and put it all in the blender. Bring it on!

*mantshag - ooh that could be a great word.

Anonymous said...

Katie, I don't know how you do it! I barely can manage my own 3 kids, and they are mostly grown! I was glad when Easter break was over, so they could all go back to school.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

WOW!!! Sending you lots of huggles! And I thought *I* was amazing (just kidding).

BTW- don't forget to eat ;)

Staci said...

you are super can handle anything!!!

Tatersmama said...

Kathy, I need to be sent for a rest cure! These holidays were particularly bad for some reason and I was at my wits end more than once!
Paula. Do NOT ! LOL!
Becky, Frozen with salt please... and keep 'em comin'!
Sue, I do enjoy the holidays, but this lot were just horrible. I had sympathy criers and they were driving me around the twist!

Robynn... I like the sound of that! St. Katie...Hmmmmm!
Ahhhh... get that corn outta my face!
Denise, Did your fingernails ever ache from "hangin' in there?" i wonder if Panadol for carers is a legitimate tax deduction??? Or alcohol, for that matter???lol!
Nancy, Well at least I can send my home at the end of the day! My own kids never used to say "I'm bored" because they knew if they did, there was always the stables to shovel or rooms to be cleaned!
The Old Dairy, I like kids, honest I do! Only I prefer them in small managable groups! lol!
Rubies, Send 'em ON! If I can survive my lot, I can do yours as well!
(oh, and I use a teat. Less mess that way!)
Marilyn, You know what they say. Simple minds, simple pleasure. Or is that "no sense, no feeling?"
Michaela, I had toast. and fell alseep eating it! ;-) I was in bed by 8pm and I never moved all night!
Staci, I am STOOPID Woman, you mean!

Irene said...

Hi Katie
I kinda hate to mention one thing that wasn't done..
You didn't throw a sheet over the ironing board to make a cubby house and pillows under it so they can play house.
Never mind you can always try that next hols.
I need to put this here as the lady is your friend..
Could the lady that contacted me about her sons' project recontact me if he still needs help as I have lost all my email addys including yours' Katie.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

You have more patience that I!
As much as I love kids...I also love having my home to myself! Chaos comes our way aplenty without children present.
Maybe I should send Sam your way for a few days, I can spare him..hee hee!


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