Friday, April 3, 2009

Simply Australian... buy 1 get one free

I just thought y'all might be interested in seeing what we here in Oz see on a daily basis...
And Simply Australian is based in Rainier Washington!

Now remember... the clearance sale prices are 50% !

The one that got me, was the cornflour (cornstarch) on SALE for $2.50 - and the RRP was $4.49!

~~~Update / Edit / Making myself clear-er. (as if!) ~~~

I guess I was so busy getting this post posted last night, that I didn't make myself too clear.
Like I do that anyway, eh? I usually carry on like a headless chicken, but I think I was a little more "headless" than usual... More like a two-headed, headless chicken.

Here in Oz, we don't necessarily pay those prices.... those are the prices for imported goods, and what we're actually charged here, is far less.
Well, maybe not far less... but we can get it cheaper than that.

It's kind of like my beloved Crisco. IF I could find a cheaper, acceptable, alternative here, I would buy it in a heartbeat... but there isn't, so all I can do is dream.
My point was supposed to be... to pay that kind of price for cornflour/cornstarch just seems outrageous, because let's face it... cornstarch by any other name, is still cornstarch, isn't it?

But some of the other items at Simply Australian are reasonably priced... and they sure save me heaps of money when buying gifts for my son's family... To buy a t-shirt or boomerang for my grandsons... well, it's far cheaper to use Simply Australian, than it is to buy it here... and then take out a second mortgage just for the postage!

AND they get to sample the delights of Tim Tams and authentic Arnott's Chocolate Ripple Biscuits (cookies).
Because they're worth it !
Of course they are... they take after their Grummie!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this seems very expensive, glad I don't live with you! Do the stores use coupons?

Robynn's Ravings said...

How do you guys afford to live there?! Everything seems so pricey and there is so much you can't get. The bloom is off Austrlia's rose for me. This is the kind of inside info a person can use. The Old Guy must have been one hot catch for you to put down roots instead of coming back to California with the rest of us fruits and nuts!

Denise said...

Holy cow!! that is expensive! How do you do it??

SassyDog said...

Is that supposed to be a deal?? The cake in the previous post looks pretty good. What kinda cookie would we use here in the good ole USA?? Or did I miss something? Do we have those here?

Tatersmama said...

Marilyn, No, we don't have coupons over here. Most Australians don't know about them and those that do, don't feel that they're necessary
Those prices don't really reflect what we actually pay here in Oz... it was more that I was just amazed at the thought of Australians living in the US valuing their "brands" so much, that they would pay such an exorbitant price for mere imported cornstarch!
Robynn, THIS is why I was co-owner of an Americans In Australia yahoo group. So many people would join and ask questions... and I always thought it was better that they know the REAL scoop, rather than come over with stars in their eyes and find out the hard way!
BUT... if someone wanted to make a Choc Ripple cake... Simply Australian has the cookies! ;-)
Denise, Those prices reflect the fact that they're imported goods... and here in Oz we don't pay that price for the same items.
Close though.
But still... it IS expensive to live here ! TOO expensive!

Tatersmama said...

SassyDog, Yep, it's supposed to be a deal! Amazing, huh?

You can use ANY chocolate cookie in the recipe... they don't have to be Australian ones... ;-)
I thought the cake might even be good using something like Chips Ahoy... *slurp*

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Aren't chips made out of potato? (Chips Ahoy). I'm guessing they are a choc chip biscuit for a sailor.

Homestay Mama said...

Rainier, Washington, eh? That is just a little one-horse town east of our capitol city, Olympia, on the road to Mount Rainier! I didn't realize we had that many Aussie's living here in Washington.

The only Australian I know is Robin who came to the USA for 2 years while her husband worked with Boeing. She volunteered her services at the small foundation where I worked at that time. She was a wonderful lady and we all loved her dearly!

So maybe I should bookmark this website and order some authentic Australian goods! :)

Neas Nuttiness said...

All I can say is...that goodness you included CRISCO in this post!

You just need to pack up the Old Guy, and get your carcass back to the good ole US of A! I told you that I have the upstairs clean and ready for ya!


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