Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No McDonalds.... *sigh*

Well, we were all dressed and waiting to go... but we never made it.

My special needs boy needed to leave by no later than 10:30, so that my other children could arrive ( I'm limited to no more than 7 in care and this one child is assessed as "two" children) and we could begin our long, slow, fraught with dangers and untold adventures, walk to Macca's.

Only the mother forgot that her son was with me ( parent is a pita at ALL times) so when the 8 year old child arrived, I asked mum to meet us at McDonald's in 30 minutes.

2 year old child arrived, and dad was happy to stand around talking to old guy, while we waiting for 8 yr old to be picked up.
I called bad mother and she said " Oh, %*$#! I forgot!

At 11, I rang her again asking "where in the "bleep" are you?" and she said "but if I leave work now to come pick him up, I'll have to work back ... and I have plans tonight. I have a date."

SHE has plans?
What about MY plans to take the children to McDonald's?
What about the mother who's sitting in the McDonald's parking lot, waiting for me?
What about the dad standing around talking to the Old Guy?
Don't you think THEY have plans too?

What about the plans my children and I had?
Here they are, the older ones clutching their McDonald's money, shoes and jackets on, baby in the stroller....waiting patiently at first, and then eventually they started in whining and fighting amongst themselves, because they wanted to GO... not just stand around like stuffed rabbits.
Who could blame them?

So... at 12.20, a worker from the respite facility finally arrives to pick up my 8 year old. It's not his fault. I know that. It falls squarely and completely on this worthless, thoughtless, excuse for a mother. The poor guy was as livid as I was.

Unfortunately, the mother waiting at McDonald's, couldn't wait any longer.
The father standing around talking to Old Guy, couldn't wait any longer.

So, by the time 8 year old is gone off to respite, I'm left with 5 children instead of 7 and 12:30 is the worst time in the world to go into McDonald's. The whole town (all 85,000 of 'em) gathers at McDonald's at lunchtime. It's packed. It's a madhouse. Cars careening through the drive-thru... and traffic backed down the street.

So... we didn't go.

Old Guy walked down and picked up food to be brought home... and we compromised by having a McDonald's picnic in the backyard. The kids were disappointed but they were good about it.
Well, most of 'em anyway.

All day long, I had to put it out of my mind and go on as normal, but let me tell ya... I was seething inside.
You can mess with ME anytime you want.
You can piss ME off anytime you want.
But when it comes down to you messing with MY kids... all hell is gonna break loose!

NO ONE messes with MY children!

So, mature, thoughtful, caring person that I am... did something totally out of character.
I rang the mother up last night and told her that I needed to cancel ALL care for her child for next week.
Because "You see mother, I have PLANS!!!"

We will attempt the trek to Micky D's again next week, and nothing but nothing is gonna interfere with that!


Gramma 2 Many said...

Some people are totally thoughtless when it comes to others. I for one am glad you cancled next week with her. Perhaps she will see the light. Doubt it, but one can always hope.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Just come live with me...then you can go to Mickey D's any time you want AND I'll keep the pantry FULL OF CRISCO!

The Old Dairy said...

HA ha heehee, you have given me my laugh for the day, only wish we could have seen her face when you said that you have plans... Cassie) said...

some parents have no clue.
I would have been upset too.
Those poor kids.

Homestay Mama said...

Good for you, Tatersmama! You drew your boundaries. I hope that mama learns a lesson, or two.

Out Back said...

Oh what a let down! At the moment I haven't got any parents like this but have had them in the past. Very ANNOYING!! Not fair on the other children at all.

Paula said...

People really are clueless in their own self obsessed lives. My daughter has her 21st bday coming up on the 17th. We asked my brother in law, (yes we had to call and ask)if he could take his father for the weekend because we have daughters dinner (and first ever drink, well first legal drink)at a local mexican place and then off to gamble away the weekend. He will mess it up, he will not show up on time, he will stand there talking and make my husband late, it is how it is but it doesn't make the fact any easier when it messes with my daughters special day.

The worst part? They don't have an idea in hell whey we would be upset that plans got changed, canceled or whatever...They don't notice, they dont care, they just don't and it is enough to send drive a sane man crazy.

Sorry to the kids. Here we have a MC on every corner.

Treehouse Chef said...

It is difficult for me to imagine that a mother would forget to pick up her child. I feel sorry for the child. They are blessed to have you that is all I can say!

Sherri said...

I did an OOPS today. I was supposed to have a parent conference today with Sissy's teacher. I totally forgot, but then again I was just notified about it on monday. Which isn't cool at all because I might of had something to do. I would of canceled anyway, the wind is blowing like crazy stirring up dust and sand, and I have one hell of a sinus headache right now. Sissy remembered but by the time she did we would have been an hour late. I'll send a note with her (Sissy) tomorrow and apologize.

Anita said...

I wish more people were as caring as you are.I just don't understand people some women would give anything just to have a precious child then some have them that could care less about anyone but themselves.You are a great lady.

Nancy M. said...

I'm so sorry y'all didn't get to go! I don't understand why people are so inconsiderate of others. I hope y'all will be able to make it next time!

SassyDog said...

I feel bad for the children. I'm like you, don't mess with my kid(s)! Next week will be better!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Good for you!

I am just sad for the little boy.


Reddirt Woman said...

You can put your foot down when you are trying to protect your 'littlies'. You rock! In case I haven't told you lately.

McDonald's - Be prepared next week.


Neabear said...

Some people just don't realize they are the "Stick stuck in the spokes of the wheel" that messes up people's lives sometimes. Only thinking of themselves.

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Think of the weight you lost by not going to MacDonalds and also by losing your 'niceness'. I hope you stick to your guns. This mother deserves nothing - well she should get a big stick across the back of the legs.
I was so sad reading this - sad for all the children, sad for the little boy, sad for you ( and how horrid to be putting other people out) and even sad for the Old Guy coz he would have worn your bad mood too.
I hope you've got some chocolate left - I've replenished after this morning's episode.

Jan Mader said...

I just love reading your posts. I felt like I was right there when you took this one on!

Please come back and visit me. I love to get lots of comments. Someday, I may put these activites and some of the responses into a (and others who visit you) sure have lots of creativty!

Also, if you have any ideas about things that are fun to write about, please let me know when I post on FRiday!

Thanks! Talk to you soon....Jan

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh that just makes me feel so sad for those little expectant faces and for YOU. I can't imagine what all you had to go through to corral them all and prepare. I don't think I would have had your grace under fire. ESPECIALLY after already talking to her and having her tell you she was COMING!!

I'm willing to discuss anything but people err with me if they mistake kindness for weakness. There's a big difference. I think you set appropriate boundaries so that other kids don't suffer. YOU ROCK! (Use your hand to wipe your tears.) ;-)

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that your outing didn't happen... but a picnic sounds even more fun!

Some people just don't respect others. Turning up late is one of those times and it drives me nuts too.


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