Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am one messed-up mama !

I just double checked my archives, and according to them, I've only done 176 posts.
Yet my dashboard says I'm sitting right on 196 posts - and this one makes 197.

So who's right?

I checked that there were no "draft" posts just sitting there, looking like I had been busier than I actually have been, but I still can't figure it out.

If you go back and edit a past post, or add something to it later on, do they count that as an actual additional post, even though it's a post that's already been counted before?
Theoretically, if you edit one post 9 times, does it automatically become listed as 10 separate postings?

Oh my... My poor head is spinning.. and it's just too early in the morning for my brain to be thinking deep thoughts. Sadly, I use that excuse - or excuses just like it - throughout the entire day.
I'm a pitiful person that way.

So what do I do? Who do I listen to?

I think in all fairness, I'm going to assume that the 176 posts is the correct figure.

As much as I hate, hate, hate to go with the archives - because I'm all hyped up and excited at being so close to 200 - I think it's the right thing to do. I'm willing to concede that maybe they know a little more than I do.


So... rather than hit the big 200 in the next few days like I though I would, it's going to take me another few weeks to reach the actual milestone.

I know you'll be disappointed at having to wait for the giveaway and all... because you're all excited and restless and almost sleepless at the mere thought of winning some totally inane and useless crap from Tatersmama.

But I'm afraid that you'll just have to straighten your big girl panties, square your shoulders, wipe your eyes and firm your quivering chins... and simply "buck up", boys and girls!
The big 200 will come... it will just come a little later than I thought.


Bz said...

Well there you go... I learned something new. All the while I'm thinking I'm at 157 posts... nope. I have 150 with 7 being counted cause they are just drafts that have been sitting around. Never even noticed the differing numbers- probably because I don't go and look at my Archives since it's located at the bottom of my page.
BTW, after growing up with Beagles as a kid, I just LOVE the cute puppy pic! Oh, and I'm with Robynn, for your 200th, let's see you(!) so we can put a face to your funny bone!

Paula said...

Well I will have to go check mine confuse me too

Tatersmama said...

Bz, If I have to wait a while longer, well... that just give me more time to edit/photoshop, enhance, or do whatever I NEED to do to my photo, to make me look semi-decent. I HATE photos of myself, because if one eye isn't at half-mast and leering, my mouth's hanging open!
OR I could just use the old ratty bathrobe one that's served me so well... ;-)
Paula, you think you're confused? Try living in MY brain for a! ;-)

Nancy M. said...

You made me go check mine too. And mine was different too. But, all I had to do to fix my number difference was to delete some drafts that were in there. I'm glad you told me about it, or I never would have known. I hope you can figure out what the problem with yours is.

Kathy said...

LOL, this is too funny. I will have to check mine as well. My big girl panties have been adjusted and I for one, am ready to wait a few weeks.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

That is wierd - my dashboard and my achives match, I'm at 192 today.

Maybe someone out there will have an answer for you?

I'm sure at the rate you talk, you'll be at 200 really, really soon (lovingly commenting here!!)

Becky said...

I love my ratty bathrobe, good idea for a photo. As for the posts you have, it's only a number! All I care is you keep on blogging!!!

Marilyn's Money said...

Kate, I pulled up my big girl panities and wiped my tears. Do you have a tissue for my nose?

Jan Mader said...

Okay. Now you've done it. You have me obsessing about posts! I don't know how many I've done, but I know I'm nowhere near 200.

On top of all that, I just did something stupid. I started a new blog about my other passions...animals! Judging from the picture on your post, you're an animal lover too. So...come see my new blog so I can hurry up and get post number 2 going! All animal lovers welcome!

Robynn's Ravings said...

I feel ya. I was hyped about my 100th about 3 weeks before it actually happened and then realized I had drafts sitting in there. Some were in the process, some were just double creations. I decided to go with what my blog page actually said and not my own personal folder.

I was bummed but actually happier, I believe, when I knew it was for SURE! Now, like you say, you have all this time to figure out exactly what you want to do to celebrate!

that TOPS lady said...

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I like your name "tatersmama". It caught my eye because I have called my daughter "taterbug" ever since she was born. :)

Homestay Mama said...

Oh dear--now you've got me wondering how many posts I've done. Not nearly 200 though, that's for sure!

And is there a way I can sign up for e-mail notification when someone leaves me a comment on a past post?

You're so much smarter than I, Katie-Tatie. And you're a good teacher, too!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

I can't find my pants!

The Wife said...

The only thing I have to say about this better get to posting! ;o)

Caroline said...

Panties straightned Bright blue eyeshadow applied along with bright red lips and orange stilettos I am ready for anything you may throw at me now.

Jan Mader said...

Ok..I'm curious...Why couldn't your grandpa drive a flashy horse?

I think it's very cool you have horses in your background!!! Tango actually looks like a big old draft horse when he's standing still, but boy when he moves.....

Tatersmama said...

Nancy, I think I've figured it out... If I go back to edit or "update" a post, it counts as another post - so that's where my difference has come from!


Kathy, I had this visual of all these women adjusting their panties and I just about wet mine!


Narelle, We've always know that you were a lot more organized than I am! I'm a scatterbrain!


Becky, Ratty bathrobe it is then! But I'll need to get my hair cut and colored, first! ;-)

Marilyn, Yep, I have tissues...;-) At least you're not wearing a thong though! LOL!
Jan, Just check your dashboard. The total should be on there. Or even your archives can tell you as well. I just went and looked at your archive... You've done 44 in total for the year and 9 this month !!
Grandpa was Quaker ( so am I), but they followed a lot of Amish ways... So the horses were always "plain horses, for plain folk". :-) Couldn't you tell?
Robynn, Some days I can't seem to win for losing, but at least i have some breathing time now!
That TOPS lady, My boy is called Tater, so Tatersmama just came natural.. ;-)
Sue, I sent you an email last night. Let me know if it helped. :-)
Rubies, Did you leave them somewhere? Maybe your son took them for his *BIG & Beautiful project after all! *snort*
Kit, I have the next 3 days off, so I plan on getting my arse in gear and sorting through photos... Stay tuned! lol!
Caroline, Wow! You're one organized and determined woman! How about a pic of those stilettos? I've never seen them in orange... LOL!

The Blonde Duck said...

That's very interesting. I didn't know blogger counted things that way.

That's ok! Anticipation just makes things sweeter...


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