Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've got a Milk Man!

An "honest to goodness" Milk Man!

I'm always running out of milk... and because it's such a hassle to get 4-7 kids to the grocery store, I'm always calling the Old Guy and saying:

"Hi Baby... I just called to say I love you.
And oh... before I forget, I need milk. Can you please bring me some milk?"

And he always does, because he's such a sweetheart, but c'mon, let's face it... it's not a very efficient system, you know what I mean?

So I decided to go looking this morning , just to see if I could find somebody who home delivers in this area...
And I found myself a Milk Man!

He delivers straight to the door on Mondays and Thursdays, he carries butter and marg, cheeses, cream, yogurt, bread, juices, bottled water and he'll even deliver your newspaper or favorite magazines!

AND he'll bring an invoice every fortnight, ( every 2 weeks) so with today being the start of the fortnight, I won't see a bill for 2 weeks !
I got 2, 2 litre jugs of milk, a loaf of bread and a big block of cheese... and he'll check back in on Thursday to see how my supplies are holding out!

Now if he would only chip me off a big hunk of ice, so that I could sit on the curb and suck on it, while it runs down my arms and drips off my elbows, gettin' my toes all wet and muddy and cool.... I could re-live my childhood!

Where's that Milk Man?

The day's a-wastin' !


rubiesrnotpurple said...

Lor you are slow girl! I've had a milk man for over 12 months. Mine doesn't have bread, cheese or papers though. I pay the same as I would pay for Paul's in the supermarket. I sometimes get freebies. He's a sweetie.

Sherri said...

We never did have a milk man, but we did get fresh milk from Art and Norma Funk just outside of Murphys. We had so much fun skimming the cream and making our own butter in a Mason jar.

When we weren't getting milk from them we were milking the goats and drinking their milk. Man I hated drinking that stuff, it tasted nasty. One time my mom tried to make cheese from the goats milk and she ended up making bouncy rubber

The Old Dairy said...

I only have a milkgirl and I ring her on her way home from work to say favorite daughter of mine I need some milk, O! and a bottle of wine too.....

Tatersmama said...

Rubies, they just started offering the service here, and I glad! But freebies from the milk man? Girl, do you *know* how that sounds?!?!
Sherri, I remember getting eggs from the farm up Murphys Grade Road, but I don't remember anyone having milk cows.
Goat's milk??? *shudders* URP!
Mandy, Lucky girl!
Hmmm...That's given me a thought... I could quit my job and do after-work wine deliveries - and I'll bet I could make a fortune!

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Katie I'm back!
So glad to be able to stop by for a chuckle. I remember when I was little having the milk man deliver our milk. Nice memories! Glad you found one too!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

My daddy was the milkman!

You have a rude, rude mind - must be the dirty jokes you read ... although my milkman does have a certain something! Nah not my type - he's got a wife. I'll stick with the free food and milk.

How are the old guys ears? Bahaha!

Robynn's Ravings said...

We had a milkman from time to time when I was growing up! I hadn't thought about it in years. There was something so magical about opening the door and finding food on the front porch. Now I just find fliers. Not that exciting. GOOD FOR YOU! Anything to cut down on your stress. You're so SMART!

Sherri said...

I was trying to remember what street exactly, we got the milk. I checked google maps and cruised all over Murphys and I think it might have been out on Mitchler. To bad google maps don't drive on dirt or gravel roads. I would have found it for sure.

Kathy said...

Sounds like a step back in time. I remember the sound of the bottles clinking together as he carried them in his little carrier to the door.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know you could get milkmen in Australia... You ARE in OZ, right?

I come from Britain where the milkman or woman is still very much a part of life - delivering bread, milk, butter, yoghurt and eggs!

Becky said...

We had a milkman when I was little. I always wanted the cream too. My grandfather always milked his goat and drank the milk. Sure was strong stuff. It saved my brother's life when he was a newborn. The only thing he could keep down. He had to have surgery for pyloric stenosis at about 6 weeks old. He's now 47 and 6'6". He's healthy now except for smoking and I wish he would quit. So glad you found a milkman!

Tatersmama said...

Narelle, Welcome back! You've been missed, girl!! I've been counting the days until your "launch" !!!!
Hugs back atcha ;-)
Rubies, Nope it's more the company I keep... I think. ;-) The Old Guys ears are just fine, but thanks for asking. bwahaha ;-)
Robynn, I can still see our old milkmans face and I still remember his name. Frank. It must be that I'm getting old, because I can't remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday!
Great memories. ;-)
Sherri, When I'm bored, I go for drives with google. I haven't found Bec's place yet, but I live in hope! You'll have to come to my place someday... I'll send you the address!
Kathy, It would have been perfect if he was wearing white and that cute little cap, but it's great to have that old-time service again - even if plastic bottles don't clink!
ladyfi, Yes, I'm in Oz. My partner tells me that they used to have milk delivery up until the 70's - along with a bread man, But then they just disappeared... so this is going to make my life so much easier!
Becky, Our milk used to come with those cardboardy pull tops and since my sister and I hated the cream ( we must have been nuts!) when we took the top off, we would let the cats lick the cream off and then put the cap back!

I can't stomach goats milk, but I sure wouldn't mind having a goat around here as a lawnmower!

Jientje said...

Home deliveries, now that's a blast from the past! I remember when I was a kid, EVERYTHING got brought to your doorstep. Your weekly magazines, milk, soup, fish, bread, ice cream... They all used some kind of tune to let you know they were coming!

Nancy M. said...

That's so neat! I don't think they would do that for me out here in the middle of nowhere. But, I'll bet it is easier for you, since you have so many kids there. Anything to make life easier!

Tatersmama said...

Jientje, I don't remember anyone but the milkman, and I think he used to have ice cream... but having the rest would have been lovely!
The Old Guy says they used to have a meat and fish man along with bread deliveries here in Oz - or at least where he grew up in Beaufort - but it was a fairly small, close-knit town.
Nancy, Who needs a milk man or an egg man when you can just grow your own? ;-)
I would trade with you in a heartbeat! Your place is just beautiful!

This is going to make my life sooo much easier, though!

Pam said...

I want a milkman!

Bz said...

You know ..... well, I'm sure you know how it's the Little Things. Very good for you getting a milk man. Does he look like Sam Elliot?
And the ice chip part just drew a picture. Thanks for letting me in on the good ole days.

Tatersmama said...

Pam, Just come on over! Milk deliveries are making a come-back and it's going to be great!
Bz... Yup, it's all in the little things! Just think... with your new boots, you wouldn't waste a drop of the ice chip water and you could then water the garden. Well... a very small plant anyway!

Tatersmama said...

Bz, I forgot... No, unfortunately, he looks more like Barney Fife !!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Lucky Lady!!! I remember when the kids were little, I loved having a milk man bring me cheese, milk etc!
(now with our 'change', I get to actually BE a milkLady! for Cowboy!)
What a time saving "luxury". Always wondered why that line of work disappeared.

Jan Mader said...

First thing tomorrow I'm looking for my milk man. I surely hope there here in the States too.

And how about the donut man we used to have? I think he was called the Omar Man....boy did I love that guy!

We even had a potato chip guy...Charlie Chips.

Dagone! I'm getting hungry...gotta go!

Jan Mader said...

PS....Come over and check out my spring writing activity...I could use you and your creative friends!!!! You seem to find humor in everything!!!!!!!!!

NaomiG said...

Hi! I'm taking a little bit of ME time, and clicking away on a bloggy trail. Yep. Doesn't happen very often because I'm usually to busy wiping butts, yelling at kids, mixing chocolate milk, etc. Anyway, totally love your blog! And I am SO jealous that you have a milkman! I need a milkman!! For milk, actually, not for the milkman joke reason. We go through 4 gallons of milk a week, it's crazy.

Queenie said...

I am so jealous - I'd have to put a cow in my bedroom to get fresh milk delivered to my house...

Kurichan said...

Hi, Katie! I am a dork and this is the first time I have checked in since getting to I am catching up on your blog!!!
(It is stinking hot in AZ at the moment and I am missing out on the nice Autumn weather in Melbourne) :-( Anyway--yeah, I have enjoyed the milk/yogurt/juice/bakery items delivery service I have used a few times--I remember checking for you and seeing they weren't in your area yet. Glad to see you found one that does your area! ENJOY!!

Tatersmama said...

Barb, You lucky girl, getting to be milk lady for Cowboy!! So I take it Sam is out of the picture?

Jan, Donuts AND chips? Wow... I didn't even know what i was missing! I could pass on the chips, but the donuts would be my downfall.... I'm sure of it! ;-)

NaomiG, It sounds more like you need a cow! I have the guy coming back today, and I still have about a quart left, so I'll get more to tide me over for the weekend. That way I can stay in my jammies!

Queenie, You can't imagine the word picture that you just drew! LOL! If she was in the bedroom, would she say "Moooooove over, you're hogging the covers? ;-)

Kurichan, You have deliveries in your area? I didn't know that! If I lived where you lived, I would be happy to walk to the store everyday !
Here, I tend to get run over by petrol trucks and semi's whipping up and down the highway. ;-( *sigh*

Kurichan said...

Kate--Yeah--have ordered the apple juice from Tasmania as well as milk and those mini muffins. I had all those things when you stayed at my place during that HEATWAVE--so the memory was melted out of your head! Country Harvest or something like that!

Neabear said...

Catching up on your blog again. Really enjoyed all the commments on this post. It is like a regular conversation going back and forth. I can remember my mother having milk delivered for awhile. Did during a time when my two brothers and I were milk hogs I guess.


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