Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Grandson !!

to my sweet, sweet Grandson !

Today is my middle grandson Griff's birthday... and man, I wish I were there, to give him a cuddle and a kiss!
(ewwwwww Grummie, NO!)

I've sent him several packages with errmm... secret stuff in them and there's a card on the way as well.

The card would have been there in time, but silly Grumpy took it to the post office, put a 55 cent stamp on it, mailed it off and 5 days later it was returned to me with insufficient postage.

So, it's been re-mailed with sufficient postage this time and it's winging it's way to California right now...

Happy Birthday Griffin !

Grummie & Grumpy LOVE you!!



Bz said...

OMGosh.. that just has me crackin' up ... 'Grummie'... I mean, I've read it before, but sill laugh reading it again. Am wondering just HOW it came to be...perhaps a post ?!? Too cute.
And what pretty puppy-dog brown eyes your grandson has! Does he get them form Grummie?

Tatersmama said...

Bz, We have a friend who calls his grandpa "Grumpy" and the Old Guy liked the sound of it.. so he became Grumpy and we just figured Grummie kind of matched... ya know?

I wish I could say that the little guy has my eyes, but my son found a wonderful girl who already had 3 little boys... so I got a complete family all at once!
When I asked my son if they were going to have any more children, he said "but I've already got all I ever dreamed of, so why mess with a good thing!"

Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

What a doll! How old is Griffin? And Grummie & Grumpy!?!? How cute is that!?

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! I hope he has a terrific birthday, and I'm sure he will love his "secret stuff!" Those packages are so much fun to get.

Cute, cute!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Happy birthday Griffin. I bet you're looking out for your parcels and your card. Enjoy them.

Sherri said...

That's Aunt Sherri's special boy. I was the first to bathe him, the first to diaper and dress him and the first to hold him. I love you Griffy, and Happy Birthday.

Sherri said...

hahaha Kate I just read the other comments. We use to secretly call my dad Grump-pa (because he was grumpy all the time)

Homestay Mama said...

Cute grandson!
When are Grummie and Grumpy going to be winging their way over to California? Anytime soon?

Narelle Nettelbeck said...


Kate,I'm sorry you're not there to give him a cuddle,I imagine you're missing him.

Out Back said...

Happy Birthday Griffin, Hope you had a wonderful day.

Grummie and Grumpy, how cute. I am known as Nan and hubby is Grumpoo for obvious reasons.

Jientje said...

Happy birthday to the birthday boy!!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Grummie & Grumpy, that is SO cute! I used to call one set of mine- Grammie & Grampy.

What a cute boy!

darsden said...

What a cutie..he is going to be so happy when he gets his package. I miss my "kids" too can't stand they are so far away.

On the postI am still to new here. I have more than I thought..and I deleted several of the first one.
so can't help there.

Happy Sunday (I think you know I am here from Helen-Red Dirt "Sick" Woman! poor girl

Becky said...

Grummie, isn't that a Smurf name or maybe it was some grannie vbear on a cartoon! Anyway it's cute and so is Griff! He sure is a swwet looking kid, must take after you. How much is it to send a card to Down Under???

Robynn's Ravings said...

Happy Birthday to that handsome boy with a twinkle in his eye!

I so wish you could be with him, too. That's gotta be HARD!!

And I always love your Grummie and Grumpy. :)

Jan Mader said...

I must send you a book for Griff...he looks to be just about the right age! And....

Thanks to my SIL, I've figured out how to leave you the Kreativ Blogger Award! Go here to pick it up:

I enjoy your blog so much!

Terry said...

The best part is that his birthday will linger on with yet another suprise .Mail just for him.
Bless you lady.

Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday Griffin! He's a good looking young man!


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