Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vote for Libby !!!

I know, I know...
I'm beggin' you again.
I'm asking nicely.
I'm whipping you into a frenzy yet again.

I'm calling in my markers....

See...Our very own Libby from Neas Nuttiness, has done something sneaky and gone and gotten herself narrowed down to one of the 9 finalists over at Profitable Mommy Blogging.

Which considering all the applicants, is a HUGE accomplishment in itself.
But am I surprised?
No way Jose.

I mean, this woman has raised 10 children, has 14 grandchildren and has done a pretty good job of maintaining her sanity, (okay, that's a bit debatable) she's kept her quirky sense of humor in spite of literally years of sleeplessness, boo-boos, bickering and breaking up fights.

She's been a cook, cleaner and general bottle-washer for more years than I'm capable of counting - and she was one of my very first followers.
(See? I told you she has a sense of humor... Libby will laugh at anything.)

The winner will win an established blog called Because Mom Said So. , along with all that goes with it.
And Libby is perfect for winning this blog (and yay! it's a profitable blog as well!) but she needs our votes.

If she wins, she promised to send me all the Crisco I want, and even though I know in my heart that Libby is the best person for this job, the promise of a never-ending supply of Crisco has me begging you all to get out there and vote.

Just go on down to Vote, and leave a comment voting for Elizabeth Neas...



Nancy M. said...

I voted! I hope she wins, what a neat prize!

Anonymous said...

Kate, thanks for the tip, of course Libby would be the best pick, she's wiser than wise!I can't wait to leave her a note!

Neabear said...

I voted this morning!!!!

Kathy said...

Voted this morning too. I hope she wins

Bz said...

As a butter user myself, I was not Crisco motivated. But I did cast my vote and, of course, it was for the Crisco Cween!

Homestay Mama said...

I voted this morning! I sure hope she wins!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Crisco Cween?! THAT'S INSPIRED!! Thus you shall ever be known!

I voted and promoted and she better not make anything come between us by not showing up here in a hurry (LIBBY!) and thanking you in person. I am NOT her favorite. I KNOW you rule her HEART!!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Heading over now to vote.

Treehouse Chef said...

I voted for Libby and I agree that she deserves this honor and would be perfect!!!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Thank you Taterwoman-and yes, I will keep you in Crisco. I've been on line trying to find all the sex shops in your area so that
I can buy you lots of gift cards!

Tatersmama said...

Nancy, Fingers crossed!
Marilyn, You're welcome!
Neabear, You probably voted before I did - I saw your name!
Kathy, I saw yours too! ;-)
Bz, Which one of us is the Crisco Cween? I - who wants it, or she who has it? ;-)
Sue, I do too! Libby deserves it - with her background!
Robynn, Awwww. We all know that Libby has a big enough heart for ALL of us!
Rubbies, Good girl! It's nice to know that someone listens to me around here! ;-)(feral kids... can't you guess?)
Treehouse Chef, Thank you! Did you read the other finalists? Libby should be a shoe-in!
Libby, Taterwoman? That makes me think "spud-butt"... and what better for cooking spuds? CRISCO!!! - and don't you DARE send me vouchers!!! LMSBO!

Reddirt Woman said...

Didn't have to beg me. I voted. Thanks for letting us know about it. Have a good weekend.


Jan Mader said...

I voted! With you as a campaign manager, I'd say she has a good shot!

By the way, will you send your animal friends over to my new blog at

I need more animal bloggers!!!!

As usual, thank you!!! Jan

Cheryl Anne said...

Hey Tatersmama, I followed you here because I saw that you linked to What a wonderful friend you are to Libby. My name is cheryl and I actually won the blog. I would love it if you stopped in some day to see the new blog. You have some great content here. I will visit again. =)


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