Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is it with men and ketchup?

Did I tell y'all that we went to the Farmers Market around the lake on Saturday?

Well we did... although it was so small that it almost wasn't worth going.
But go we did... and I did manage to find a few little things, like kipler potatoes, homemade pumpernickle bread, free-range eggs and some Lebanese meat pastrie thingies.
I think they were called Lahm Bi 'Ajeen?
They had lamb in them anyway and I thought they might be a nice replacement for the spiral cut ham that I had been planning on for Easter dinner... because the Ham Man wasn't at the market.

Served with a nice side salad, the baby kiplers, fresh green beans and Lahm Bi 'Ajeen would make a quick and simple Easter dinner. Yes?

So, last night, I cooked everything to perfection... with the beans still slightly crisp, the steamed and then lightly browned potatoes still sizzling and the deliciously fragrant meat pastry smelling like heaven!
I called the old guy to the table, then ran to answer the phone and asked him to wait until I took a picture before he ate..... and when I came back, his entire plate was swimming in ketchup!
I could have killed him!

What is it with men and ketchup?

Why do I go to all the effort of cooking a properly seasoned, beautiful meal.... and then he just turns around and drowns everything in ketchup?
His reasoning?
But I LIKE ketchup!

Well, bloody hell....I like chocolate too, but you don't see me pouring Hersheys syrup all over my food, now do you?

We had this whole discussion a week or so ago ( which is why I will never make chicken and dumplings again) and at the time, I asked him a little question.

I asked him :

Say you found a dress that you just knew I would love. The perfect style, the perfect color, the perfect everything. And say you presented me with this dress because you wanted to make me happy. And I looked at the dress and said "Oh honey, it's absolutely perfect and I can't believe you went to all that trouble for me! I LOVE IT!

BUT... I want to change those buttons, rip the sleeves off and maybe sew some rick rack around the bottom to make it longer... oh, and dye it another color. How would you feel about that?"

And he said , Well, I would feel badly because the dress that I picked out and that I bought you wasn't what you really wanted.

So would you go out again next week and buy me another dress?"

Well, of course not.

"Why not?"

Because I went to a lot of trouble for the first dress, so it would break my heart if you didn't like the next dress either. I would feel like I can't please you. What I tried to do, wasn't good enough.

"But honey, I DO love the dress exactly as it is. I just want to make it look different."

But that means you don't like it, as it is. If you really liked it, you wouldn't want to change it and change buttons and sleeves and stuff.

"Yes honey, but I do like the dress... I absolutely LOVE the dress and it's everything that I ever dreamed of....
I just want to cover it in KETCHUP and then I'll be fine with it!!"

And he said he got it...

But obviously, he didn't.

It's his birthday today and I had planned on roast pork with his favorite roasted pumpkin, potatoes and carrots.... the whole nine yards.

But I think he'll end up with McDonalds, instead.


Country Whispers said...

Nah, just give him a bottle of ketchup!
Happy Birthday!

SassyDog said...

You crack me up! undir arm hare too funny! It is definitely a thing with men and ketchup but I don't know why. My Mama used to cook scallops and they would put ketchup on them. I don't like scallops and therefore hated ketchup til I got older! I sure wish you were closer to me and Libby! We would have a blast!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

We don't put ketchup on anything but french fries. But well, what ever floats your boat.

Another hilarious post, again!


Cathy said...

HP Sauce in our house - doesn't matter what the meal is
Take care

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Now I want to know - is it ketchup or tomato sauce? I can understand sauce on meat pies. I even put a dab on hot chips occasionally (although most of the time I like chicken salt) and I do stir some through a hearty stew but not til after I've had a taste.
The sight of sauce on mashed potato or eggs makes me decidedly ill ... and don't talk to me about sauce sangas. I'm feeling green.
I'll come over and help eat up the roast pork - he can have the ketchup!

Neas Nuttiness said...

My boys cover everything in ketchup or bar-b-q sauce or ketchup and bar-b-q sauce! I don't mind too much, as long as they eat what I cook...but if they ask for Crisco, I kick 'em to the curb!

Homestay Mama said...

I don't care what country men come from--they ALL like ketchup on their food! One of my international homestay students, who shall also remain nameless, even adds ketchup when I serve spaghetti! LOL

Robynn's Ravings said...

Grizzly buries everything in any kind of hot sauce so everything tastes the same. I guess we have the same problem. Why don't you just serve him bean slop and make life eeee-seeee on yourself?! And uh, yeah, like they'd buy us a dress.

Kathy said...

This is too much!! My husband is the same way. It's either ketchup, barbecue sauce or taco sauce. Anything to disguise the taste of the food. But he claims to love the food. Only he hides the taste with what he puts on it and everything tastes the same that way. I just throw my hands up and shake my head. Whatever!! They are men, need I say any more??

Neabear said...

We must be the odd balls around here. My hubby hates ketchup. He calls says that stuff is "Red Death". But on the other hand, I do like it on some things. Just a little. I don't drown the food in ketchup, nope, no way!


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