Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doing some catching up and passing along an award...

Check this out.

I got this Lemonade Award from "Slacker Staci" over at Staci's Heart
who admitted to me (and the rest of the world) that she only gave it to me and 4 others, because she has no friends... so her selection process was seriously narrowed down.
And she also called me "Kathey" - which no one has done since my BFF's Christine and Laura, back in my school days... which was 4 decades ago!
I just want to know who she's been talking to, behind my back! C'mon, spill, Staci!
And FYI, Staci is now known as "Slacker Staci" because she's been so busy doing blog designs (yes she's part of Blogalicious Designs) that she hasn't been posting enough lately.

Lemonade Award

Now, the rules are that I'm supposed to share this "Lemonade" award with 10 of my bloggie friends, but like Staci, I'm shortening it to 5. Just for now, mind you. I'll add the other 5 a little later in the day. I'll do 5 now and 5 later... just because I'm running short of time this morning and I'm supposed to be getting my 2 little semi-permanent care girls up, dressed and fed... and here I sit on the computer, chatting away, while they languish in bed. Well, not really... they're still sleeping like angels, but the rest of the housework needs to be done if I don't want to run seriously behind today. And today is my Friday ! I have the next 2 days off and I can't wait for some down time! So here we go...

I would like to give this award to: (in no particular order)

Drum roll please...

Robynn over at Robynn's Ravings, who can make me LMAO in spite of what's going on in my life and besides that, she's the sweetest, kindest gal you'll ever meet. :-)

Angelena over at Little Mountain House, because she's warm , honest and sweet as pie... and I always get a dose of warmth and homeyness when I read her blog. Please check her out. You'll seriously thank me...

Bz who's at The Mosquitos Buzz, who claims to be "Just your ordinary, everyday, happily married, proud parent that loves animals and nature." But she's so much more... and I just want everyone else to know how sweet she is, too.

Do you want your spirit lifted, a place to relax and unwind and do you want to take a small journey into peacefulness? Then check out Andrea at Finding Sirius. She's a truly inspired, and inspiring woman. And besides, you'll get to meet Sophie. :-)

And last but not least...

Sassy Dog over at Becky and her Babies! You'll smile... you'll laugh... you'll wonder why... And besides that, her blog design says "Hot Lips". Now that's either a nod to *MASH* and she fancies herself as "Hot Lips Houlihan" or she's a big fan of lipstick, as well as tiny little dogs, but still... she'll make you smile. :-)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


The Blonde Duck said...

Congrats on your awards and to the winners!

Robynn's Ravings said...

I thank you HEARTILY for your very kind words and for passing this on to me. ((blush)) To anyone reading this: I'm not nearly as terrific as she has painted me but don't tell her please. I have her fooled.

Katie, you are very much in my thoughts and prayers today. Woke up with you on my mind.

Andrea said...

Thank you soooooo much, Tatersmama!! I am honoured that you would pass this onto me!! :)

Angelena said...

Thank you so much for your very kind words and the award- they mean a lot to me. I love when people comment on my blog and you are one of my favorite commenter. You always have such nice things to say to brighten my day!!

Homestay Mama said...

Thank you for the Lemonade Award, Sweet Tatersmama. This is my first ever bloggie award and I'm glad it came from you!

But, you were too kind in what you said about me. I'll never be able to live up to the image you painted!


Bz said...

Well Tatersmama, Thank you for thinking of me with the bloggy award. You have so much going on, so it's especially nice that you took the time. But, that just seems to be who you are!
And thank you for saying such thoughtful things along the way. It's the little things, I say... the Little Things that make life good.

Tatersmama said...

The Blonde Duck... Thank you! It means a lot, coming from you!

Robynn, You don't have me fooled at all!
Thank you for the prayers, girl!

Andrea, You're so welcome! I love checking in with my first cuppa of the day. ;-)

Angelena, You're very welcome! Isn't it lovely that something as simple as a blog can bring people together as "friends"? ;-)

Homestay Mama, You are so welcome! And I didn't even list half of your good points!!!
*hugs* backatcha!

Bz, You're right... it IS the little things that can make all the difference!! Did you manage to buy another bath mat? ;-)
And you're very welcome!

PS to everyone...
Isn't it just amazing - and heartwarming... the friendships that can come out of this bloggy stuff?
*BIG hus* to you all, my friends!!


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