Friday, February 20, 2009

Going to my cave now... Goodbye cruel world.

It's just been one thing after another this last week and although each "thing" has been fairly minor, if you add them all up, they equal one BIG headache.
A migraine, to be exact. The mother of all headache pain.

I knew I was working up to it, with the dreaded prodromes hitting late Thursday afternoon. Which in my case is:

food cravings - particularly bread with globs and globs of butter
constipation or diarrhea (in my case,both... like you're dying to know)
mood changes — depression, irritability, etc.
(Don't LOOK at me that way... I'm warnin' you)
muscle stiffness, especially in the neck
pins and needles or partial paralysis
increased frequency of peeing
(hello toilet, my old friend)
difficulty performing mental tasks
feeling cold
( trailing blankets and toilets do not mix)
Sometimes, I can stave off an attack... with meds or even diet changes, but 80% of the time, there's not a bloody stinkin' thing I can do about it... and I just have to let it run it's course. The funny thing is, that sometimes if the prodromes are bad enough, the migraine ends up being fairly minor. (Yeah, right. Like being hit over the head with a 10 lb sledgehammer, instead of having a 20 lb jackhammer jarring my brain, can ever be termed "minor" pain)
Then again, a "light dose" of prodromes and a bad case of the auras can result in either a mild migraine or a "would somebody please just cut my head off and stop this agony - I just wanna DIE" migraine.
I know all this, because I've been getting severe migraines for 52 years and I've been keeping a migraine diary for almost 30 years now.
It makes for interesting reading, especially when I get to the aural stage. Then, you would think a 5 year old wrote it. A 5 year old mental patient. A 5 year old mental patient who's taken LSD and is hallucinating their a$$ off while learning to write at the same time.
Then last night just before 11 pm, the aura reared it's ugly head. I started in smelling a combination of dirty, dirty, smelly socks and moldy oranges... and an hour later, it was like I was living in a boxed Monet painting - with wiggly and straight lines running through everything. Colors shift, figures waver and weave like mirages in the desert and I constantly feel like I'm going to fall over.
Sometimes... if I'm very, very good , if the moon is in the right phase, the stars are all in perfect alignment, Lucy's in the Sky with Neil Diamonds and I can get the meds into me fast enough, I can sleep it off...
But at other times, I dread going to bed, knowing what the potential end result is gonna be.
So... the end result is that I woke up at 2 this morning with a bowling ball lodged behind my right eyeball, my left nostril running like someone has turned on a faucet,
( I'm sporting the "single-tusked walrus" look with a tissue up my nose as we speak - Sorry for that visual) a stiff neck and no feeling in my feet, yet euphoric at the same time... and I have approx. 3 more hours before the jackhammer from hell starts.
Keep me in your prayers, people. I'm going down for the count, but like General MacArthur said :
"I Shall Return".
The spacing on this post looks all weird and "gap-py to me, so if this is too hard to read or understand... just shoot me.
Just shoot me.


Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh KATIE!! You POOR thing!!! You have more than your share of the troubles this world has to offer.

Okay, I'm going to be really irritating her (like this is unusual) and try to offer a suggestion. (You've probably heard them ALLLLLLLLL.) I used to get migraine, but they are better now. Been happening for 25 years. The longest one was 6 days and I would knock my head into the kitchen counter just to feel the pain on the outside instead of inside. I offer my remedies, none of which may work for you:

Heat: In the form of heavy hot packs.

Massage: Especially ear lobes (I know, weird) and center of the cranium, base of the skull.

Irgotamines: (sp?) who cares, like Imitrex or Zomig (the latter worked for me)

Excedrin: What I take now to stave them off. Why this SIMPLE remedy works I don't know. Sometimes I have to take three and a tranquilizer to get through.

Ice: When heat doesn't work.

Fewer Hormones: After my hysterectomy they got better and taking too much HRT made them worse again.

Reading Food Labels: Finding out all the nasty names of MSG, like hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and autolyzed yeast. Supposedly, there are 12 different names. I avoid these as much as humanly possible.

As I said, NONE of these may work and you may already be doing ALL of them but I have to think there is a remote chance I can help. Don't make me go to the airport again and try to get there. You know how that turned out.

I WILL be praying!!!!

Bz said...

OMLordy.. you have got to be kidding that you are at the computer, I know you're not... But, I have to say a WOW for the images that your writing conjured and Ohhh, I'm so sorry for it all.... and on top of it, I hope you're not having to deal with kids - special needs kids at that. Shoot, kids in general can elicit headaches. Will keep you in my prayers.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh my dear Katie Tatie. Wish I could be there to hold your aching head. I am sooooooo sorry that you're hurting. I'm praying for you right NOW!
PS - Have you tried rubbing Crisco on your forehead...Sorry, I just had to say it.

(Robynn, I think that the caffien in the Excedrin is what helps. IT has just the right amount... but I prefer Ibuprofin and a Coke.

The husband takes Zomig, as nothing else helps with his. I can usually get by with the Ibuprofin and Coke (with a heavy does of shut eye) but resort to Imitrex when necessary.)

Hey my verification word is:

Love You Katie!

Queenie said...

I hope you wait until you are well to read anything we are writing...

Thank you so much for the kind, supportive comments on my blog today. I will keep you posted. Today the weigh in was 235 (I've not told another single soul that) I'll probably update every Friday. I didn't cheat once today and I'm not withdrawing too badly from sugar and carbs. That will probably come tomorrow. I will not complain about any headaches since yours sounds like animals are living in your head! Get well, and think about acupuncture. It works for migraines.

Frugal Maven said...

I feel your pain, Katie! My preferred combo for killing a migraine these days is hillbilly heroin (oxycontin, vicodin), phenergan for the nausea and about fourteen hours laid up. Then you have the day or so where you're afraid to move your head for fear it will come back. I'll be thinking about you. Hope you're out of the cave and better soon!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Oh no Katie, I feel for you honey. I really do. I get a metallic taste in my mouth before anything else - then I smell it. Odd how migraine sufferers all suffer differently ... but boy, do we suffer.
I hold the knuckle on my ring finger (I forget which hand until the migraine is there), eat lettuce (helps with dehydration and high temps - I can't drink cold water) and pray.
My girlfriend drinks 2 cans of coke very quickly - that would make me even worse.
Oh and if you have a clothes dryer that spins the one way continuously - put it on. Something to do with the monotonic white noise. I curse having upgraded my dryer - my new one keeps stopping and spinning the other way (apparently it means less ironing ... like I ever iron). It means it's useless for migraine treatment.
Of course you could always try the electric drill for relief of the pressure (It's from a movie that started with SP I think). I always remember that scene and how true it was. Oh it may have been Scanners, no! I'll remember later.
Sleep well my friend. We'll talk to you when you are coherent.
God bless.
My word is 'squin' HMMM!

Sherri said...

I don't get Migraines, but what I do get (so does Adam) is very bad sinus headaches. I agree with Robynn try Excedrin Migraine, along with Excedrin PM which knocks my butt out and doesn't make me groggy. I usually have both on hand. Hope you feel better soon

Neabear said...

You take it easy now Katie. I hope this thing passes by quickly so you can get back to us sooner. Feel better!

Paula said...

Wow that sounds really, really rough. Hope you feel better soon. I get a migraine about once a month that is just an extreme headache that I can not have sound or light around..and I thought that was bad...maybe you should use your diary to write a could be called, "the mad, mad writings of tatersmama"

Homestay Mama said...

Oh Katie, I'm so sorry to hear you're 'in the cave.' I remember that happening to my Mom quite a bit when I was a kid. But don't worry, Katie. We'll still be here when you come back out!

Homestay Mama said...

By the way, I agree with BZ above. When it comes to conjuring up images, Katie's writing takes first prize! I don't know how you do it, Katie, but you really have a way with words! Reading what you write is like watching a good movie. We're either laughing our arse off, or we're crying our eyes out--or both! You've got a gift, girl! I real gift!

Paula said...

Good Lord, woman, I'll do more than just pray ... I'll break out the rosary and novena's. Gosh. Sending you cyber hugs, sleep wishes, and hope for a better day tomorrow. :-)

SassyDog said...

My mother's migraines went away after menopause. Migraines are hereditary, so guess who got them, my daughter too! Sex and Excedrin used to help mine, I'm not kidding! Hope you feel better soon, Katie as you are too precious to be sick!!!

Kurichan said...

Gee, Kate---sending big hugs your sorry to hear you are suffering :-(
My migraines are a walk in the park compared to yours...hope you are feeling better soon. K

Nancy M. said...

When I read the title of your post, I said, that is exactly how I feel right now. I want to hide until things are better.

I really hope you are feeling better soon. I had no idea migraines could be that awful! I am praying you get relief soon!

Irene said...

Hi Katie
So sorry to hear you have another headache I know how you suffer from them did you take the day off or did you have the child you told me you were going to have.
Going to light a candle for you and say a prayer for you let me know if you want me to come in and give you a neck/head rub.

Treehouse Chef said...

I am so sorry that you have to deal with that. Allergies could induce the migraine in which Zyrtec 10mg works well. Also, a surge in hormones could be the cause--see your doctor. My cousin who is in her 30s had to go on low dose beta blocker (commonly used for Hyptertention) to prevent her migraines. I highly recommend Ambien 10mg if you need help sleeping. Not the new formulation whic is Ambine CR (controlled release). You want regular Ambien-- works in less than 20 minutes and you wake up in a few hours feeling as though you were breathing nice clean oxygen all night.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Yes Treehouse! I completely forgot about that! I take Atenolol 25mg. (low dose) to prevent my migraines. Boy, it apparently doesn't prevent brain damage! It has nearly stopped them. Wonderful help.

And you SHOULD write a book about migraine, or anything else, with your vivid imagery. I agree with everyone here that your word pictures are gifted, insightful looks at things others would never be able to see, Katie. Had to drop back over because i'm worried about you and thinking of you. (((hugs and xoxoxoxox))))

Oh! And take care during that "move off" period. It was always like the fog on the ocean to me. You could see it, though you didn't completely have the headache anymore. And it threatened to move back in-shore. Feels like it leaves you with a bruised brain.

Tatersmama said...

Thank you so much everyone! I mean that!!!

Robynn, Ahhh, you GET it! Great minds suffer alike, eh? ;-)
check out the latest post...

Bz, No, I couldn't stand the noise of the computer, so I turned it right off - and I cancelled ALL kids until Tuesday!!

Libby, Over the years, I've tried everything BUT Crisco, so who knows? I might just give it a try.;-)

Queenie, I did wait until this morning.
And hey... That's what friends do - they support each other. I'm so proud of you!

FM, You get it too! I walk around like an old woman for days afterwards, afraid that any jarring will get it started all over again!!

Rubies, drinking a Coke really fast and then doing a big BURP will sometimes help a little, but any noise at aALL drives me right over the edge. I've even been known to scream at my guy for simply breathing. Which is why he has his house, and I have mine. ;-)

Neabear, Thanks, sweetheart !

Sherri, Please ask my son to mail me some !! He still has my Christmas present sitting in the living room...*sigh*

Paula, Hey, there's an idea!
The Mad World of Tatersmama's Migraines" lol! Too bad I can barely decipher my handwriting when I get to the fuzzy stage!

Homestay Mama, I honestly laid in bed for 15 hrs, ith my fists pressed up against my temples... Yt I was missing you all at the same time!
And thanks for the kind words! I've been told I write just like I talk, but I just can't see it, myself. ;-)

Thank you, darlin'!!
Whatever you did, it worked!!

Sassydog, SEX? The last thing on my mind was having any part
of me jarred!
It used to work, but I haven't put it to the test in a loooong time. Just don't tell this little nugget of wisdom to my partner though !!

Pam said...

Well, I'm kind of late into this...I hope your better, though!

Tatersmama said...

Kurichan, If I could have knocked this one on the head - like the one I had at your house the day of the concert... well, it would have been heavenly! *hugs* backatcha!

Nancy, Why are you wanting your cave? I hope you're feeling okay!!

Irene, If I hadn't gotten some relief last night, I would have been driving straight out to the Valley... No one does a neck massage like you do!

Treehouse Chef, I'm gonna look into this. It's all new to me, so anything that even potentially could work would be a Godsend! Thank you!

Robynn, YES! That's it exactly!!! The fog is there, just waiting to engulf you again, when you're least expecting it !!!
xoxoxox right backatcha!

The W.O.W. factor said...

I used to get those nasty buggars for years. Not sure why they quit, but glad as all get out! I have a really good friend who still does and they are miserable. I am so sorry dear friend....
There was something on the news last week about them...can't for the life of me remember, now I'm going to have to quit blogging and search that out for you!
Hugs Dear Lady~

Anita said...

Wow- that sounds nasty- you sure have a gift for describing it. I think I'd have to be Merlot'd into la la land...cause I am a grouchy sick person...and quiet just is not in the mix around here. Do you ever just drink a bottle of wine to sleep? I mean, the hangover effect couldn't be worse than the headache...

Hoping you feel better soon...



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