Monday, February 23, 2009

My plug is broken

Remember my "water tank trick" ? The one where I imagine my tank filling up with stresses...and then I swim down and pull the plug, releasing all the water - and the stress goes with it?

Well, it ain't workin'. My plug is broken. It's snapped clean off.

See, February is a hard month for me $$-wise.
Liability insurance, car insurance, police checks for work, my annual CPR and First Aid courses ( again for work ) car registration and my quarterly taxes. Not to mention the regular on-going monthly bills. Mortgage, utility bills and the like.
Add to that the mother of a migraine that I just went through and that I'm still dealing with the repercussions of.... and my tank has overfloweth.
BIG time.

It's overflowed so bad, that ducks are now taking up residence around my tank and I swear I saw the splash of a fish yesterday.

Now, normally I would just sit down and concentrate on draining that ol' tank... but then yesterday morning, I got an email that knocked my proverbial wet socks off.

From my little sister.

Now, any of you that have little sisters that you have great relationships with...
and little sisters whom you love dearly, all I can say is...
I envy you.
I really do.
See, my relationship with my baby sister has been strained since the get-go and it's only gotten worse since we've been grown. She's made some lifestyle choices that I don't agree with - mostly involving using illegal substances in lieu of paying her mortgage on a timely basis and her very "hands-off" method of raising my nephew... but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, she contacted me yesterday to inform me that one of my dad's accounts (daddy died last year) has contacted her to ask for my contact information.

Now instead of just giving them my contact information, or just telling me that Bill Bailie at "We Got Your Money Financials" wants you to contact him at 555-5555 asap, she decided that it would be in her best interest to do a little.... ermmmmm, how shall I say this?
Never mind.... there's no couching it in polite terms.
She's using extortion.

She knows the name of number of the guy that I need to contact at the bank, but why just give that information to me, when she can kind of rudely and bluntly ask for $22,000.
(throwing in a lot of "I'm your baby sister and daddy would want you to help me" guilt, while she's at it)
... just to take the edge off of some of her money worries?
Which leads me to believe that there will be further $$ dramas down the road... So that $22,000. is just the first little drop in the bucket.

Is it any wonder my tank overfloweth?

So now, on top of everything else, I've had to make appointments with a solicitor and my bank manager, plus I have a meet-up with a couple of other ex-pat Americans scheduled for tonight .
I would call the meet-up off because it isn't really high on my list of priorities right now, but since I'm the organizer... I don't feel right in letting everyone down just because I'm not "in the mood".
Besides, the company might do me good, right?

Maybe they have little sisters too, and I won't feel so lost and alone, knowing that I got the only shit one.


Neas Nuttiness said...

I think that we were twins seperated at birth. My younger sister hates my gut - for no other reason than that I'm alive. She's been into illegal drugs, etc. since she was in the 6th grade. She has even gone so far, as to inform our father that she was going to burn my house down, with me and the kids in it (course this was a number of years back, when they all lived at home), just for the fun of it!

Can you go and buy another stopper?

Thinking of you and sending my love!

Sherri said...

As you know I get along great with my baby Sister (16 yrs difference) In fact we've gotten closer since Pops passed away. It's my older 2 Sisters where the relationship gets iffy, but I have been trying to make amends with the younger of the 2. Anyway, lets just put it this way. When it comes to my baby Sis, nobody and I mean nobody, messes with my baby Sis.

SassyDog said...

That story left me speechless! There must be a way to find out this info other than getting it from her. I wouldn't trust her for nothing.

Shanster said...

Oh no - you did not get the only shit sister! I'm so sorry - nuthin and I mean nuthin can get under your skin like a little sister acting badly. Really badly.

Can't you find out where the $$ is and contact them yourself? I know these things are always way more complicated than they look... trust me, I know!

I hope things work out. I hope you find the financial firm and can be in touch with them without going through her.

Best of luck to you!!!

Pam said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope things get better.

The Wife said...

Don't let me get started about older brothers! Man could I go on and on! I think we all have that one sibling that is a total mess. If I could I would go jerk a knot in her tail for ya. Does she live close to me?

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

So sorry that this month is really difficult as it is but now you have even more stress to deal with. That just really sucks!

I'm not sure how we 'bloggy' friends can help but we're all here for you!

Family can be so difficult - as much as my sisters and I get along, it's one of our parents we have issue with :)

The W.O.W. factor said...

Wow! MsTatieKatie! I finally got my connection to go through to you down under there...was expecting a good belly-roar!
I am sooo sorry for this mess.
Yes, we all seem to have a few members within our family structures that are less than worthy. I for one have an older brother,AND an older sister!
If it's any consolation, you can come on up here...I have lots of those tubs you could de-stress in! I'd even plug the heaters back in just for you!
(and I share SE..let him massage those worrys away ;) )

Tatersmama said...

Sassydog, That's the reason for the solicitors app't tomorrow morning. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her.
i feel sorry for her clue-less hubby tho.

Shanster, Hey, it's nice to know that I didn't get the only one!
I'm sorry for you though...:-(
I'm trying to track down the financial firm and I'll go through my lawyer/solitor, so I'm sure it will work out just fine.
It's just more "her" than anything.

Pam, Thanks darlin', I know it'll work out... but if I never heard from her again, I would be dancing for joy!

The Wife, She's in CA, but would you travel? ;-)

Narelle, Thanks darlin'! I just got all the paperwork for re-registration in the mail this morning and it's an inch thick!!

Barb, WooHoo! I'm on my way!! ;-)
But I'm taking deep breaths and I am NOT going to let her get me down... so stay tuned for a good ol' belly-roar soon!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Um...I was actually the first to comment today, but I see that it either didn't show up, or it got deleted.

I think that I am now officially paranoid. Loosing followers, and now my comments are disappearing. I think that I shall sleep with one eye opened!

Anonymous said...

I can't relate...I have an older brother and we get along fairly well.

But I am so sorry that you have to deal with all that mess. If I lived nearby, I'd come over with supper...!

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a nightmare!! Our home was certainly not a foundation for loving and cohesive sibling relationships so, I TRULY feel for you. I haven't seen my older brother in ten years. I'll fill in the blanks sometime. But not now.

You poor thing - and with such a rotten headache. Oh my word, girl. You are one strong woman. I will pray for clarity and open doors to get this solved right away. And isn't extortion illegal? Can you follow that path or would you rather not?

Irene said...

It's times like this I'm glad I'm an only child.
My mum and her sister never got on either.

rubiesrnotpurple said...

I'm gobsmacked - and more than a bit concerned. I worked in rehab and those guys had all the tricks. (I learnt a few so I wouldn't get caught out!) My question is "How can you be sure the whole thing isn't a scam?" It is more than possible that she's making up the money man to try and get at your money honey.
I've got a sister and 4 brothers and I love all of them - but I'm the only one they all talk to. You know the scene - A & B aren't talking but A wants B to know something so A asks me to let B know. Drives me mental so I can't even begin to understand what hassles you have.
My suggestion ... set up a meeting with your sister when you're coming off a migraine. Take a sharp object and something electrical. No jury would convict you!

Tatersmama said...

Libby, Ahhh, you GET it, don't you!!!
I can't believe with all you've got going on right now, that you're even up to commenting - but I sure am glad that you do! ;-)

Sherri, I'm telling you now, if anybody messes with your baby sis, they'll have ME to reckon with as well! We'll kick some arse together, okay?

Libby, It wasn't you... It was me!
So sorry !!!

Tatertales, I TOLD my dad for years that she was spoiled rotten - and rotten to the core as well. Thankfully, he woke up when she had him put in a home.

Robynn, Yep, extortion is illegal, but trying to push it from here will be next to impossible I think. I'm not a vindictive person at ALL, but she needs to learn a hard lesson somehow.

Irene, too bad my parents didn't realize that they hit the jackpot with me - and they should have stopped right there, eh?
And are you sure you don't do pedicures? My feet felt so darn good yesterday, that the only thing missing were pink toenails!
Oh... and a little heavy sanding..LOL!
You make me feel like dancing, ohhh ohhhh !

Rubies, it could be a scam I suppose, but she's doin' drugs, so I doubt if the mortgage or other bills are being kept up to date.
The thing is, she GOT her portion of the money when Dad died.. and within a month, she was cryin' for more. This isn't the first time she's come crying, but it's the biggest $$ amount yet.
I'm just glad my dad woke up to what she was capable of.

Bz said...

Am not sure what to think as I read this from... the "other side"- that is, contemplating trying for a second (and last) child.
Hmmm... if it happens, will one be rotten... I like to think that both would be sweet, just one, maybe, sweeter. It's a tough decision as my husband and I are not spring chickens and ...time is ticking and, well, this ain't no dress rehearsal now, so we have to get on the ball sooner than later if we're going to.
Am sorry for your sibling woes.
Any hindsight on what parents can do to thwart the rivalry would be gladly accepted (I may just have to do a post on this!). As a licensed psychotherapist, I know what 'research says, but real life anecdotal information is great.
okay, I've rambled.... again, am sorry for your sibling woes.

Tatersmama said...

Bz, I hear what you're sayin', but my little sister is the youngest of 3 girls. I don't know if it's common or not, but I think my parents just let the reins slip a bit when it came to the baby of the family.
My older sister and I weren't allowed to date until 16 - there was NO discussion. We both had use of my parents car, but we had to buy our own - it wasn't given to us. But with lil sister, SHE got to date when I did (so she was only 14 1/2) and once I moved from home, my parents GAVE her their old car. If she needed money, it was just handed over. If I or my older sister needed money, we had to earn it, tho the parents did help out a little. My parents were great with my older sis and I, but maybe the "baby" was just born a little more "high maintenance" and then spoiled rotten?
I think she just grew up with the thought that she was/is special and she's learned to manipulate everyone around her.

2nd children are usually pretty level-headed... Just look at me!
ooops... maybe I shouldn't have said that!! LOL!

Homestay Mama said...

Oh, Tatersmama, I'm sorry you're having to go through this. I wish I knew what to say to be helpful, but I haven't experienced what you're going through. I am blessed with two younger sisters and we are close.

I'll just keep you in my prayers.

And thanks, dear friend, for the encouraging comments you've left at my recent posts.



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