Monday, February 23, 2009

Me bad.... No, make that stupid

I don't know why, but for some inexplicable reason the other day - while in the throes of that darned 2nd-day easing-off migraine, I had the "oh so bright" idea" of clicking that little "moderate your posts" button, just to see what it did.
Why? I dunno.
Did I remember that I had clicked it? No.
I just thought no one liked me anymore.

Me and post-migraines do NOT mix. I tend to do some pretty idiotic things, just as the pain is beginning to ease off ...and that sense of "I AM WOMAN" euphoria hits, ya know?

Let me give you some examples.
(Not that I've done any of these things.
I'm just saying)

I have learned that sticking your tongue in the beaters to taste the batter - while the mixer is still turned on, is NOT a good idea.
But don't ask me how I know.

Don't ever make your own quadruple batch of Kahlua from scratch... and then feel that you need to taste test each and every bottle just to make sure the ingredients were mixed properly.
But don't ask me how I know.
And please... don't ask the guy who used to park his '66 convertible Mustang beneath my 2nd story balcony, either.

Don't ever get the urge to sing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" at karaoke night with the church group - including the pastor, present.
Don't ask me how I know.

Don't ever turn the taps on to fill the bath and then get sidetracked by those "Hit's of the 50's and 60's" ads on TV, while attempting to dance the Boogaloo and Mashed Potato.
Don't ask me how I know.

Don't vacuum the cat hair off the sheets and try and get another day out of them before they needed to be washed. You might need to go out and buy not only a new vacuum, but new sheets as well.
But don't ask me how I know.

Standing on a chair with a box on it, to clean out the gutters in the middle of winter while it's still raining, is not an smart/ good thing to do.
Just don't ask me how I know

If I'm going to screw anything up, ruin something or do something that can considered to be hazardous or just plain idiotic, that post-migraine time is when I'm gonna do it.
I've learned not to cook anything, slice anything, dice anything, wear high heels or try and use electricity in any shape, form or fashion, while going through the P.M's.

And now I know not to click any buttons on my blog, either.

(Libby, will you forgive me? You can stop being paranoid now.)


Staci said...

haha the church group kareoke thing sounds like something i would do!! glad your feelin better!

jennypilgrim said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. I would love to hear the whole karaoke story!!!!!! You always make me smile! Thanks!!!!

Nancy M. said...

I'm sure you have no idea how those things turned out the way they did. Glad you figured out what was wrong. And that we still love you!

Kathy said...

I am still laughing over this one. Too funny.

Robynn's Ravings said...

ROFL!!! THANK you for my comic relief today. How do you do it with all you have going on????? I gotta go back and read it again. hahahahahahahahaha

Robynn's Ravings said...

Still busting up about the "Do You Think I'm Sexy" picture in my head! You did NOT do that!!!! ROFLMBO!!!

Bz said...

OMGracious-- SO funny! You know... if you know the rotation direction of the mixer's beaters... you can be SOMEwhat safe IF your keep to the outside of the beater... but, I swear, I've not tried this. Perhaps this is what you were thinking... it's ...uhhh... logical... in a way.

The Wife said...

LOL! Too funny! Hey just a tip for ya....don't roll up the car window while your arm is out it! Don't ask me how I know!

Treehouse Chef said...

Thanks for the comic relief. I don't suffer from migraines, but I guess I am right there with you on doing stuped things. I checked four off your list. I remembered starting a bath and laying my head down on the pillow while it was filling up. Only to to find the bathroom flooded a while later and the lady in the apartment below with the landlord inspecting the water dripping from her ceiling. Thank God he didn't raise my rent!!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Good to meet you, I came to your blog through Robynn's Ravings, whom I found through a comment on Andrea's blog Finding Sirious. Which I am sure that I spelled wrong, sorry Andrea.

Anyways, what a hoop! You make me laugh, out loud! I loved reading this post.


Tatersmama said...

Staci, The pastor resigned a few months later, but I'm sure it had nothin' to do with my song choice. ;-)

jennypilgim, Thanks, I'm feeling MUCH better! I don't know if I'll ever tell the whole karaoke story tho...LOL!

Nancy, I KNOW that I'm going to do something stupid, but I still go ahead and do it anyway. I think I'm invincible or!

Kathy, Laughter is the best medicine... so are you feeling any better?

Robynn, It's good to know that I can make the Queen of Funny laugh!

Bz, That's IT! That's exactly what I was thinking! There "has" to be a way to do it, but WHY I would want to even try, is beyond me!

The Wife, I'm scratching my head here... HOW in the world do you roll the window up with your arm in it? Inquiring minds want to know!

Treehouse Chef, Ahhhh... a woman after my own heart! Did you make an excuse, or did you just own up to doing it? ;-)

MBD's.. Nice to meet you too! I love how a blog can lead you to another blog and then to another... I've met some of the nicest people this way!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Thank goodness you didn't post any Crisco pics over the last couple of days!

Julieann said...

I am so sorry you have to deal migranes---You gave me hugs yesterday so I am giving you hugs today:)

I have turned my comments off by accident too...LOL.


Queenie said...

That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time - I wish you were are definitely fun! And who would EVER think of vacuuming the sheets?????

Pam said...

Oh my! I'm afraid too many things like that happen to me too and I don't get migraines!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Katie - in response to your comment over at my place - maybe we need to wear our "stretchy pants!" OMGOSH!!!! Yet ANOTHER thing we share. That is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies!

Hope you are not looking like a "FLOOsee!"

The Wife said...

It takes pure talent to close the window on your own arm. Maybe that was the day I began licking windows. It's really hard to say!

Sweetie said...

What a great post! I really enjoy your humor.

Homestay Mama said...

Oh, I have really enjoyed this post! You had me ROFL and so did many of the commenters. I almost wet myself it was so funny! I think I'm more addicted to your humor than I am to PW's 'Black Heels.'

AND, I DO want to know how you "know" about all those examples of what not to do!
Please? Pretty please?

The W.O.W. factor said... must have fixed your Plug!
Or did you just stick your BIG TOE in it? Not a good idea either....
Glad you are back to the giddy world!

Neabear said...

Ok Katie, I have fallen behind in blog reading and now I am catching up on what I have been missing. This post had me cracking up as well as all the comments. Oh my goodness. I am glad I found it. I was at work with very bad cramps and feeling miserable. So nice to laugh here.


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