Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I feel just like Sally Field !

You know... when she won the Academy Award in 1985 for her starring role in "Places in the Heart" ?

When she got up on stage and famously said : You like me, you really like me!
Which she really didn't say at all, but it plays better this way and I'm sticking to it, in the name of poetic license.

You see, Robynn at Robynn's Ravings just gave me a couple of awards... (which I've done a crap job of re-sizing )
and as much as I want to say "aw shucks mam, you shouldn't have", when she lists me with such wonderful, inventive and inspiring bloggers, my poor little brain just goes into meltdown and I've overcome with the fact that she "likes me, she really likes me."

I feel like some poor wanna-be, soapie actress going up against the likes of the greats... the Katherine Hepburn's, Betty Davis's or Judy Garland's of the world. You know, The BIG girls!

I just can't believe the company that I'm in and although I do feel grateful and overwhelmed with her kindness, I have to seriously wonder if Robynn has been getting into Libby's meds or something.

And do you want to know just how sweet this woman is? When she found out that Crisco, pecans, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Dr. Pepper (oh... and Ding Dong's too) are darned hard to come by in this country... and even IF you can find them, they cost the proverbial arm and leg... she,

- our dear sweet Robynn -

tried to jump on a plane and bring me the foods that I dearly love. She's dreamed of doing it... and I just recently found out (sorry, but I can't divulge my sources, since it's still under investigation) that she actually tried to board a plane with contraband foodie goodies stuffed in her knickers - just because she loves me so much.

Or rather, because "she likes me, she really likes me!"

>>>>THIS is what our dear, sweet, determined Robynn did - and she did it all for me !!!

Well, actually this is one of those really iffy re-enactments like you see on "America's Most Wanted", and it's not Robynn at all... but y'all get the drift. They say the unknown woman/acress had Robynn's mannerisms down pat - which I have to admit, scares me a little.

Finally, I want to thank Robynn, the Academy, and all the little people who have made these awards possible.

And oh.... thank you too, Pfizer.


Robynn's Ravings said...

It is fitting that I should be the first to reply, and rebut, this attack on my character.

Let it be known that I was having a bad hair day. Have YOU ever woken up and gone from being a blonde to having black hair?? And if you'll notice my bag in the background - it is empty. That's because all those cockadoodie customs thieves stole all the goodies I was bringing to Tatersmama. All that way for nothing? I feel another hissy fit coming on RIGHT NOW!!

When I get off the floor from rolling around laughing my rear END off, I'm spreading the word to get over here.

LOVE YOU!!!! You are HYSTERICAL!!!!!

Tatersmama said...

You can clearly hear Tatersmaaaaaaaamaaaaaa and pecaaaaaaaaans if you listen hard enough... and if you have one finger in your ear and Playschool on the TV at the same time. ;-)

Sherri said...

How Funny...hahaha

Sooziebelle said...

Hahahaha ... I was managing okay until I got to the last sentence, and then I lost it!

But does Robynn know what happens to you when you are under the influence of certain foods? Like what happens to you when you have Fritos and a Heath bar both on the same day??? Hmmmm? Hmmm??????

By the way ... my Google word identification word for posting this comment is ...


I swear! Are these words chosen from random combinations of letters? Or does someone sit there on the other side of my monitor (or down in my CPU somewhere) and come up with these while having a big laugh???

Just the little things you wonder about sometimes ...

The Blonde Duck said...

Robynn sounds like a fabulous woman! How sweet of her to try to bring all that!

Bz said...

You CRACK me up ...really, the two of you do (you & Robynn)... boy, would it be a hoot to get y'all two together with a little ? high powered cappuccinos.

Hafts Happenings said...

So glad I came on over here. Great to read your blog. That video was so funny!!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Ya could have warned me! Sucked graham crackers up my nose...still laughing! (and sneezing!)
She is a hoot and bet she'd toss on a wig and fill these shoes you portrayed...just for you, dear KatieTatie!

ladyfi said...

Oh - that is hilarious!

Teresa said...

I have now cried twice today. First while watching "What Would You Do", when a grandfather with his grandchild chases down a would be predator trying to walk off with a child to look for his "lost dog". Mind you I knew they were actors (the predator and the child) but the grandpa didn't and it touched me that he so bravely and aggressively rushed to this child's defense. And second, while reading your post. You may think you know Robynn, but I drove her to the airport that day thinking the stress of this whole smuggling job was definitely affecting her appearance. But when she knows someone's suffering, you can count on her. I didn't find out until later that she had to guzzle a liter of Americano coffee to work up the hutzpah to pull it off. And that temper tantrum actually happened before she realized the cockadoodie custom guys ate all the contraband! I was able to take out the guy with camera before he caught what happened to the cockadoodies. Thank goodness! What fun! I'll have to visit here more often!

Tatersmama said...

Sherri, Was that a sardonic "hahaha"? Just remember... we're FAMILY now, and your sisters dearly beloved "nut" didn't fall too far from this particular tree! ;-)

Sooz, No... What does happen when I mix Fritos and Heath bars? Inquiring minds want to know! And didn't you forget to mention the Tequila?
And I guess "nutsht" is a little better than dipsht, don't you think? ;-)

Duckie, Robynn IS fabulous ! I mean, she had all that contraband stuffed in her knickers! Now that's a REAL friend!

Bz, Can you just imagine if we DID get together in person?? Watch out, world! LMAO!

Hafts Happenings, I'm glad you came over too! Please come back anytime!

Barb, Next time just send ME the graham crackers, okay? It would save me the vision of you snuffling cracker crumbs...But can you snort crackers out your nose and whistle Dixie at the same time?? I would PAY to see that!! ;-)

ladyfi, I'm sure you've checked out Robynn's blog, right? Now THAT'S hilarious!!

Tatersmama said...


Bless you, girl! Robynn never said a word about any of that... but then she was probably trying to protect you! What a girl !
I just hope that the cockadoodie customs guys ATE the Crisco, rather than use it for it's other *Aussiefied* purpose !!
Never mind... don't ask!!
*wink wink*

SassyDog said...

My word verification was INSANE!! Just kidding! Ya'll are some wild and crazy women and I love you so much for that. Wouldn't it be neat if we could all meet up somewhere, if I ever win that lottery I will make sure it happens if your hubbies will let you go! Those are some bigs IFS but doesn't hurt to dream!

Staci said...

COurse ya can share it on your blog silly!!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

All right all you fellow nut cases! We should really each bring a brain cell and try to come up with a bloggers bash where we all meet up somewhere. Wouldn't that just be exTREMEly fun? Can you imagine ALL of US hanging out together? Would there be ANY airspace left within 10 miles? Who cares!

Homestay Mama said...

OK, it's past my bedtime now and I've got to sign off, but you all are having such a fun party and are so entertaining, I hate to leave! LOL

Neas Nuttiness said...

Becky better include me if she wins the Lottery!!! I wannago, I wannago, I wannago...just NO CRISCO!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh geesh - I just watched the video...I've got to head back on over to Robynn's!


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