Monday, February 9, 2009

Victorian Fire Map

I can't get the gadget to work, but go HERE to see the current fire map.

I'm in the Ballarat region, off to the bottom left of the fires (there's a green bubble right over the name of the name "Ballarat" so we're directly below Bendigo) ... and as you can see that there is no immediate danger here at all.

Unless they don't catch those *#^%* idiots who have started all this devastation in the first place, and they just keep lighting more fires...

The map has changed, so we're now shown as directly below Creswick - and as you can see, we're in no danger at all.


The Wife said...

I immediately thought of you when I heard about the fires. Glad you're safe. I can't imagine what people are going thru. I heard that people were killed in their cars as they tried to escape. Just horrific. Y'all are in my prayers.

Cathy said...

Hello TM
Thanks for your comments the other day
Its true it appears some of these fires were lit by firebugs (Marysville has been declared a 'crime scene')but we must remember many many - possibly the majority were caused by natural forces.
Doesn't lessen the sadness tho':(

Healsville is on full alert this morning - only 20 mins up the road to us. Just don't need any more high gusty winds
Take care

The Blonde Duck said...

Be careful!

I moved! Come visit me at

Out Back said...

Glad to here you are safe Kate.

Have been wondering where you were located, I thought it was Bendigo where the fires have been. Phew, thank goodness it was Ballarat.

We have friends at Romsey new Kilmore where the fires started but we have contacted them and they are safe too.

My thoughts, prayers and best wishes to you,


Tatersmama said...

I just heard that 100% of all Red Cross donations are going directly to the victims & families involved.

Money is great... clothing and food are great, but what can you "really" do for people who have lost loved ones? Parents who have lost their children?
The mind just boggles. What do you do?

Cathy, Yes it's true that a majority was caused by natural forces, and in some way that makes it slightly easier to bear than the thought of someone/s deliberately causing this. But anyone who would take advantage of a situation like this and then light further fires? I just can't get my head wrapped around the depravity of people like that.

Tania, Thank God your friends are safe!
I'm not dealing well with this at ALL, for a very specific reason, and I'll attempt to post a blog about it when things settle down a bit.
I feel like I'm losing the plot here. But more on that later. :-(

Andrea said...

You are in my thoughts, Tatersmama! Glad to hear you are safe...

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh Katie,

I'm so sorry for all those poor people. I read news accounts and they said there was arson involved and, as you say, it just boggles the mind. My husband was a wild land fire fighter when we met and married. I worried about him so much. How are yours faring through all this? They don't just face the danger but the mind-numbing reality of the loss they come upon.

The kids and I will be praying for all of them, and you. They will need his grace and comfort.

Nancy M. said...

I'm so glad you are not in danger right now! I really hope they catch these folks soon!

Neabear said...

I am happy to hear you are safe! I hope you remain safe from the fires as well. That is so scary. California had lots of fires last summer. Though they were not near us, we sure got the smoke. The skies were so smoky the sun seemed orange red all the time.

Bz said...

My prayers are with you other words to say.

joolzmac said...

Hi Tatersmama

The situation is so sad - I just cry when i watch the news and see those poor people crying, shaking in shock, hurting so much. How will they ever pick themselves up from this? So very sad.
Glad you are safe,


Sherri said...

I'm relieved to know that you are safe. I've been wondering how close you live to these fires. (Guess I won't worry, as much) Just becareful Katie, you know as well as I do what wildland fires can do. Keep us updated on how things are going. If you need me to, I'll call Josh and Bec for you. I don't know if you've heard from them, they both seem so busy, and let them know your safe or if you would like for them to get ahold of you. Just let me know. I love you Katie, take care

rubiesrnotpurple said...

We have looting ... LOOTING! What on earth is wrong with some people? Today's paper says all fire areas have been declared crime scenes until such time as proven otherwise.
The government are saying people will be charged with attempted murder if it is shown that they deliberately lit a fire. This will be upgraded to murder if someone has died in the fire.
Right now I'm going with 'an eye for an eye'. Set fire to the firebugs! ... I probably don't mean that, but this is so heartbreaking.


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