Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh why will I never learn??

You know the whole sister thing? Well, I put a jinx on myself , by even talking about it.
I no sooner finished the post, than there were 2 more "poor pitiful me" messages from her.
(for me, bad things come in two's)

You know what I really need to do? I need to start thinking and talking about 100% positive things, because when I think or speak or share anything negative, it just makes more of it.
What we put out there, is returned to us.
Talk about little sister, and I GET little sister.

From now on, I only want to talk about winning the lottery.
And winning a date with Sam Elliot.

Either one would be good.


Kathy said...

Now you're talking!!

Andrea said...

I actually don't know which of those would be better...Sam or the lottery!!

Sherri said...

hmmmmm lottery or Sam, well if I won the lottery maybe I could convince him to go out with me if I gave to his favorite charity, but only with his wifes permission of course. But then I would want to invite her also because she (Katharine Ross) and Sam were both excellent in the movie Conagher. Who am I kidding if I ever saw Sam Elliot in person I'd probably faith from the excitement...hahaha

SassyDog said...

Yur grandson is sooo cute!! Must take after grandma! About that sister, she's a handful and I can't blame you for being p***ed. That's a tough call between Sam or the lottery, I want Tom Selleck myself but Sam would do in a pinch! Have a relaxing weekend!!

Bz said...

Gosh... sure hope you get some better emails soon.
Sam or a money tree.... hmmmm.. awww, heck who am I kidding. Got a toddler and good husband... does that explain what my pick would be!?!

Nancy M. said...

You are so funny!!! I guess I need to talk about coming in to some money too!

rubiesrnotpurple said...

Sam IS the lottery sweetheart!

Isn't it funny - whenever I mention people I don't have a good relationship with, I hear from them. Well it's not funny ... it's a pain in the a***!

Sherri said...

SassyDog said
Yur grandson is sooo cute!! Must take after grandma!

Well yes they do and they take after their Daddy, Josh. ;)

Sherri said...

Well shoot, when I said "they" I meant all 3 of her Grandson's take after Katie and Josh

The Blonde Duck said...

I love Sam Elliot! He's so cool in Tombstone.

The Wife said...

Oh man, I would take either one! A date with Sam would be like hittin' the lotto. Yummy!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Take the can then buy Sam and take him on a date. And have money left to pursue your OHTER interests: a vacation with Sam. :) OH! And someone to manage your sister for you!

((((Big hugs to you!))))

"Precious Father, why have you given me this desire to wrestle and then made me such a stinky warrior?"

Pam said...

Cowboy or money! What a choice!

Tatersmama said...

A RICH cowboy with a gorgeous mustache would do me just fine. ;-)
I don't think I would like to LIVE with Sam, but I sure wouldn't mind renting him every now and again!

And my grandsons? What can I say? They're adorable and lovable just like me. (except that Draven complains that I don't put money in his cards) I sent all the boys their own special cards for Christmas and all Draven had to say was "GRUMMIE FORGOT TO SEND ME MONEY!!!")

Sherri said...

Hahaha Katie, that sounds like Draven. Next time you should send him just money and he'll complain that Grummie didn't send him any presents. Then when he gets mad you can blame it on Aunt Sherri...hahaha

Homestay Mama said...

I'm with SassyDog--You can have Sam and the lottery. We'll take Tom Selleck! LOL

Gladys said...

I'd take Sam over the cash. Now if he showed up with a pocket full of cash well....

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hmmmm...a toss up for me! I'll arrange for the winning arrange for Our Mr Sam!
Okie dokie??

Marjie said...

So, has Sam called yet? He asked me for your phone number...or maybe that was some Lottery guy...

Tatersmama said...

Sherri, He's going to be bummed that I sent him Australian money... but it's the only kind I had. LOL!

Kit and Gladys I think I would rather Sam than the money anyway. EVERYBODY has money of some kind, but Sam is another story entirely. I could even blog about him... no, never mind. There are just some things a girl should keep to herself. ;-)
And what could be better than a man with a BIG bulge in his pants? Preferably in his back pocket!

Sue, If I had known you wanted Tom, I would have passed him along. I never even thought. ;-)

Barb, You do what you can on your end, and I'll see what I can do on mine.
Marjie says Sam asked for my number, so we'll just have to wait until he calls!

Marjie, I hope it was actually the lottery guy. I realized I actually want a new kitchen more than I want another man. ;-)

Bren said...

I love the money tree!


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