Friday, November 14, 2008

Aren't they gorgeous?

Aren't they gorgeous? I love my parrots and I love my new camera ! I have a bit of a picture-taking obsession and the new camera is fantastic! Sadly, having to make the pics smaller, makes them lose some of their "ooomph", but you can still get a general idea of what I get to live with every day. I just love going outside first thing in the morning with a cuppa in one hand and a camera in the other and having a look around. The yard is starting to look better and better with the rain and then some warm (ish) days and there are heaps of parrots moving in for their morning and afternoon feeds and everything is blooming ! Like Peter Cundall (he's on Gardening Australia) says : "It's bloomin' mahvelous"!!
I really need to get over to Pioneer Woman (
and check out her on-line photographic tutorials, because that woman does a fantastic job. Okay, maybe she has more money for fancier cameras and the like (holy cow, I still drool when I see her printer and wonder if she had to add a room on the house just to fit it in) but if I can just pick up a trick or two, it would all be worth it.

The quality of this one isn't what I'd like, because in the original LARGE pic on Kodak, you can even see the seed in his beak ! And with the soft tender color of the leaves that are just popping out, it's a breathtaking photo. And the best part is that he "chittered" through the whole ordeal of posing prettily.

Every time he heard the camera "whirrrr" he would quickly dance around to the other side of the feeder and sort of look at me out of the corner of his eyes and "chirrrrrrrUP". That might be "parrot speak" for "This is my best side" or perhaps "does my ass look fat from this angle?"

I like that he kept moving around... well, at the time I wished that he (she?) would just hold still, but I got this bird from just about every angle possible, let me tell ya! I felt like I was a professional taking pics of a supermodel. Except these babies are much more plump, have better attitudes and are far, far more beautiful than any supermodel could ever be. And, no drugs involved, unless you count their obsession with sunflower seeds. They would do anything for sunflower seeds.
Well...the sun is out, the day is beautiful and I've got me a new camera !! See ya later.


Anonymous said...

Well, hey, Tater's Mama! Small world, isn't it?!

I'm enjoying reading your blog, and I know I'll be hooked! Thanks for finding me and leaving a comment. Isn't it exciting to open up your blog and find a note from someone new?!

Have a wonderful day! From one Tater Mama to another Tater's Mama! :)

Linda said...

I can just imagine his little feet.

I must put some seeds out too. There have been parrots the last few days out there in the garden somewhere. Maybe they checked the feeders and found them lacking!

morning sunshine said...

snort. 'giving u his best angle'...lmao

moments like these with those amazing birds make you appreciate so much,aye? I know it does me. :)


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