Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is my boy

This is my boy. Isn't he just the sweetest thing you've ever seen? He's gentle, kind, thoughtful, loving and has a heart of gold. (and no, he didn't eat Venissa. He won't even eat the fish he catches.) I'm as proud as punch with the way he turned out and if every mama had a son like my son, the world would be a better place. Honestly.

We used to talk via IM all the time, or at least a few times a week... but with his new job and the totally sucky hours he works, I don't hear from him often enough. I miss him. Dreadfully. This is something I never took into consideration when I packed my bags and moved to Australia, all in the search for love. I knew that he was there and I was ever so grateful that we now live in a world where instant communication is at our fingertips. We could chat and send messages to each other, to our hearts content. Right? Well, everything was going great in "spite" of the time difference between here and there. Until he decided to get a job that entails him working swing shift. As I wake up in the morning, he's getting ready to go to work for the day and then when I have the free time to sit and chat, he's working his cute little butt off in the dead of night, doing his darnedest to support his lovely girlfriend and their 3 beautiful little guys. (Yeah, 3 little guys... so that makes me a Grummie ! Which makes my partner Colin a "Grumpy". Which is nothing like what he really is. :o) Most of the time.)

Anyway, I miss my baby. I miss waking up to messages that say "Mom, are you there, or are you sleeping?" I leave him comments on my space. I send emails. I elicit help from friends and family, trying to prod him to at least leave me messages or comments. I ask his pastor friend "Pastor Donovan" to kick his butt. I threaten. I cajole. But do I hear from him? Nooo... That's what happens when you raise your children to be responsible I guess. I know how hard he works and I'm so very proud that he's a "do-er", so I guess I really have no right to complain. And I'm really not complaining.. really. I'm just sayin'.

The world knows now, Josh. Send your Mama a message.

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