Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spring is in the air !

I woke up this morning to something really really unusual. Warm weather ! Wooo Hooo! Spring seems like it's been forever coming and I know that it's come to this area a lot later than usual for this time of year. My bones are telling me so and me and my bones and I have had a close personal relationship for years now, so I know when they're trying to tell me something. And that something that they're trying to tell me has been a long drawn out *Brrrrrrrrr* for the last 5 months.
But today has turned out to be just beautiful after the last 3 days of downpours and dreariness. It was an almost *toasty* 11 degrees celsius at 7 am this morning (40 degrees F. for y'all in the northern hemisphere) and I'm wearing for the first time this season...
wait for it...
Almost nothing !
I have a t-shirt on today and nothing else. Oh yeah, well the requisite pants and undies and stuff, but this is the first time since last autumn that I've been down to less than 3 layers of clothes.. and I'm lovin' it ! I feel as free as a bird. My armpits can actually see daylight again and if they had eyes, (my armpits that is... what a creepy thought, though) they would be blinded by the light peeking under the sleeves of my short-sleeved t-shirt! There are times I could swear that I've been living in a suburb of Antarctica, it's been that cold and dreary and miserable... and we won't even go start talkin' about my heating bills or bring up the subject of my achy old bones again. It's too depressing.
But, today.... Today is beautiful... and I'm happy as the proverbial clam. Which never made any sense to me, since who really knows what a clam is thinking ? If a clam is capable of being happy, does it therefore follow that they have sad moods as well? Deep dark moods? Days when they feel like ending it all and propelling themselves into nets so that they can end it all? Death by boiling with herbs and spices? "Goodbye cruel world... I'm just not as happy as a clam should be anymore?"
But hey, it sounds good, anyway.

The windows are all open to let the house air out, the air outside feels like silk and the children are absolutely loving it - as you can see for yourself!!!
Spring has Sprung and I feel ALIVE!!

There were millions of things to see and explore outside the morning this photo was taken, but the girls just wanted to stretch their little legs out and run laps 'round and 'round the garden, while singing at the top of their tiny little lungs. Jimmy Barnes tunes, of all things. Can you imagine? Jimmy Barnes is not the least little bit "spring- like" and the last person "I" think of when I hear the word "spring... but they were absolutely having the time of their lives.
Then one of 'em spewed from running 'round and 'round, one too many times.

"Hey, It's been a long time since I saw you last. How ya doing?
You sure haven't grown much since last year, but that's okay, I'm 4 now and bigger than you are. I love you anyway. Is that bird poop in your lap?"

Awwwwww. Doesn't this look precious? A sweet little girl innocently exploring in the garden.. spring bulbs blooming everywhere and a delicious fragrance wafting gently in the air....
Unfortunately, she was looking for slugs and snails and she almost ate one before I could stop her. Well she did. She did eat one. A small one. Just don't tell her mama, okay?

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Narelle Nettelbeck said...

It's the same here in WA! We had our winter gear on last week but today is just amazing and more of the same forcast all week - yay!!


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