Sunday, November 16, 2008

Have I come up with a brilliant idea ???

Okay now, that's a rhetorical question, but still...

I told y'all before that I have one of those brains that just won't shut down, remember? Well, I got up early this morning as usual, when about my usual morning routine and then decided to go into the children's playroom, just to open the drapes to let the sunshine in, and to make sure it was still tidied up. Not that there was anyone here last night and I knew that it was ready for the day, but I did it anyway...because old habits die hard and I'm a creature of habit. Anyway, the sun came streaming in and I realized that the window is filthy! It's covered in mud and dust a and few serious bird poop splats. The mud streaks and the dust I can explain.. because we've had some wild weather here in the last few weeks blowing in from us north and carrying nice red dirt with it, but bird poop? How can a bird possibly poop at that angle, since it's under the eaves? I mean...come on now. These are not bottom of the window splats which would somewhat make sense, but at the very top. That bird would have had to have been doing kamikazee rolls or barrel rolls or something to deposit what he did. It's like wearing a broad-brimmed hat and having a bird poop on your eyebrows - and I just don't see how it could be done.

BUT, what really struck me when I noticed how dingy and dirty the windows are, ( and this is probably just me coming up with excuses to not wash the window) is the thought that perhaps all that dirt smeared across the windows is possibly making the windows less of a UV risk to the kids. And furniture. Saving my furniture and carpets from sun damage and the children from future melanomas. Do ya think? If the sunlight can't stream in without being filtered somewhat through a layer of good ol' Aussie red dirt and poops, wouldn't it cut down on the UV factor? And the heat coming through in summertime? Have I discovered something here? I mean, I know it looks like sh**, but is it actually doing something for the environment and insulating the windows at the same time? Like double paned windows or that film you can buy and put on? Could I actually cut my air conditioner / heater usage, simply by not washing my windows?

I know those are a lot of questions, but maybe... just maybe, I'm on to something here. They might be important questions, eh?

So now I have an assignment for y'all. Do you have any possible labor-saving ideas that could actually help save the environment and cut down on your work-load around the house at the same time?
Post them, and let those neat freaks who have nothing better to do with their lives know that we're not gonna take it anymore.
I mean who wouldn't want to make small personal sacrifices to save this "big blue marble" we call home?

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morning sunshine said...

my washer leaks. from the door. I have been catching the water in a pot for months, and putting it on the plants. I even buy eco-friendly soap. lol. It needs a new seal due to an underwire bra going undetected into the drum and getting caught. My husband bought a new seal and decided, meh...maybe it was too much project for himself, we should call a repairman. He didn't follow through. Nor have I.
But the snapdragons that recieve the recycle water daily are thriving better than ever.


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