Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nostalgic commercials

I want my MAYPO !!
I wanted it too, but I didn't like it at all.

Sunbeam bread. With every one's favorite cowboy - Gene Autry ... reminding us to replace our pep and zip... Yep, that's what I always associated with healthy eating. Cowboys who lived on beans and coffee. Peppy and zippy

Some friends and I were talking about nostalgic commercials last night.

You know the ones. The one's that we used to watch when we were younger. Stuff that brings back memories of the products that we used to use before we moved to Oz and old products that they don't even make anymore. Or even just funny stuff that used to make us laugh.

Anyway, while I was searching on-line for old commercials, I ran across this one. And laughed my patootie off.

Again and again...

Injured. Injured bad


Staci said...

haha that is sooo flippin halarious!! My brother and i had a war of 80's memories over like a 6 month period we would find old toy commercials or old songs we remember from our child hood....we tried each time to out do the other.... it was too fun!!!

Okay here is our site address

if for some reason it still doesnt work, email us at and we will send you an email with info on how to get started!!

look forward to hearin from you!!

Pam said...

What a great commercial! That was hilarious!

Sooziebelle said...

Hmmm ... I must be feeling the generation gap, as I do not know of either Maypo or Sunbeam Bread! Is it because I grew up in the 60's or because I am an East Coast Yankee? I dunno! I grew up during the Wonderbread Years, and the Life Cereal Years. "He LIKES it! Hey Mikey!!!"


Now as for that little dimple-cheeked cheekster ... I'll bet he is a nightmare in the classroom! LOL

The W.O.W. factor said...

Aww...I loved Maypo!! I love the oldies too! Funny how the younger generation looks at us "funny" when we mention some things from our childhood...their looks can make me feel 'aged' and I want to slap them! LOL!
Hmmm...maybe I should try the Chocolate stuff you mentioned! That might just make them giggle and sh** at the same time!
Hope your day is better!


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