Friday, November 28, 2008

What are YOUR five adjectives?

It's one of those days again. My mind is going a million miles an hour and my body is going absolutely nowhere. It's too early to go anywhere. It should be going to the kitchen to finish up the dishes that didn't get done last night, ( hey I did most of them... really) it should be tidying the paperwork from the last week of work, it should be doing just about anything other than sitting in this chair getting terminal "bum spread". But like I said... It's too early. The most physicality I could manage was getting the coffee going. And so I'm takin' a break after all that hard work.

Adjectives keep running through my head. Words that I would use to describe myself.
Words that you would use to describe yourself. Words that others would use to describe you.
You know....
(those are just examples. Not that I'm any of those things.)

So here’s my double-parted question:
1. What are your five adjectives? How would YOU answer, with a list of only five items, the question “WHO ARE YOU?”
2. And what five adjectives would someone else use to describe you?
Put yourself in their place and use five words that they might use.
It could be your partner, your child, best friend or even the butcher for all I care.

Rattle them off and say the first things you think of, or think deep thoughts and scrape the very deep-down bottom of the barrel depths of your psyche. You're amongst friends here and we won't judge.

I don't want to influence anybody, so I'll wait until the end of the day to answer with my five adjectives.
Plus it will give me time to think of something.
And I really did do most of the dishes last night. I just left some stuff to ermmmm... soak. Yeah that's it. They're soaking.
Okay... I meant to list my adjectives last night but then I ended up falling asleep during "Polar Express" and missed the end of the movie. Which is my favorite part.
I must have worn myself out working in the yard yesterday. Not that anything looks done out there, but it was satisfying anyway.
So..... my five adjectives are:
And what others might use when they think of me:
I don't know what any of that means, actually. I mean... there are so many facets and sides to us, depending on the situation and who we're with, aren't there?
Okay, well, I just rang my guy up at home and woke him up. Once I had allowed him to make himself a cuppa and once he had both eyes open and his listening ears on, I asked him to use 5 words to describe me.
"C'mon babe... This will be fun. Just tell me 5 adjectives that you think describe me. Be honest"
Well, his answers were totally wrong. Totally. It must have been because he was still half asleep.
His were:
1. plump ( although he changed this to "curvey" when he heard my sharp intake of breath)
2. crabby
3. nice ( does this mean I'm nice and crabby?)
4. caring
5. stubborn
I don't know what I ever saw in the guy in the first place. He doesn't know me at all.
We won't even go into the 5 words I would use to describe him.


Andrea said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Your pictures are so great! Glad to have found you...I will be checking in regularly now. :)

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

I think these words suit me pretty well.....


Out Back said...

My 5 are

but disorganised

Not game to ask my better half, but I will when he gets home.

Staci said...

LOL thats too cute....guys are lame.

i found you on big mama blog!! ill be back fo sho!!


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