Monday, November 17, 2008

Chicken Spaghetti ( I couldn't resist)

After that last blog, I couldn't get Chicken Spaghetti out of my mind... which is a good thing I guess, in view of that last thing I talked about. At least it's off my mind. I don't know if it's still on your mind, but it's been passed to you now, so I'm off the hook.

The thing is... I'm on HERBALIFE, trying to lose some weight and gain more energy.. and pasta is not part of the eating plan at all. Not at all. So here I am, sobbing piteously and wanting chicken spaghetti for dinner. So I figured, even I couldn't have it, you could. And you should - at least once in your life.

The Pioneer Woman describes it so much better than I can, (I swear...there's nothing she can't do and if I didn't like her so much, I would be forced to hate her.) so here's the link.
( do those woman insert that click "here" thing in their blogs and you actually click "there" and it goes directly to the link? If you know, please tell me.)

Anyway.... bon appetit !

Let me know what you think. My gurgling tummy will thank you.


Out Back said...

Hello again Tatersmama,

I have just finished reading over your blog, you are doing well, nice to learn more about you.

I know how to do the link thingy but I'm not sure how to instruct you.

If you write here or whatever when posting, highlight the word and add the link address by using the link symbol at the top of your post page. The little green thingy is the one you are after, says link when you run your mouse over it. (you will need to remove the http at the start otherwise it will double up. Does this make sense?? Hope this helps, if not I'll try to explain another way. Maybe someone else can help if they read this post. I am still learning about computers, so my knowledge is limited.

Have a great evening, I better get to bed, early start in the morning.


Sooziebelle said...

Hiya Tatersmama! Greetings from the wooly wilds of Northeast VIC! I am sooo enjoying your blog and must say that the variety of topics has me making sure to check in every day.

I happily followed your link to the Spaghetti Chicken recipe on the Pioneer Woman's site and I must say that it looks super delish. I wish I had checked the recipe earlier as it is raining and cool and it would have been a perfect day for it.

Keep up the good work!!


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