Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I had an earwig in my pants!!

All day long yesterday, I had a niggling little itch up and down my right thigh. I scratched it, I dug at it, I rubbed it and even went and had a look. Yep, I had a red leg from all that scratching and digging and rubbing, but that was it. Nothing there. Nada. But the itch continued.

So last night as I was getting ready to take my shower, I sat down on the tub and took my pants off. Yep, I sat down to take them off because this pesky labyrinthitis is still making me woozy every now and again and sitting down is safer than pitching headfirst into my horrible pink bathtub. I pulled my pants off, I noticed something black on my leg and of course being a girly-girl, I flicked it off ( breaking a nail in the process) and


It hit the wall and came heading straight back for me so I scrambled for my glasses, only to find.. (dadgummit ! I already gave it away in the subject line, didn't I ?) an EARWIG!

There had been an earwig in my pants all day long. EWwwwwwwwwww ! I took those pants, threw them out the back door in case they were now harboring eggs or babies and just about scalded myself in the shower, washing earwig germs off me.
The spooky thing is that they supposedly like dark places where they can eat decaying flesh. So what was he doing in my pants? I may be old(er) but I'm not decaying yet. And how did he get in there in the first place?
I was going to share a photo of the little sucker, but unfortunately ( for him) he was just a smear on the bathroom floor.

So here's my pants instead.

Only, these aren't my pants - just a close approximation.


Out Back said...

Lol Taters,

Just as well it wasn't one of those flesh eating white tip spiders or a redback!!

We have a lot of those where I live and have to be vigilant when putting clothes on. I found a big one while tidying my son's drawers one day, he could have easily put on something with the whitetip spider inside. I dislike spiders with a passion.

We don't have many earwigs because it is so dry, but have seen them occasionally in the garden. I bet you'll be more careful when putting your clothing on now!

Sooziebelle said...

Oh I used to get lots of earwigs in Maine ... nasty little things with those little bits that protrude out the front (what are they? Teeth?? Eeewww).

When I was in 7th grade my best friend and I thought we would be brave and sleep out in the back of my dad's pickup truck in the driveway. He had a cap (also known as a "topper" depending on what part of the US you are from) and Denna and I thought we could scare each other by reliving our memories of the recently viewed movie "Jaws", but when we discovered our little sleep out was crawling with earwigs, we screamed, woke Mom and Dad, and finished the night on the livingroom floor.

The only things worse than earwigs are spiders and silverfish!!!

Sherri said...

This reminds me of when I was a child. Mom, Susan (other sister) Robert and I all went black berry picking on the creek, just past Stevenot Winery(before the winery was there) As always, we wore jeans and long sleeved shirts so not to be scratched by the bushes. Our harvest was plentiful, so we headed home. On the way home Mom had to pee really bad, so she called dibs on the bathroom in the garage because it was closer to where we would park. We got home and Mom ran to the garage bathroom, and all of the sudden she ran out screaming with her pants down to her knees. It seems when we were picking black berry's a lizard had crawled up her pant leg. She hadn't noticed it until she pulled her pants down. Mom was scared to death of lizards and snakes.

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, man - I REALLY do not like earwigs!!


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